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  1. I am reading a lot about ketamin lately. The good sides: works in at least 50 per cent of the cases where nothing else worked, it works almost immediately, it lasts long, it is cheap, it is available by a prescription. Bad sides: it is used also as a party rape drug, as a horse tranquilizer, does not have enough enough scientific studies about it, can cause euforia, loss of memory, high pressure, can easily be misused for criminal purposes, it is also a street drug sold in dangerouses doses, nobody really knows what the preferred dosage should be, FDA did not finish their studies about it and a lot of other things. Basically ketamin influences a different substance in our bodies than the other antidepressants do, but scientists do not know why is that effective against depression. So, if this has been discussed somewhere else, I apologise and ask moderators to move or delete my post, whatever is it proper. If not, any thoughts from other members of the forum?
  2. A word of warning. A lot of times what we perceive as a side effects of, for example, citalopram, are effects of other changes in our life, foodstyle, drinking etc. It happened to me. I am taking citalopram for almost three years and have no adverse effects. Of course, each person is its own world with its own laws....
  3. mostly what i can say is, that esc is basically maily against depression. so, if your depression is getting better, it is working. please do discern between overall medicine for all your ills, which does not exist, and specialised ones. so, if esc does work on your depression, continue, than try to find some other solution for other problems, as esc, in spite of what they are saying, is no an overall remedy. but, it did help me to haul myself from the dark hell of sorrow, twice. so....
  4. few weeks ago i fell down on stairs and broke among others two ribs. but when i was in hospital the people, the nurses, the whole atmosphere started to influence my depression terribly, so that i demanded to be let out in just few days. but now i feel like my depression recovery, which was after two years quite good, is a several notches down and will have to be achieved again. did anyone had similar reaction and if, how long did it take to recover. thx
  5. the usual time needed for lexapro to work is 4 to 8 weeks. in the meantime, you will just have to be patient. and btw lexapro is primarily againt depression, so it is wise to have xanax in store, but only for the real cases of panic attack, not to be taken on regular basis. it worked for me....
  6. escitalopram is primarily against depression, not panic attacks. that is why, doctors prescribe also mostly a special meds against panic attack, for me the best is xanax, as it starts to work in ten minutes. So, if your doctor prescribe a panic attack meds, and if you take them only when you feel an attack coming, and not regularly, i think you will be fine.
  7. please google irregular heart beats, as there are several articles there, from serious, believable sources among them. you will see that it is, almost without exception, something that just happens or can happen to anyone and it is not dangerous and does not have to be treated. There are a lot of possible causes, but citalopram is definitely not among them. all the best.
  8. my personal experience and what i gathered from others is: escitalopram in most cases starts to kick in after at least 6 to 8 weeks and 10 mg is almost universal starting dose in the meantime you have to clench your teeth , and previous drugs, it you took few weeks in between them, do not matter just in case, if you feel panic attack coming, it is nice to have in reserve something for it, like o,5 xanax or so - let the doctor decide escitalopram is one of a few anti dep meds, that allow you to drink - but any kind of drinking will deepen you depression only after three months or so, if there are no effects, patients are adviced to try something else escitalopram, in my case, needed two months that I could at least fake to have a life and a bit over a year, that now I feel about 80 per cent of the old self + it is the advance of diminishing returns, but still it is a constant advance escitalopram in most cases has no really bad side effects - people mostly do not differentiate between effects of f.e. depression and side effects of the meds. Caution -all above is written not by a doctor, so, please take it with shovel of salt....
  9. I think it is too early. it takes up to eight weeks for this meds to kick in. you probably should go to doctor after that period if nothing is better.
  10. xanax is against panic attacks mostly, so I think it will not help with sleep. Especially not with your dosage, which is so minimal that it could not have any real effect. Melatonin is a hormonal drug for better sleep, so it should help, but again not it you have a micro dose. I dealt with sleeplessness with binge watching tv series on internet till I started to feel sleepy, mostly about 4 am. And escitalopram should not make you that weary, as 10 mg is the most prescribed dose, mine too. If your life is too sedentary, please think about doing something about it. Good luck.
  11. I have to point out that general anxiety disorder is not the same as panic attacks. So, if you have panic attacks, which to differentitate from general disorder which is constant, happen and go, maybe you need something against panic attacks, just in case when one happens. I had the same condition, that is depression with time to time panic attacks - which mostly happened in the day after drinking, between noon and two pm, after drinking too much coffee - dont ask me why... So, in case of feeling of an upcoming attack, I had to take 0,5 xanax - which kicks in in about ten minutes and works for an hour, what is enough. But then, we are all very different personalities, with different conditions, so my case is definitely not something to be generalized. Just my five, very unmedical, cents. '
  12. For esc to kick in, it takes 4 to 8 weeks, in between, you just have to suffer it up. Shakiness and anxiety are not side effects of esc, quite the opposite. But, esc is primarily against depression, not so much against anxiety attacks. Therefore a lot of doctors, like in my case, prescribe beside esc also an anti anxiety meds, like xanax for example, to be taken only in the case that you feel an attack coming or that you have an anxiety attack - meaning, not to be taken regulary, but only when you really have such a problem. It worked in my case, I had shakes and attacks and 0,5 xanax helped almost immediately - in 20 minutes at most. Now I take it very rarely, as the shakes and attacks almost completely stopped. So, concerning depression, you will have to wait till the meds kick in, and maybe you should ask your doctor if he can change Klonopin to xanax - among others, Klonopin is not adviced for people with a depression. But ask a professional doctor first, as I am definitely not a one.
  13. Look, it takes 6 weeks for esc to kick in. That, in my non medical opinion, means, that two days off the same meds, means nothing, you should be fine. I once did not take esc for four days, without any conseqences. Just wait till pharmacy opens... Only if the symptoms of depression would return, you should worry. So, have a happy new year and dont worry.
  14. First, escitalopram is one of the few anti dep drugs, where alcohol is not forbidden )check contra indications on google, for example). To be exact, alcohol is bad for you not because of the esc, but because it is, in big doses, bad for depression in general. So yes, I think that you can drink during holidays, but you should go on a wagon after them. Like I said, problem is not the esc, but your depression. First few month while taking esc, I was drinking )too much) but esc did still help me, progressively. Of course, the best is not to drink at all, but when you start the cure, maybe you are due for some laxity in start....
  15. why confront him- he decided to go on, and so should you. In your case I would start thinking how to make new friends...
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