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  1. Thanks. I will go the CEO but am just too damned busy to prep right now for that. It will have to wait til the end of this month. HR wants me to present data to him that shows my achievements so I will have to pull together a presentation. I’m not going anywhere unless a new job pops up. I have to also be careful about how I word things. They were going to let me go not too long ago. Diplomacy is key!!!!
  2. Thank you!!! I will try my best. I just want to go home today. Ugh.
  3. I was really depressed at work yesterday because my boss stole my thunder and because I gained the worst client out of all that we have. This client hasn't implemented a single recommendation that my colleague has made over many months time, and somehow, I am supposed to hold the magic wand? My best friend and colleague's last day is also tomorrow, and it's making me very, very sad. I could barely work or think yesterday. There's no one else I can trust except for him. And I have to get through two client calls today and a 2-hour client meeting tomorrow. I have no idea how I'll get through this. I can't believe this is happening yet again. I feel very trapped there. Every day has been an enormous chore this week. I want time off, but I can't even take any right now because I have too much work to do. I'm making myself sick over all of it. I am depressed, and I haven't been depressed in a very very long time. It feels very foreign, and it does not feel good. My only saving grace is when I come home to my husband every night for cuddling and lovings. That's the only thing keeping me going right now. I HATE and LOATHE my job. It's really my boss. If he were gone and if we had a true leader in his place, I'd probably feel a whole lot better. I don't even have the energy to apply for other jobs right now. And it's freaking cold out, which makes me less energized. I just want all this to end. I am not happy at work. Grrrrr grrrr grrrrr. Rant over. Usually I can find a silver lining or something positive to hold onto. My one silver lining? At least I am paid really well and I don't have to work long hours. There. I found something positive. And now... time for the circus to begin, as my colleague likes to say. lol.
  4. Omg it sure is. It’s the root of all evil in the workplace. And thank u so much ... I’ll be alright.
  5. No, they are not friends at all. I think my boss's job may already be on the line. My boss and our SEO manager our best buds, that's different. The CEO likes me and kept me on even after he was going to let me go.... I know far more about SEO than anyone on my whole team, including my boss. I believe my boss is threatened by me because he fears the CEO could promote me to SEO Director and get rid of him! That's what's really going on here. My boss is a lying sleezebag and I will make sure that's indirectly said to my CEO. My CEO hired me as well... not my boss.
  6. I am going to take down my a-hole boss. It's a f-ing battle now. F-him. He deserves it, the tiny low man that he is. He is going to get fired, if it's the last thing I do. I will meet with my CEO, I will show him ALL of my achievements and will prove that my boss has been underhanded and LYING to him, and I will get his butt fired.
  7. Perhaps so. Yes. I'm going to wait a bit until I am less upset so that I can be calm and collected when I meet with my CEO.
  8. Omg. I want my boss to get fired. He should be for the shady crap he's pulling. I think he may already be under the microscope.
  9. My boss is blatantly undermining me. He made that 100% evident to my face today. He tried to claim that it wasn't my work that raised my client' revenue off the charts and exponentially. He tried to claim it was the work of another team's efforts. So I marched into HR, told her what was up and she suggested that I hold a meeting with my CEO to discuss my achievements (that are getting grossly watered down by my boss). Un-freaking-believable!!!! Can I please just have a boss who is NOT threatened by me??????? PLEASE.
  10. I woke up upset. It's always about my job. My job really gets to me. Now I'm doing extra work for a client when I am only supposed to spend 7 hours a week on them, for which I'm paid. Any extra work I do for them is FREE. And we're not supposed to do that. Well, this one client keeps calling me about nit picky things and about things that are outside my realm of responsibility. They treat me like I am part of their own staff for crying out loud! Coordinating website updates with their web developer, which is NOT my job! I'm exasperated. I told my boss, and he didn't do a single thing about it. So I told account services, and I can see where it's headed. They're all so afraid of LOSING a client by pushing back and drawing boundaries because they don't freaking do inside sales to keep a pipeline of clients in the works. So if we lose a big client, our jobs are in jeopardy instead! This is no way to run a freaking business! Who the hell doesn't do inside sales for a digital marketing agency!!!!?????? I am beside myself. They run this place ass-backwards. So today I have to go in and tell my boss (more emphatically) that I am working above 7 hours for this one client. And they just gave me another client too. If I have to work more than 7 for the one, I will have no room to take on a new client. And because my job was in jeopardy a few months back, I cannot be an a-hole about it.... I have to be very diplomatic about this and not sound like I am complaining or being negative. But I feel stretched thin, I am starting to get stressed about all the work on my plate, and I don't know how I will manage yet another client who is also a big challenge. ARGH! WTF. Happy Tuesday to me! lol. At least I am talking to a new recruiter today about job possibilities. I hope to be gone from this place by early next year. I need to be.... OK, JUST BREATHE!!!!!!!
  11. Omg.. I know, right???? Just never happy! And thanks so much!!!!!! 4 more leads came in today too, after he made that snarky comment. What an a-hole.
  12. Hehehe. No kidding. I did HIS job for him!!!!! And it's a success! lol.
  13. So the sales web page I built at work brought in 5 sales leads over the weekend. My client is happy but our operations director (who is an a-hole) said well, nothing has come in today. What a you know what. He’s the type who’s never happy.
  14. Wow, cool! I first saw the Dead in ‘89. Foxboro Stadium. Loved them the moment I saw them. Never followed them around but saw about 30 shows or so. Then I got into Phish! Love Phish. Some Dead lovers just don’t ever cross over lol. I’m seeing Phish for two nights in RI right after Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!!!! Used to see Panic. Not as much of a fan now. Love String Cheese Incident, Railroad Earth and Greensky Bluegrass. All favorites! Love meeting others who get the whole Dead-hippie vibe. I’m an ole hippie at heart. Hehe.
  15. @adamrparr A fellow Deadhead! YAY! I'm a huge fan... not of John Mayer though... of the original. Did you just change your profile pic?
  16. Aww, thanks, @duck. New England is great! I especially love the Fall here.
  17. Thanks! It is going to be tough! No meeting yet... the client won’t be handed over to me for another week and a half. I’m gearing up for the challenge!
  18. Thank you sooo much. Your words are spot on. I needed the encouragement. Love u, Sober!!!!! You’re always cheering me on. You’re the best!!
  19. My father just gave me a pep talk, which helped, but my energy is heavy right now. Not looking forward to this work day. I am going to have to overcome and face yet another work challenge, and I've had plenty so far. How am I going to get my new client to implement recommendations when my colleague has had NO luck for months with them? Am I supposed to draw a rabbit out of my hat? Perform a magic trick? How the hell am I supposed to accomplish this one? Give them a firm pep talk? Give them a SEO 101 lesson? This is how it works? Scratching my head. My boss says that I have a knack for getting my clients to do what I want... yes, I AM very persuasive and I am a great saleswoman... I DO get my clients on board with implementing my tactics and recommendations. I even convinced one of my clients to spend 7K more to implement a tactic that I said would make all the difference for them. And it's definitely working so far. But man oh man, did I really need yet another challenge on my plate? NO. I don't understand God or the Universe... they say God never gives you more than what you can handle, but I feel I am handling PLENTY. I've been stretched to the max..... WTF?
  20. Ok, so on top of losing my best bud at work, I am gaining his WORST and most challenging client! And I handed him his new job to boot. Grrrrrr.... argh...... grrrrrrrrr......
  21. Well, I turned them down. I don’t want to work for them unfortunately.
  22. I wish. They’re not going to replace him my boss just told me.
  23. Sooooo upset! My best friend at work is leaving the company!!!! He is the only one in the office whom I trust and with whom I commiserate! Worst part is, I referred him and gave an awesome reference for him for a job I turned down, and which he was offered. So I helped get him his new job! Argh. I’m happy for him because he’s been miserable in his job, but I’m not happy for my own selfish reasons. Now I’m all alone and will definitely need to leave ASAP. Grrrr Grrr happy Monday to me!
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