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  1. Feeling almost nothing and wanting nothing today. Slept a lot but that just intensifies those feelings -_-. Feeling like a burden and trouble.. and not being able to do anything about it because of my confused mind. Just feeling like I am the one creating all the messes in my life and I am the only one to blame. It'a hard to say myself if this is the result of being treated in a certain way for years or is this actually just the way I am. I just feel lost, once again.
  2. Unable to concentrate.
  3. I feel like I just hurt people around me, not wanting to do so. And then end up feeling confused and afraid, and just wanting to cry. Not knowing how to put this puzzle of my mind together
  4. My mom just talks a lot. I don't really have any issues with her as such..but she often just goes on and on. Keeping me updated about people who I barely know or don't know at all -_-. Just trying to find kind ways to make her stop or excuse myself in some way. I have more pain though the other way round not gonna even go there or I'll be all tears.
  5. I am sorry Natasha I know how tiring that is. Especially the "out-of-the-blue" fights / being upset were really hard for me. Then the times when all was good and nice, I was afraid of the next thing I'd do wrong without even realizing.
  6. Oh my. Reading this just made me think that I do / feel a lot like that -_-. At times got so much energy, start doing things, focus on them (almost too deeply and too much commitment). And then got the times when nothing seems worthwhile. Or.. if not that bad, at least it takes enormous amounts of effort to get myself doing anything. And just like you, more of those 'low seasons'.
  7. Winters in my childhood were colder too. And yes, going to school when it was something between -25 and -35 Celsius at least we didn't need to go our for recess when it was that cold.
  8. Well, I haven't had a career. And planning to go back to school. And I am older than you. I definitely don't see that as a failure. I see it as circumstances not having been right or favorable. And you're wrong about all people having a career by 25. Heck, I hadn't even my first job then. I think I should be feeling like a massive failure because of that but I'm not. Failure is not a nice feeling and like I said before, you really shouldn't set yourself up for it. You need to give yourself a chance. I personally feel excited of being able to do it, finally.
  9. Oooooh... sleds, pulks, toboggans.. all the winter fun. What about skating and skiing?
  10. Or emotional abuse in any type of relationship, especially if the relationship is close. You might not realize at first that something is wrong and you might not understand why you are feeling unexplainable, negative feelings.
  11. Running to a bus, reaching the door just to have them closed right in front of you and bus leaving. Yes, my fault for coming so close to the time the bus comes... but seriously, closing the doors right in front of my nose
  12. Have you traveled in other countries? Traveling will definitely be eye-opening, and that was something that made me appreciate a lot certain things in my own country. And also, realize that every country - same as people - have its good and bad things.
  13. I also wanted to move away from where I live when I was younger. I thought it was just dead boring here and it would so much better living elsewhere. But later on I started to see good things where I live and I am not so eager on the thought of living abroad anymore. I am not opposed to it but just not feeling as strongly about it as I did at some point. I still love to travel and see the world though.
  14. There's plenty of jerks all around the world. Every country has it's good and bad, both people and things. And being a certain nationality doesn't mean you're all the same. We are all individuals, after all.
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