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  1. You should be allowed to be who you are, but the problem is that you don't allow yourself to believe that being allowed to be you, that being allowed to think what you want to think, and do what you want to do is alright, but it is. There's so much for you to do, and you should be able to enjoy being yourself. Everyone can be judgmental at times, but the same ways others judge you is also the way we think of others at times: As long as we accept ourselves and find someone who is right for us, we are allowed to be who want to be. There's nothing wrong with liking transgender women:These people can be awesome people and seeing as they just see people as humans and not really divide them up into genders, its definitely a good thing if you get to know some of them and see how relaxed, how non-gender biased they can be and how fun they can be to hang out with or to love . I know its kind of scary to submit your thoughts, but then again thats how it is with most issues that are bugging you. However, listening to other people help you out and knowing that you'll always have us to be your pillars will definitely help. We are your pillars!
  2. I think it definitely gets better. I was once in that situation.. but I think that there's groups out there for you. Social groups , institutions and societies are designed for this. Just make sure you get out there and have a good time, and remember that what you need to do now is focus on making friends, and also know that some friends are bad people.. but the ones that you want are the nice, good people. Also, remember to give them space and just have a good time and don't put too much pressure on yourself. That way, you'll get to enjoy and be happy just the way you want to be... and also get a new lease at life. I understand how much loneliness hurts, and it doesn't have to be that way anymore. You'll always have me as a friend and you can count on me! :) Get into more social situations and remember that you're the maker of your destiny, and that you'll be able to make things better for other people too! You're more powerful than you know :)
  3. Heya there Burpy how's it going? 

    1. Hairpy Burpday

      Hairpy Burpday

      Things are going good. How's you? :)

    2. Aki Sky

      Aki Sky

      Been fairly busy the past couple of days but alright. Glad to hear things are going well for you. 

  4. What I know is that in regards to waiting for text messages, if the person keeps you waiting for a long time before she replies, it usually means that the person doesn't know how to appreciate you. I think what you need to do is change your mindset regarding thee people... if some of them don't know how to appreciate you and keep you waiting in regards to communication or connecting back to you, then you deserve better friends than them. Also, I do know that some girls like to backstab and say bad things behind each other's back, but to be honest those people are guys that you should avoid. Negative reactions have caused your anxiety and its time you relaxed, calmed yourself down and know that you deserve to be treated positively. If exercises and a lot of things don't help, then you definitely need to change the way you think =) Best to accept whatever comes, but hope for the best. But as long as you stay strong and not think too much about how some people ignore you and get to know those girls who appreciate you, you're on the right track. As for you, I think that its better for you to not take pristiq and the such because as soon as you stopped taking it, it got worse . A permanent cure will be you having a more positive outlook which will benefit your health, relationships and allow you to have some more fun.
  5. I know that you'll be able to improve :) Don't discount yourself. If some people give you negative reactions, move on and be positive about it. Everyone faces rejection in some way, but it's better for you to keep persisting. The people who're right for you are out there, and they want to get to know you because they'll find that you're a nice person . :) Keep fighting!
  6. Hello! :D I do think that for you, it would be better if you looked for some societies /clubs/meetups that people your age should join, and it'll definitely help you out if you manage to get to know some people who lived close to you. You guys could hang out, have fun and perhaps even game or relax together. I'm sure that there's plenty of gamer groups around, and there's some gamer girls , gamer parents and all sorts of gamer people around for you. All you need to do is put yourself out there in situations where you'll get to mingle, have fun and enjoy . These positive, helpful memories will definitely enable you to take an important step towards making things better for yourself and putting those awful memories (bullying and the like ) that caused a lot of your OCD, social anxiety and depression. Perhaps for you, it'll be better for you to join clubs where the people around you are around the same age, or just slightly older than you- you'll have plenty of cool older brother/sister archetypes for you to hang around with, and it'll also give you plenty more stuffs to look forward to. When there's a will, there's a way. Keep fighting and try the alternatives that I and DurandalBlue suggested :) It'll definitely help! We want to be here for you, and we'll be here for you !
  7. Welcome Jessica. I think that perhaps you could join an LGBT community group - some people will probably understand your situation, and they'll definitely be able to relate to you having a sexuality that isn't straight . But what you need to do first is to understand that it's okay to get help - you've kept your feelings to yourself for so long, and it's going to be a breath of fresh air to be able to rant about what worries you - what lingering sadness you have in your heart under the cover of anonymity. We welcome you with open arms, and we want you to know that your happiness is extremely important :) You've come to the right place for company and support, and we want you to know that you can talk to me and us for help or friendship any time you want. You've already had enough of sadness , gloom and unhappiness.. you deserve to experience what it means to be free. And we'll help you do that!
  8. I think that for you, what's important is that you need to appreciate yourself and be kind to yourself and your feelings. You have went through a lot, but being soft-hearted.. or depressed is not a weakness. It's a sign of what you went through in the past, and you have every right to talk about it and confide in someone about your feelings. If some people do not appreciate you, then that's their problem.. you're you, and I don't see why you're inferior... don't see why you should beat yourself down. If your family judges you for what you're feeling, then its better to talk to other people about the situation, because understanding people will be kind to you and not betray you. And I've a very important thing to say : People who backstab people who are depressed seriously have some major issues. People should be compassionate. If they cannot even think about what other people are going through and put themselves in other people's shoes, then they seriously need to get their brains checked. You 've compassion, and that's what separates you from people who do not know how to help other people out and understand their situations. Emotions are a powerful thing. But the real weakness when emotions are concerned is the inability to rant them out, or to express your thoughts about whatever situation that's landing you in that negative mental state. When other people need our help, I know that we'll offer other people the assistance they need with open arms. But you need to be fair to yourself too : If you need help or assistance, rant away and let us know about your situation... we want to make sure that you'll be able to fight these negative emotions off, and regain the happiness you really need and deserve! You are strong, and you've fought so hard... let us join you in this fight... we want you to experience the true meaning of the word called "happiness " because you deserve to smile. Smile so widely that your cheek muscles hurt and be so happy that you 're experiencing many, many wonderful moments. This is one journey that we're going to take together!
  9. I want you to know that those people who stick with you after this are your true friends. I understand that you might look down on yourself a lot ( That might be the bigger part of the problem - what other people think about you doesn't really matter as long as those people who cherish you and you yourself know that you're someone who deserves to be loved, cared for and appreciated. Don't ever doubt yourself :) Things will get better, and I'm sure that we were all in a similar situation at some point where we did something wrong/bad and sorta messed up.. but everyone makes mistakes, and the sooner you learn to forgive yourself , the better. There's nothing wrong with you! I think that you need to learn to see the good in yourself- there's plenty of it!
  10. Perhaps you need something more to look forward to. If you had some source of happiness and joy, you would perhaps be able to concentrate on doing something positive for yourself and making a positive difference. You're powerful, you're wonderful and you're you.. a very special person. Nothing can take that away from you.
  11. It's likely that he has sort of being scathing his whole life, and you need to consider breaking up with him and moving on. He is not healthy for you, and if he doesn't understand you or make the effort to give you the comfort and emotional security you need, you're better off with other guys. Truth!
  12. You've went through too much, and I want to say that you're an inspiration.. despite all that you went through, you're still the proud mother of wonderful children... and you still fight and grit yourself through your days. There's no better type of mother than one who fights for the sake of her and her children even when things are tough. You're wonderful :) I think that the best thing to do right now is file for a divorce with this guy, because what he's doing is clearly unhealthy for you, your children and your happiness. I know that this might seem kind of drastic, but I see no future with someone who's emotionally abusive. You need to cut your ties with this guy, and perhaps try to get yourself into the dating world again... I'm sure that 90% of the guys in this world are better than this mean person you're currently with. There's no point overthinking things because if your problems are caused by him, its better to eliminate the problem itself. He says that he's there for you but then ruins your day by saying emotionally bad stuff? That's the mark of a liar right there... he can't be trusted. Good news is the sooner you take measures to counteract your situation, the better things will be. In the meantime you could perhaps occupy yourself by joining things such as Yoga classes,and other constructive things to take your mind off the current situation. You've went through too much abuse (even one bad word being sad to you is already considered too much abuse ) and you need to know that there's nothing you can't overcome. You need to know that you deserve better, and you need to know that you definitely need to meet a guy who's better than your current partner. I'll be here if you need support, and to be honest I can definitely see you getting better. You just need to keep fighting, and you'll eventually win.
  13. Zdude *hugs* I know how much you've went through, and I really, really want you to allow yourself to be happy and get yourself into meaningful relationships that mean a lot to you... and I promise you that you'll get there one day. Now... you just need to allow yourself to think positive, and IGNORE every bad thing that any other person has said to you. There's absolutely no point for you to think that you don't deserve happiness, but you do. I want you to get into more groups out there where you'll be able to make new friends and eventually perhaps get into relationships with someone and people who will love you and heal your broken heart. You so do deserve happiness... and nothing can take that away from you, nothing!
  14. I love your name.   I smile every  time I see your name.  

    1. Hairpy Burpday

      Hairpy Burpday

      Thanks :) Make sure you don't just smile when you see my name, but all the time. I know very well that you've went through a lot.. I want ou to be happy now and forever and you deserve the chance to enjoy life blissfully.

      If you need anyone to support you, I'm all ears. I'll always be here for you !

  15. I can tell that there's a lot more, but the main cause of most of these problems is the fact that you doubt yourself a lot, and you wonder if you are a good friend or you aren't a good friend. The fact is you are... you've went through some bad experiences that have sort of numbed your ability to feel happiness and think positive things, but the fact is that you deserve happiness and nothing should get in your way... I understand that you think that you might think that you may ruin relationships, but what if you are a blessing ? Because you ARE a blessing :) Anyone who doesn't think that way is going to miss out on the chance to get to know you, and that's truly a pity because you're a nice person who deserves better than to feel this way. I also know one thing : You need more things to look forward to: Your emptiness is something that clouds your mind and makes you doubt yourself. The best way to get over it is to get into more things where you'll get to socialize : Slowly but surely learn to relax and take fate take its course and remember to appreciate yourself. Appreciate yourself, love yourself, like yourself and learn that you have good qualities that plenty of other people want to have. Don''t ever hate you because you can provide people happiness, and you definitely deserve happiness too. Give love a chance, give life a chance and most importantly give nice , warm people the chance to get to know you. You'll experience joy and happiness :) Most importantly, anytime you feel as if you're doubting yourself or thinking bad thoughts, remember that you deserve better than to think those bad thoughts. You're the king of your destiny, and you deserve happiness and you WILL get happiness!
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