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  1. Hi everyone.. I just need some support right now. I'm as new as you can get to these forums.. I left a topic in the introductions forum. I feel so alone, and scared. I really want to talk to someone, but nobody will listen... I have a lot of problems with self hatred and guilt, which have been really effecting me these past few weeks. Any help would be appreciated more than you can imagine... Even if it's just a couple words of encouragement. (which can go further than many realize).
  2. My name is Will. I am 19, and I suffer from depression, as well as other varying mental issues... I came here because I can't find support from anyone at school or church... Sometimes my mom will help me.. but a lot of the time she says that she can't handle me being sad all the time and that I need to lighten up. Which is true, I suppose, but not really helpful. I feel very alone, and right now I'm reaching out to anyone I can find who will support me, even if it's total strangers. I'm scared, I'm guilty, I can't hold a conversation with anyone, I'm lonely... I'm on my very last leg. That's why I'm here. I've seen many therapists, none of which could help, but instead left the job half done and a couple left the state with no warning to me, taking another job somewhere else all of the sudden. I'm sorry if I sound complainy... but all of this has been held in for so long, it feels like a poison... I hope I can make friends on here. It would do a world of good.
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