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  1. hope youre doing fine

  2. Feeling the crush of ppl in San Francisco for the super bowl. Ugh ppl.
  3. Feeling a little trapped by my negative thought loops this morning. Bless you all.
  4. Feeling like I've let so many people down. Like I could of done so much more. Instead I gave into weakness, guilt, and shame.
  5. Im not happy. I find the Simple solution is to lock myself in a room and eat cupcakes.
  6. Worst morning in a long time. Feeling like someone keeps walking all over my grave.
  7. Mailed some letters out that I've been meaning to for a long time.
  8. Wishing I could help everyone I meet.

    1. Babycakes12


      You have helped me, keep that in mind.

  9. I'm a little bit unstable right now. Trying to complete my fast, and it's annoyingly difficult for me. Hope people find peace today.
  10. I'm new also babycakes. I find it very difficult to connect with a lot of people and open up enough to create a friendship. I hope you're able to find some more peeps!
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