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  1. nearly a year at 30mg and no side effects to speak of. Yes, it really did reduce my paranoia. Now we're adding some lithium to help with the suicidal thoughts.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I was self-admitted to the psych ward after a rather brutal attempt. It was pretty obvious I'd done something so I really didn't have a choice. While in the hospital my pdoc didn't (1) answer anyone's calls, (2) do his job at all, or (3) even try to be a sensible human being. When we finally did talk he said he hadn't committed many people in his career but he'd commit me. What a lovely way to start a conversation after he'd dropped the ball all the way through. I've finally got up the pluck to fire his ass. I will not miss him and I will not accept another a****** like him again. I deserve better. Venting complete. hype
  3. I know it's a large dose but it works. Anyone else there?
  4. In the hospital there was a sign saying "if you're a cat be a great cat not a mediocre bird" or something like that.
  5. Got through a full day at work with a minimum of anxiety meds. Played my instrument, worked out and read a book. That'll do.
  6. Well, since I've done it four times let me tell you, i know exactly what would happen and I don't like white walls and hospital PJs thanks.
  7. It's a weekend so I'm sticking to my schedule and not thinking too far ahead!!
  8. Hey all, Five weeks ago I was in mental hospital after a concerted effort to remove myself. Today thanks to Cymbalta, Abilify and 30 of daily exercise I'm much happier. I don't recall feeling this good for many years ... Still a long way to go ... I have OCD like responses to anxiety where my first notion is self harm. But, I can work on that now. Try the exercise .. it really helps. H
  9. Follow my schedule even when anxious and depressed.
  10. I run home to my bed and pull the covers over. It helps.
  11. Basically ok, but I'm fighting with my wife again and the last go at this ended up with an eight day hospital stay. I'm not doing that again so other measures may be required.
  12. Remember my children and don't harm myself.
  13. Actually a little better! Back at work!
  14. I've done it though they stepped me up 30 then 60mg of cymbalta. It went fine even after eight years of lexapro
  15. I'm on 90 mg and I feel just as lonely as you do even with a loving wife, kids and extended family. Depression is a tough Biotch.
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