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  1. hey budfox, I stay in all the time too... and I mean all the time, except maybe a walk here and there. But I used to be much more outdoorsy and used to roller blade and kayak. Now I don't do much at all, so I know the feeling. I definitely want to start exercising too, and doing something that gets me outside. Problem for me is that I now live in a place that doesn't encourage me to want to be outside. It's boring suburbia. Doing anything outdoors means driving somewhere. Although there is a wide foot path that is good for biking. So there's one thing I could do. Anyways, I'm with you!
  2. Hi Anita, I hope the opposite is true and that you have a better year ahead! Though I can understand feeling like it's just going to be crappy. I wish the holidays weren't so hard on so many people. Even though I'm looking forward to the change of the year and putting the past behind me, I can't wait until the holidays are over.
  3. My intention is to have a fun New Years eve tomorrow night, no matter what, and to have a great new beginning this year --- full of new hope and possibility. I want to turn a new leaf and get out of the messiness to a much happier, healthier place. Tall order.
  4. I'm thinking about how lucky I am that I could bend my car key back into shape so that it fits in the ignition again, lol. Also thinking about NYE tomorrow, going away for a few days and what a nice break that will be, what I have to do for work to prep, and the brand new start of a new year ahead, hopefully full of new possibility and hope for much brighter days. I'm done with dark days. Ready for new beginnings...
  5. So very sorry for your loss in the shadows! ((((hugs))))
  6. One thing went right today --- the key to my car got seriously bent and suddenly didn't fit in the ignition. I panicked! All I could think was oh dear god, I can't drive my car now... and I don't know where my spare key is, what am I going to do? I'm going away out of town for three days and need my car. So I worked on it with a wrench and and after half an hour, bent it back into shape, and my car started!!! So that was one thing that went wrong, then went right, lol. Thank god.
  7. Doing OK I guess.... tired of struggling, as I'm sure many here are. It's been one long life of struggles.. when does it end? Praying that the new year brings something fresh, different, or maybe a new life, lol.
  8. Jules, I can very much relate to this post. I went through a most excruciatingly difficult experience a couple years ago, and eventually climbed out with lots and lots of help, and am still climbing. I wish you a most happy New Year's celebration and hope everything continues to improve for you! Thanks for writing this post.
  9. Unproductive afternoon at work... again. This is happening more frequently. At least I was productive this morning. Trying to recover from past life crises which keep rearing their ugly head whenever a new similar crisis arises. Feels like it's been one crisis after another for years. When will the calmer days come? I'm waiting and hopeful, but they haven't come yet.
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