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  1. I feel really sorry about what you have to endure. Don't think of it as pity, think of it as compassion. Remember this is an illness. Feeling bad about yourself is a SYMPTOM of the illness, it is not who you are.
  2. Pattina

    Tough Situation

    It may sound strange these days, but why not ask your parents to help? give you suggestions or even completely take over the task of helping you get a social life themselves. They might even fix you up with some hobby to try or group to join. Parents often care about their kids more than the children realize; yours care enough to let you live there and would probably be glad of the chance to help make things better for you. I have Asperger's too; although we have no instinct or feel for social situations we can learn to imitate what they do if we watch others socialize. It's like any handicap: just because your legs don't work doesn't mean you dont want to run, and just because you can't socialize doesn't mean you aren't lonely. I wish I had asked my parents to sort out my social problems but once you're grown you tend to think it's all up to you to sort out. Include your family, consult with them. We are social beings not meant to go it alone.
  3. If it is a demon, it won't like scripture. Try punishing it by listening to different scriptures and see if any of them make it leave you alone. If there are demons, then there is God, and He won't have left us defenceless against them.
  4. A mistake doesn't define anyone as a bad person. It will actually make you a better person if you put it right. The format is the 3 R's: Repent-Repair-Reform -Say sorry and be sorry -Undo any harm -Don't make the same mistake again.
  5. Try juicing. Fruit and veg. Extremely palateable and nutritious.
  6. I'm not trying to persuade you to my view or anything, I just believe the Earth is flat, and the sun is 32 miles across and 3,500 miles away. It's funny, cos Standup chose what he thought was the safest fact - one nobody could contest - and even that, some people don't agree it's true! So we all have beliefs we're 100% dead sure are true but there's always someone who's 100% sure of the opposite!
  7. My little boy's spelling: I luv yo Yo aur byotiful
  8. Not really! How about 3,500 miles? The same calculation that computes the sun must be 93,000,000 miles away if the Earth is curved Works out at 3,500 miles away when a flat Earth is taken into account.
  9. Difficulty completing tasks, low self esteem, isolation; this is the illness we suffer, this is depression. It's not you, it's not your situation, it's the symptoms of this illness. I can remember being a different person: one who could organise her day, complete several tasks in logical order, relate to others normally and tackle problems sensibly and successfully, but that part of me doesn't work properly now. We none of us here know the cure. I suspect it may have something to do with rest, much kindness, routine and good food, and I suspect it has nothing to do with pasting over the issues with pills.
  10. The moon's light has different properties to the sun's. Moonlight cools, standing in moonshade is warmer.
  11. Families are an enormous task to handle and a big test. Mine mostly broke contact with me so I spend much of my time alone. When one isn't as supportive as I'd like I tell myself, he's not all bad. He has good and bad mixed together like everyone else. He's not everything I need, but nobody is and nobody ever could be and neither am I everything to anyone. There's always stuff to criticize. And everyone does! The trick is to see the good stuff. He should ignore what annoys him and appreciate the kindness behind what I did and running through much of what I do. And I should ignore his annoying ways and be thankful for his steady patience with all the things he could rightfully criticize in me and doesn't.
  12. Really loud buzzing/whining/white noise in my head. Things look strange but no different. Intensely lonely and alien, like everyone is another species to me and I know I'll never be able to communicate with them. Able to cry if I speak, or am spoken to, or think of speaking. Can't perform a series of simple tasks. But let's be practical about this, people. Don't cry in the bath, you'll get an eye infection. Don't cry in bed or your eyelids swell shut in the morning. And it is an illness.
  13. It's not easy. If we could make our lives different we would. The paralysis thing I really identify with. Lots of plans and things to do - pleasant, satisfying things that would be helpful to get done and inconvenient not to, and still can't do them. I think of it as malfunctioning. Wanting to function but unable. It's been particularly pronounced since depression onset. Are there some days you function better than others? Some days you know what needs doing and can think up a timescale to get it done? I'm going to see a private counsellor I think; perhaps you'd like to consider that too.
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