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  1. Hi all, I have been on 10 mg Lexapro for over a year and 4 weeks ago I transitioned to 25 mg of Zoloft, stopping the Lexapro cold turkey against my better judgement. Since I began the Zoloft, I have been experiencing very frequent headaches accompanied by brain fog; I feel lightheaded, uneasy and can't think entirely clearly. I have had some days of relief but for the most part this has sucked. Today after 4 weeks, I have upped my dosage to 50 mg. I want to give the drug the fair chance of an 8 week trial before I knock it and try something else. My question for you guys is: has anyone else experienced similar symptoms when starting Zoloft? Did they subside and did the positive effects "kick in"? Any anecdotes would be appreciated, thanks 🙂
  2. I've been on Wellbutrin 300 mg xl for 10 months in addition to Lexapro 10 mg for a bout of severe depression. For the past 6 months I've been experiencing on and off chest pain/tightness. The best way I can describe it is that feels like there's cement in my chest. I will often go weeks where its very uncomfortable and also weeks where it's completely nonexistent. All my vitals are normal and I had an EKG done, which came back normal. After months of researching and observing my pain, I've decided it must be due to anxiety even though I don't feel mentally anxious most of the time. I was wondering if anyone else on Wellbutrin has experienced this seeing as this antidepressant is stimulating. I was on 150 mg a couple years back and never experienced anything like this so I think I am going to try to lower my dosage and see if that helps. Any thoughts or anecdotes would be appreciated!
  3. You are most likely experiencing a combo of the lexapro withdrawal and the wellbutrin start up. I took an entire month to ween off lexapro and I felt very 'off' for the entire month and the following weeks afterwards (I was already on wellbutrin at the time ). I was nauseous, had brain fog, felt dizzy, among other things. Hang in there and it will subside eventually. Everyone's body is different and adding/removing chemical substances takes a toll, it's normal! I'd also like to add that after I went off lexapro and was on wellbutrin 150 mg SR I felt the best I had in a long time. It worked well for me, I hope you have the same luck!
  4. I got a lot worse before I got better on Wellbutrin 300 mg (I was also on 10 mg on Lexapro). For about a month my anxiety was bad, hand tremors, chest pain, lack of improvement. But all this went away and I truly attribute my recovery to the medication even though the process was slow. My advice would be to stick with it for 4 weeks or so and if you're still doing very poorly maybe try something else. You'll get through this!
  5. Hi friends, I was just curious about other people's experience with the development of their depression. Was it sudden or did it slowly creep in over time? How did you first know something wasn't right? Did anything in particular trigger it? I've had two episodes of depression that were VERY different from each other. The first took me months to detect and the only reason I went to seek help was because my concentration and ability to think clearly was extremely compromised. The second time around, over the course of two weeks I went from feeling completely fine to feeling so horrible that I almost admitted myself to a hospital. And both times there was no trigger! It's hard to wrap my head around these things. In fact, it's impossible but I spend a lot of time trying to. Anyways, I'm very interested in hearing about your experience!
  6. Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you're doing so poorly but from my experience I would really suggest that you stick it out a few more weeks. This past September I quickly plummeted into a severe depressive episode. Upon recognizing the symptoms, I went to my doctor and asked him to prescribe me Wellbutrin seeing as it worked very well for my depressive episode a couple years ago. The first two weeks were hell, I felt worse then I ever had and even at week 6 I wasn't doing significantly better. Like you I was also experiencing side effects at this time: dry eyes, dry mouth, increased anxiety, ringing in my ears, headaches.. I really only started feeling slightly better around week 8 or 9. From that point on the improvement was much more consistent and drastic. And now, about 4 months after starting it I feel almost completely like my old self again. Now I know not everyone is as lucky as I am but I think it would best to wait it out a little longer considering there is a chance your body takes a bit more time to adjust to medications like mine does. As I'm sure you know, Wellbutrin is an atypical antidepressant unlike the SSRI's you've probably been on in the past. I really love it because not only did it treat my depression, but I lost a little weight and had an increased sex drive while on it last time. But of course if you give it more time and you're still feeling terrible, give something else a try. Something WILL work for you and you too will feel like your old self again! Be patient <3
  7. Stopping antidepressants cold turkey is not a good idea! Especially in this case because Zoloft and Wellbutrin affect different types of neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, respectively. Since he was on Zoloft for quite a while, his body is accustomed to it and stopping it suddenly is a huge shock to the system. I'm surprised his doctor allowed the sudden stop. I weened off my antidepressant over the course of 5 weeks, decreasing the dosage slightly with each week. Although he can ween off the Zoloft while he starts Wellbutrin. He will most likely feel negative side effects as this usually happens when tapering off one medication and starting another. Also just wanted to say that I think he should give Wellbutrin a fair chance: at least 8 weeks. This medication has worked wonders for me but I really had to be patient with it. The first two weeks I was on it was absolute hell. Best of luck to the both of you, you will get through this!
  8. Hi Steve, I appreciate your thorough and transparent response! I'm sorry you have suffered from depression as well, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Weirdly enough, I also suffered my first major depressive episode my sophomore year that lasted about 8 months. There was no trigger for it at all, in fact my freshman year of college was the best year of my life. I greatly attributed my recovery to the antidepressants I started. For the year I after that, I felt like my old self again and weened off my medications. And trust me I wouldn't have done this if I didn't feel completely stable; I truly felt like I was untouchable from this terrible thing. But come September (4 months off the medication) I quickly spiraled into a deep depression, this time accompanied by severe anxiety. Once again, no trigger for it. I immediately went back on Wellbutrin and Lexapro. I've made a lot of progress since then.. I decided not to withdraw for the semester, I'm able to go to my classes, exercise, and eat healthily. Anyone would think that I'm completely fine. But ah, the anhedonia I described has yet to subside. It's so frustrating because I keep doing the things that I know would normally make me happy but nothing does. Luckily, I am able to remind myself that this WILL pass. I got through it before and I will overcome it again. But in the meantime it's so hard. The first semester of my senior year is almost over and I feel like it was a complete waste of my life, if that makes sense. Depression is a time thief. But I agree, I hold on because I know there's so many great things ahead. Hope is crucial in times like these.
  9. Hi all, I'm currently in a depressive episode and am doing everything I can to drudge myself out of it. I think I'm finally starting to near the other side. Anyways, I've just been thinking about and analyzing my experience of depression lately. I know everyone experiences it differently but from a lot of my research I've observed that many people's depression is evidenced by feelings of self worth, lack of motivation, withdrawal from life, etc. While yes I have these feelings to a degree my main indicator that I'm depressed is how I perceive the world around me. It's like everything is different now even though I can logically tell myself that nothing has changed and that this is a result of something going on in my messed up brain. For example, music no longer sounds good to me. And this is coming from someone who loves music. I am also very into makeup and fashion but when I'm depressed these things are no longer interesting to me. I don't have any urge to try new products or shop. I never feel "reward" when I'm depressed. I'm a college student and typically I would feel very satisfied after a long week of hard work or doing well on a test but I don't ever feel satisfied or accomplished now. Hanging out with my friends is no longer of interest to me. And while I normally love being with them and going out on the weekends, it doesn't do anything for me right now. I have to force myself to dance when before that was something I would naturally love to do! Also t.v. and movies aren't entertaining to me at all. In short, I guess everything that used to get some sort of reaction from me can't anymore. I was just curious if others experience depression the way I do and what you've done in terms of treatment. I'd love to hear any thoughts or anecdotes :)
  10. Hi, I'm so sorry you're struggling like this! I'm not religious so I can't speak on that aspect but I can relate to some of the feelings you described. I watched a TedTalk on depression by Andrew Solomon and he said: "You don’t think in depression that you’ve put on a gray veil and are seeing the world through the haze of a bad mood. You think that the veil has been taken away, the veil of happiness, and that now you’re seeing truly. You try to pin the truth down and take it apart. And you think that truth is a fixed thing. But the truth is alive, and it runs around. You can exorcise the demons of schizophrenics who perceive that there’s something foreign inside them. But it’s much harder with depressed people, because we believe we are seeing the truth. But the truth lies.” This really stuck with me because that's exactly how I feel when I'm in a deep depression. The thought of getting better is so absurd because it feels like you are seeing the world as it really is for the first time. Everything is raw and ugly. I also feel the loss of my personality when I'm depressed. At one point it was really hard for me to recall how I act when I felt "normal." I hate the person I am when I'm depressed but I've learned not to be so hard on myself because that's not my true self. But hey here's the good news, I recovered from a severe depression once before and the world, my relationships, my thirst for life were even greater than they were before my depression. I'm unfortunately currently suffering another depressive episode but I can tell I'm starting to come out of it. You will be able to feel like yourself again! Have you tried therapy or any medication? Medication is what helps me the most but everyone is different. I hope you're taking steps to get better. Hang in there!
  11. Hi all, I'm a 21 year old female and I started 10 mg Lexapro and 150 mg Wellbutrin 8 weeks ago and on week 4 I raised my Wellbutrin to 300 mg. I've had success with this combination before. When my depression episode began, I was in a HORRIBLE place. Sleeping nearly all day, not eating, constantly crying, anxiety.. I almost had to take the semester off. I write in a journal daily and I have noticed improvement. My cognition is improving, I'm able to drag myself to class and the gym, I'm eating enough, among other things. But my anhedonia is still full force and I don't feel like my old self at all. But I've come so far since 8 weeks ago. It's confusing. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about their experiences coming out of a depression. Did you immediately know it was happening? What were the first signs? I really want to be better and sometimes I feel like I'm getting there but maybe it's just that my pain is less severe at certain times. The mind is so confusing! Any thoughts would be appreciated!!
  12. Hi, So I started Wellbutrin 150 mg and Lexapro 10 mg about 6 weeks ago. I was REALLY bad when I started them; a week before I had a sudden onset of severe depression and anxiety. The first few weeks were rough but I began to be able to get out of bed and semi-function (go to classes, go to the gym, eat, etc.). My doctor and I decided to raise my Wellbutrin to 300 mg about 3 weeks ago. Currently, I am ok but still very much feel depressed and not like myself at all. My main problem is the anhedonia. Nothing is enjoyable and I hate waking up every morning. Here's my dilemma. I've had success with this combo in the past. The Wellbutrin especially did wonders for my depression. I was really hopeful that at this point I would be feeling great because last time I started in this medication I was doing better than I am now. I know the standard time to give medication is 8 weeks so I will wait a couple more weeks but should I maybe even wait 10 weeks seeing as I had such success with this before? I was wondering if anyone could provide insight from their personal experiences with the start up of Wellbutrin, specifically the time line. I remember reading in some forum that a woman waited 2 months before she even started feeling better. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  13. Hi there, You should really give an antidepressant the full 8 weeks trial to decide if it's the one for you or not. I don't think your experience is unusual, the start-up effects of a drug are always weird and inconsistent. For me personally, my depression didn't begin to lift until about 2 months in on Wellbutrin. Another thing to consider is upping the dosage after a few weeks. I started on 150 mg and went up to 300. In regard to the SSRI question, I think it would be worth trying if the Wellbutrin doesn't work for you. Like other people said, yes some people will experience blunted emotions but other people get their emotions back and feel like themselves again on an SSRI. Everyone's chemistry is unique; it's really just trial and error. I know how awful dealing with this stuff is but stay strong, something will work for you and you will get better.
  14. Hi there, My experience with these two drugs was actually flipped. I started on Lexapro and experienced the same side effects (constant tiredness and no libido) and it wasn't helping much with my depression. After a few months I added Wellbutrin (150 mg) and I finally got out of my episode. I decided to stay on both drugs because I was so relieved I was feeling better and didn't wanna mess with my brain chemistry. I had energy and a high sex drive so I guess the Wellbutrin cancelled out the Lexapro's side effects. My guess is that you're just experiencing start up side effects that will probably go away in a month or two; at least give it the standard 8 week chance. Best of luck. :)
  15. I am so sorry you are suffering. I am experiencing the same emotions right now; I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I know how painful it is to live in the limbo of depression but you have to keep fighting. What's on the other side (life without depression) is worth fighting for. I had a major episode years ago and was able to beat it. Life was marvelous after. So I know I will once this hell ends I will feel genuine happiness again and so will you. In the meantime, do everything you are able to that might help. Take your medication, change your medication if it's not working, exercise, eat healthily, take supplements, force yourself to engage in life even though it's so unpleasant. Hang in there, you're stronger than you think.
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