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  1. Living and breathing but not really existing... I've been there. Have you tried therapy at all yet? I found meds and therapy to be the most successful course of action for me. I still have my really bad days, but they've started to space themselves out more than before. I hope you start feeling better!
  2. I think getting into a therapist will be a big help. And at least you're doing what you need to do in regards to seeking and getting help. You don't have to go through this alone!
  3. I agree with the above comment. People who have never gone through or have no experience with it in any regard simply just don't get it. I'm sorry you're struggling right now but it sounds like you're taking the steps you need to to get better. The days I couldn't get out of my bed were the by far the hardest. Keep fighting and we're hear to listen!
  4. I've been where you are. Angry and confused that someone you love and says that they love you back is watching porn... I used to try to give ultimatums and threaten to leave if it didn't change... Flash forward and I now realize watching porn is human nature. The people you don't think do it, do. I don't think it's lack of love in a relationship - it's just how people function. It's also better than him seeking it in person. That's where it is a problem. Don't get me wrong, I still get offended - but I don't let it ruin me anymore.
  5. This board is full of great people and support. Thank you guys! <3
  6. Feeling down today... Saturday is the 2 year anniversary of my mother's death, which is also her birthday... I don't know how anyone comes out of the other side of grief. I feel like I'll never stop hurting. I miss her so much.
  7. Hi and welcome! Insomnia goes hand in hand with my depression as well. I'm actually quite sure I'll never be on a normal sleep schedule ever again, even now with my depression kind of being semi-under control. An increase of your Wellbutrin might be in order if you're not feeling any improvement at six weeks - I'd definitely check with your doc!
  8. Hi Pollie and welcome! I find mindfulness helpful when I need to quiet down my overly-active mind, too! I appreciate this online community. Maybe someday you'll share some of your music and poetry with us all. I find writing to be very therapeutic as well. :)
  9. Are you switching to another medicine? Sometimes a change is needed when one med stops working.
  10. Hi and welcome. I'm glad that you joined. I know exactly what you mean by depression making you feel paralyzed. When I was at my worst, I couldn't even bring myself to get out of bed, shower or do anything other than lay there... If you're applying for jobs, try to remind yourself that you're applying and that is progress in itself. You are not worthless at all - that's your depression talking. Depression makes us unkind to ourselves.
  11. Hi everyone - hope everyone is fairing well (if that's a thing). Today is my birthday and it doesn't matter to me because the one person I want to hear happy birthday from, my mom, is no longer here... so today is going to be kinda sad. It's okay though. I know she's with me. @buttermybiscuit I hope you do ask for help with your anxiety - you don't need to face it alone!
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