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  1. I had one really great interview this morning for a senior level role, which would be a lateral move for me but which has great potential for quick growth and advancement - and I have a second interview this afternoon for a director level role in a related yet somewhat tangential field. I think I've determined that the director level role will not be good for my overall career trajectory and path of growth. So, interestingly enough, I am more interested now in the senior level role than the director role, which would be more money in my pocket. Hmmmm..... very very interesting.
  2. I have an interview Monday for a Director level role. I'm gonna crush it and get this job. That's my goal.
  3. I hear you. I try to, but it's hard. I'm glued to it since I need extra unemployment benefits and since Congress is totally hung up. It sucks!!
  4. YES it does!!!! Every day!!! And we should hear about it more so that people are not as afraid and freaked out all the time!
  5. I always thought there should be the "happy news" channel. The actor from the Office tried that for a while on YouTube - I wonder what happened to that.
  6. I watch primarily CNN, which gives the facts, yet is biased in one direction. I prefer CNN though because it is straight up factual political news.
  7. Thank you for your kind reply. It’s real alright. I’ve spoken to angels, devils/demons, deceased people I’ve known, and to God himself. They’ve all spoken through me - as a medium and a channel to the unseen, this is what happens. They are not my words being spoken. They are the words of others being spoken through me. I channeled one message in another blog post - from love and light it came out. The Lord told me that I believe in a basic tenet of humanity - which is RESPECT for one another. I am meant to help people here on this planet. And I agreed to help, in my own ways that are close to my own heart. I am an earth angel, and that is what I’ve been told. So my soul is of angelic origin but I’ve lived many lives so far. Apparently I lived during the time of Jesus and was a follower of his. I know how outlandish this all sounds. But it’s what I’ve been told through my channeling. Thank you again.
  8. Well, I won't get into which side I am on and for, but man, the country is truly suffering and nothing is happening right now to help that. I am sick to my stomach over it. I was so furious last night I had to turn the news off.
  9. I am totally disgusted by politics. DISGUSTED. I want to puke.
  10. I'm sorry you're so stuck in this place. I wish I knew what to say, but I don't know how I can help. Hugs.
  11. I used to struggle with who I am and what I wanted in a career. For YEARS - in my late twenties and thirties. Then I gave up, and allowed the universe to just take its natural flow. And then I eventually naturally segued into and learned something I actually enjoyed - the work I do now. Not many people enjoy their actual work. Work is a bear. Who really wants to work, except those who are overachievers? If one is blessed to find work they DO enjoy, well that is something to rejoice. But most people in this world hate their jobs. You're not alone. Why not give up trying to find yourself and to know who you are and just relax and go with the flow of life as it is. Sometimes, this can lead to beautiful and unexpected destinations.
  12. Hey, my friend. I feel your pain. Is there anything in your life that you feel grateful for? For example, lovely trips you've taken, having a roof over your head and food on the table, having a loving partner with you, any close friendships you have that you cherish, family members you cherish, beautiful scenery and landscapes that you love, or any hobbies you enjoy? I have found that gratitude helps me to feel better overall. It makes me feel far happier when I am in a more negative state. I am jobless with limited income and funds, but I have a roof over my head and food on the table, a husband who loves me, family members who love me and some close friends who love me. That makes me feel very grateful. When we focus on all the negatives or on what is lacking, we feel far more negative. When we focus on what we DO have that is positive or a silver lining, we can feel far more positive. Just some thoughts for you!
  13. Not surprising. Many people have a hard time dealing with other people. I’ve really gotten to a point of being fed up.
  14. I have been a target of bullying for almost all of my life - both online and offline. The other day, I experienced bullying on another forum, so I read up (again) on bullies and whom they target. It's not what you may think - yes, schoolyard bullies may pick on the more vulnerable kid in the pack. But adults? Adults typically bully those whom they envy and those who threaten them or their status in some way. My old boss was like that, and he bullied me. So I got into it a bit with this member on this other forum, and it got kind of ugly. So I took a break from it all, had a nice evening and a good night's sleep, and this morning I realized that it came down to envy. Yesterday, I had started to wonder - what did I do to deserve this heap of crap from this person? I've done NOTHING except for be myself. And I like myself, very much... in fact, I love who I am! After all, if we cannot love ourselves, we certainly cannot love any other. And then I had also experienced some serious projection issues on a different mental health forum (other than DF) -- and again, I realized, it's NOT ME, it's THEM. So, all in all: It's a GREAT feeling to walk towards my upcoming 50th birthday feeling strong and confident within myself. Yesterday I had been thinking - screw this. I'm going to turn into the biggest B-I-T-C* instead of being the nice, loving, and sweet person I am all the time. But I could never be that way - unless, of course, the situation calls for it, then I will most certainly become a big B. But generally, I could never turn into the type of person I cannot stand to be around. I like my company. So that's it on bullies. They're green with envy. That's very sad.. FOR THEM. And quite pathetic, especially in an adult.
  15. ahhhh.... I used to live on the river within a nice stretch of nature and trails. It was amazing. I hope to move to a location like that again so I can kayak all the time again. Now that was heaven. I don't live in the city now. I live outside the city in a suburb, but it's city-like with close-knit homes and no nature around me right now. I miss it.
  16. People SUCK. I freaking hate people. I am SO done with them. I love my friends and my family and that's it. Everyone else can go to hell, except DFers on here of course. I am not talking about anyone here, for the record. But I am FED UP. I really hate all people.
  17. No one is alone - none of us, though it may feel that way. I read Facebook posts from friends who are really having a hard time right now and who are reaching out for comforting words and love from all their friends. It's a really crappy time in the world between COVID, the fires out west, ridiculously messy politics and soaring unemployment. I have had my share of bad days lately too. I have some better days and some super depressing days. I'm unemployed, but for the first six weeks or so I really enjoyed it. Now I'm kind of bored and restless, and with COVID happening, there's not much to do. I have been uninspired to study up on my field, which I should be doing for my next job. I am hardly inspired by the jobs I find that are available to me. I've applied for many and have been turned down by several so far. I've also turned down a couple of opportunities. But next week I turn 50! WOOHOO. Now there's something to look forward to - a bday celebration and a major milestone in life! I sooooo wish I could throw a big party with a band and all my friends, but noooooooooo, COVID is in the way of that. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My main point? Right now it's just a crappy time. Things will improve one day though, and the sun will be shining brightly again. We have to hold onto any positives we can find and any silver linings we can find to help us get through the rough patches. Feeling gratitude helps a lot too -- for all that one DOES have. I try to focus on the positives, but some days it's just really hard and it's a struggle. I can relate. Everyone's having a tough time. Just remember, you're not alone.
  18. You're right my friend. They are small minded. And I am a better person than that. Meaning, I don't bully. As I've always said, the weak like to try and take down the strong.
  19. Thank you, my friend. I'm reading up on bullies and whom they target (as an adult). I've read that it's people who threaten them in some way, or who stand out and threaten their self esteem. I guess I am very threatening, lol!
  20. So this member on a spiritual forum really got to me. She argued very rudely with me, stating adamantly that I was flat out wrong (about an interpretation of my own spiritual experience) and to check my facts - she continued to argue her point then insulted me by calling me arrogant when I stood my ground and disagreed with her. So I PMd her to address the issue, then she came back on my thread to accuse me of "verbal abuse" in my PM, and to tell me if I have anything to say to her, to say it in my thread. I wasn't abusive at all! I simply told her she was very rude and insulting on my thread and to knock it off when she doesn't know what she's talking about. So at this point, I reported her (again), and the admin of that site says she's from the Netherlands and that it's a cultural barrier type of thing -- that she is very blunt and direct. In between the lines, this means that admin doesn't see that this person was aggressive with me, very argumentative, insulting and confrontational. I couldn't believe it - admin practically excusing this person's rudeness? I've seen this again and again on a number of forums I've tried. Bullying and abuse towards other members. I am seriously fed up with the Internet attracting all these toxic types that think they can push and shove everyone around. I am SO annoyed.
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