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  1. There's a scene in Smallville where Clark is riding a motorcycle and he just goes straight into a log as if he didn't see it and flies away in such a fake way.
  2. Rings of Saturn - The Heavens Have Fallen
  3. What would you say is the general opinion of Turkish people about Europeans? It's hot here too. Slovenia. Shorts.
  4. I drank decaffeinated coffee. It was nice.
  5. I feel very unproductive. And the usual bad mood, constantly losing faith in my treatment... Just want time to pass.
  6. I've read about a lot of hard starts with sertraline, though I personally didn't feel almost anything. I guess it is very hard for some, but the bad effects always go away after two weeks or so, I think. And remember, if you're feeling negative effects now, it's more likely you'll feel positive ones later, or so I've heard. So I guess if you slowly increase dose (I started with 25 mg), you should be fine, but it's normal to feel side effects.
  7. Hey, what would you say that improved the most with duloxetine? Motivation, anxiety etc.? Because I wonder if norepinephrine was what you needed.
  8. I'm having trouble with finding out what to do when I don't know what to do.
  9. Ruelle - Until We Go Down (Shannara Theme)
  10. My relationship is screwed up a little now. Or a lot. I just can't have a single clear thought in my mind, everything just floats in the air and I have no idea what will become of this.
  11. It's not like SNRI's are completely different than SSRI's. You'll be fine, I didn't have any problems. By the way, why did you quit Lexapro?
  12. Slowly losing hope with my meds. It's been 10 weeks now and still nothing consistent... I know I shouldn't just leave it all to the meds, but I actually am struggling all the time... I could just go to sleep or listen to depressive songs and do absolutely nothing, but I don't. Though I know I could easily give in. blah blah
  13. Yes, 13 days is not enough for the medicine to start working as it is supposed to. It can take many weeks for the drug to reach it's highest potencial, so be patient and I'm sure it will be better soon.
  14. My chest hurts. Right now I have a feeling I won't ever do anything.
  15. Feel hopeless. I hate that I don't know which thoughts are actually real and which are just part of the depression. Maybe I'm ignoring obvious thoughts that are actually very important and should do what they say.
  16. It is normal, yes, I also feel incredibly hot and start sweating just after a few minutes of physical activity. However, I don't sweat that much as you described, usually only through body. And yes, regardless of temperature, especially if I wear too many warm clothes. I guess you could try drinking a lot of water so you get back what you sweat. Also I think that these side effects should disappear with time, I've heard it a lot that they do.
  17. Felt pretty down an hour ago, now it's kinda better. Maybe because of coffee. It's like all the time I'm on the edge of feeling down, and every now and then I feel slightly more normal. There was a cat meowing outside two nights ago and yesterday I saw a poster of a missing cat.
  18. Good, good... It's a logical thing to do, I mean it DID give you psychological injury. More people should do this, because I'm sure many places have unbearable conditions, like yours.
  19. Can a boss fire you, if you say something back, like "Shut up, I'm doing the best I can"? I mean if it's actually allowed to fire someone for that reason. I've always wondered what employers are allowed to say... I guess much more than people think. Also, what kind of coffee do you all drink? Instant coffee or ground beans put into water, then boiled?
  20. It is 18:56 here. Somewhere else, it is not.
  21. My head hurts... but I feel just a bit better than usual. Don't think I will in the morning, though.
  22. I usually go to sleep around midnight and sleep until 9 or 10 am.. which is way too long, but probably because of my current meds. Otherwise I try to get up around 8 am, which is very rare, sometimes I go to sleep an hour or two after midnight. I also can't really do much for school until it's dark, I don't know why. I have much more will to do anything obligatory after dark.
  23. The night is cold today.. The wind... The wind is eating my soul away.. To heat a tree is nothing, but to cut the ground is increasingly powerful to a tomorrow... Tomorrow that slays my sight into a million stars for the wolves to bleed in... Yeah, I don't do poems.
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