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  1. YES! I am eight years out of undergrad and nearly five out of grad school. I have struggled so much, both because I was diagnosed with a serious illness during grad school and because I've been trying to find a career that makes me feel worth something. I am currently working two part-time jobs from home, both of which are related to my field, but my income is so small and there is almost zero possibility of advancement. I have had to give up on a lot of dreams because of the illness and also because of anxiety/depression. It is such a struggle to go to an interview, and I feel like I need to take the rest of the day to recover if I do go to an interview. You are absolutely not alone, and even if you continue to struggle, you won't be alone then, either! I also miss the structured format of my younger years and having clear-cut goals that seemed achievable. I wish the best for you! Hopefully things will get better, one way or another. All we can do is keep trying :) Hugs!
  2. You are ok. You are most certainly NOT disgusting. You said "pre-baby weight," which means you made a baby with your own body--THAT is amazing! Your body is capable of so many awesome things! This winter is difficult on me, too, for getting in shape (I'm in Ohio). Good for you for hiking in the snow! Being outdoors will not only help with your weight loss goals, but also help your mental state. I'm trying to be outside when I can, too, but it's difficult with the cold temps and SAD. I know it's really hard, but try not to compare yourself to your bf. Anyway, he can't make a baby with his body, right? :) I had difficulty trusting what my bf says, too, and I'm constantly worried he's going to leave me, so I can really relate. I'm trying to relax and take a "go with the flow" attitude, even though it is so, so hard. I hope you can do this, too, if even a little bit to give yourself a break. You deserve both his love and your own! Big hugs!
  3. I'm feeling better than yesterday, but still struggling with feelings of guilt and confusion about my recent divorce, and also sadness and anxiety about my future. I want to have a career and do something worthwhile, but right now I'm stuck in a work-from-home job with no possibility of advancement. I recently contacted an animal shelter about volunteer work, and I'm looking forward to meeting with them. I'm trying to be positive but feeling like my life is so far from what it ought to be. I'm lonely and wishing I had friends.
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