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  1. Sorry, I just wrote you to keep me updated. Don't worry about that.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Are you going to try something else? Let me know if you have any withdrawals. Please keep me updated.
  3. I've been on 75 mg for 18 days and I'm so scared! I feel so spacey all the time, like not in this world. Will this go away? I hear so many people's side effects go away after 2 weeks. Please tell me this feeling will go away!
  4. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you last night. I'm so scared!!! This is day 18 on 75 mg. I feel really weird. Spacey, like I'm not in this world. I don't know what to do. I heard coming off of zoloft is really hard. You get bad withdrawal effects. I'm just so scared. Will I ever feel normal again?
  5. Hi Hopeful, Thank you for your other reply too. I wish I could give you my number so you could call me, but I don't know how to do it confidentially. I have people I can call, but I hardly do because I don't want to keep bugging them and truthfully, it doesn't help that much because they don't understand, even though they are caring. Let's definitely keep in touch. Thanks.
  6. Hi Hopeful, I'm sooo sorry for what you are going through. I have severe depression as well. I was on 20 mg of Prozac for 10 years, until I had a major life change. I went up to 40 mg Prozac to help, but quit after 10 days due to increased depression and anxiety. I actually went to the Emergency room twice during that time. Then I started on zoloft. This also increased my depression and anxiety. I have been on 25 mg for 2 weeks, 50 mg for 2 more weeks, and 75 mg for 16 days. Truthfully, I don't feel any better yet, except I don't dry heave every morning. I'm going to stick with it though because I know it can take up to 6-8 weeks on the therapeutic dose to work. A freakishly longtime for relief! I wish I stuck with the increased Prozac because I would have hit that mark by now. I will definitely let you know if I start to finally get relief. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. I just wanted to let you know that zoloft is doing that to me as well. I have read success stories though on how people got worse and then a lot better than before the medication. I heard this is because your brain is adjusting to the meds. Every time I increased I felt even worse, so I'm going to stick with 75 mg for 6 weeks at least, without going up. Some people do well on higher doses, but I think seeing if the lower dose works would be better. I was given different benzos, but those actually made me more depressed. They are only for anxiety though, so it depends on how bad your anxiety is versus your depression. My depression is worse than my anxiety. Just FYI, I sometimes have depersonalization/derealization from the zoloft, which is such a scary feeling. I wanted to mention that in case you get it because if you don't know about it, it can be even more scary. The feeling does go away. I wish you the best.
  7. I'm so glad you made the switch early on and it works well. I should have done the same, but I didn't. I tried an increase in my fluoxetine first but that did the same thing. I went to the Emergency room twice in 10 days, so I switched to zoloft. My psychiatrist said it's less intense. She also said there is no reason I should feel more depressed after taking it. I guess I thought this is just what my body does with an SSRI. Now I know I should have tried something else sooner, even though I tried 2 different ones already. The only reason I haven't been to the Emergency room on zoloft is because when I went, they only could watch me and give me a benzo, which didn't help me. What keeps me here is not wanting to hurt the people I love, so I don't think watching me will do me anymore good.
  8. Thank you both so much for the reassurance. I need a lot of hope right now. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to lose it. I'm so glad that these forums exist.
  9. Hi. I started sertraline as well. It has definitely made my depression worse so far. A lot more negative thoughts that I can't distract from. So far, I've been on 25 mg for 2 wks, 50 mg for 2 wks, and 75 mg for 10 days. I haven't seen any improvement yet, but I'm really hoping it will start working soon. It's been a horrible 5 weeks. If I start to feel better, I will definitely post a success story. I hope it goes better for you than it does me. For me it's been torture. I think I would've tried something different early on, knowing how long I've been taking it with worse depression, but I'm 5 weeks in and to switch now with having to be tapered off with possible withdrawal symptoms and starting a new one, I'm going to stick with it. I have seen other posts where people felt worse, mainly due to anxiety though, and eventually, they felt great. Unfortunately, it takes a longtime. I think sometimes 6-8 weeks on the therapeutic dose. Some people feel better really quickly, but I don't think that's common. Also, it shouldn't start working immediately because your body has to adjust to it. I know my mom told me fluoxetine worked for her within days. It took 2 months on the same dose for it to work for me. It did really work well. I also had an increase in depression at the beginning of fluoxetine, but I don't remember it as bad as with sertraline. Let me know how you are doing. Sarah
  10. Hi. I was on fluoxetine at 20 mg for about 9 years. I had some anxiety and depression increase when I started it, but not too bad. I remember it took 2 months to work. I recently had a major life change that made me depressed, so I decided to go up to 40 mg. I went back to 20 mg after 10 days. I went to the emergency room twice during that time. My depression and anxiety were much worse. Then I got switched to sertraline. Well, it has the same effect. My depression and anxiety (I mainly have depression) are the same as on the increased fluoxetine dose. I decided to stick it out anyway. I really want to feel better. I've been on 25 mg for 2 weeks, 50 mg for 2 weeks, and 75 mg for 10 days. So far I feel the same increased depression and anxiety. Do I have to wait 6-8 weeks on the 75 mg dose to see if it will work? I have been given benzos for anxiety, but they don't do anything for the depression. If anything, my depression feels worse after taking them. I need some reassurance that the sertraline can still work for me and that I have to give it more time because of the increase in dosage. Thanks! Sarah
  11. Hi Badger, I'm Sarah. I'm not sure how to introduce myself either :). Sorry, I've never taken escitalopram. I started taking sertraline 5 weeks ago. It hasn't been good so far. But since I've come along this far, I don't want to stop yet, even though, honestly, I'm in hell. I've read that with SSRI's you need to very slowly taper off or you can have a really hard time. How long you've been on it and what dose also affects the length of withdrawal. I hope you're not suffering too much. Why are you stopping it?
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