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  1. Thank you all. Any life changes always throw me and get my anxiety and depression running again. Just going through the process of looking for, and interviewing was a mountain unto itself for me. I guess I just started panicking as things changed again.
  2. Thank you GSpolar, that really means a lot to hear some kind words.
  3. I recently took a new job thinking it would be a positive change fir me and my wife. The pay was better, it was closer, etc etc. My start date is on the 25th However, instead of feeling joyous, I feel dread, anxiety, depression, etc etc. I got a huge slap in the face yesterday when I went to fill out my HR new hire paperwork and found their insurance package for the base version had a premium that was 4x higher than my current job. Basically any extra I was going to make is eaten up by this (so much for ACA). I might even end up making less total now than at my old job. I'm scared now, I'm walking into unfamiliar territory, don't know anyone, not sure how stressful it will be, and I'm not even getting a financial benefit for taking this leap. It's too late to back out as my resignation letter was already processed at my old job. I feel panicked, cant sleep, no appetite, etc etc. I've struggled with GAD and depression on and off through my life, and have been doing well for years. But now I feel worse than I have in a long time... Anyone else been in my situation, maybe have some tips for me? Thank you all in advance.
  4. Found via Google while looking for help with depression
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