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  1. We now surpass China in number of cases, but yes, I believe it is also because we're testing more. I personally wouldn't want to congregate in a church in just 3 weeks time. I heard the shut down will last where I live into May.
  2. Depressed and anxious. Of all things in the midst of this Coronavirus, I actually have a phone interview today. IF I were to get this job, it would literally SAVE ME. I hate feeling like I need a job, but I really NEED this job.
  3. Yeah and that's pure insanity. That's not going to happen. The number of US cases has doubled in just one week, along with US deaths. Easter is 3 weeks away. There is no way that people will be able to congregate in a church like the President claims within just 3 weeks time. That's so unrealistic given the rate we're at, and the condition of our entire nation. It's a nice thought, but totally unrealistic.
  4. Yes, you too!!! We are trying to be as cautious as possible. We're now in a lockdown.
  5. Thanks Sober! This is very helpful. I must admit that I make well over 75K, so at a reduction of $5 per additional $100, I wouldn't be getting very much, sadly. We are married but haven't filed taxes together yet, so I don't think we count as a married couple filing jointly. This year we plan on filing jointly. I don't know what this will amount to, but the problem for us is that we need the money RIGHT NOW. In two weeks time, he will have a very low paycheck. I just applied for a loan online. UGH.
  6. The checks they want to send out I believe will only be sent to those who make less than 75K though. I do not qualify, and we really need that money badly. My husband's hours were cut, so now we have to take out a bank loan to cover rent and expenses. I am going further into debt. I am not so hopeful.
  7. They just ordered for us to stay at home in my state. The number of cases is climbing rapidly. Heard on the news that 40-80% of our country is expected to contract this virus.
  8. Eek... that is definitely scary. We're not quite at a lockdown yet, but I think it's coming. 6 people were just diagnosed in my town.. the numbers keep exponentially climbing each day. It's definitely concerning and frightening, but the recoveries still make me hopeful.
  9. Yeah, same. I'm nearly 50, though I definitely do not feel like it, lol.
  10. The nurse practitioner I saw on Saturday told me I am at risk because of my age. EEK. But the recovery stats gave me hope!
  11. My state may be on lockdown starting tomorrow. However, I just heard on the news that 80,000 people have recovered from the virus -- a sliver of hope!!!!!
  12. Hugs to you.... I pray that you are Ok and that you stay safe!!!!!
  13. It's for the best for all of us though. This virus spreads VERY fast. Look at Italy, you know? We cannot become Italy, so the sooner we take preventative measures the better, I feel. It is most scary indeed! Please stay healthy and safe, sober!!!!! And thank you for your kind sentiments!!!!
  14. My whole company is now working from home. My husband is still working his job. My anxiety is starting to go through the roof over the Corona virus. Everything in my state is shutting down left and right, the store shelves are empty, and it feels like the apocalypse. If and when my husband can no longer work, we lose his income and therefore cannot afford our rent and bills. We will have to take out a bank loan in that case, and go further into debt. I am very scared. I am also sick right now and don't yet know what I have. I've had cold and flu-like symptoms, so I am seeing a doctor today. I hope I can get tested for this virus. I don't know if I was exposed, and I could have been since we traveled by plane to Florida recently to visit my husband's parents. I could have easily been exposed at the airport or on the plane, even though we were careful and used antibacterial wipes and washed our hands constantly. His father was also ill with some sort of flu/cold, so I could have caught what he had. Oh, man, this is so very frightening! I already deal with anxiety, so this really does not help. I am trying to remain calm and take things one day at a time. But when schools and businesses are all shutting down, when everyone is told to go home, and when the store shelves are empty, it's hard not to let the mind go to a dark place. Not to mention the fact that we have now entered into a deep recession. I could also lose my job, on top of everything else, since I am the highest paid in my whole dept. The world is crumbling, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I feel so helpless, as I am sure we all do. I cannot let my mind go there right now though. One day at a time. We just bought $400 worth of food and supplies, so at least we are covered there. And I see the doctor in a little while. Hopefully it will be a positive outcome. I pray for all of us.
  15. I'm anxious. We bought $200 worth of groceries last night, and the store was practically cleaned out. Toilet paper is scarce, but my business is still operating as usual, and I'm waiting for them to tell us all to work from home. I am worried that my husband will be sent home for two weeks without pay, in which case, we cannot afford rent. This virus is a total disaster and it's scaring me. My anxiety is growing and I'm just trying to take things day by day, but that's hard to do. Everything is shutting down where I live, and it's freaking me out.
  16. Seriously? My U.S. state is in a state of emergency, schools are closing and are sending students home, businesses are asking workers to telecommute, and my business is continuing to hold interviews with candidates tomorrow?!?! I'm incredulous -- stunned really. What the hell? Are they really that stubborn and ignorant?????? I've been working at home for the last few days because I got sick on my travels. I don't know if I have Coronavirus... I am seeing the doctor on Sat. I don't have those exact symptoms, but you never know so I'm going. I pray for everyone.
  17. Thanks so much.... it will only happen if the country isn't overtaken by Coronavirus, which seems to be the case at the moment. EEK.
  18. I woke up in a foul mood. I am sick for the fourth time this winter, and this Cornovirus has me very concerned. Our HR rep gave us all a lecture about it at work yesterday, which I did not appreciate in the least! She criticized those who have concerns and downplayed the whole thing, as though it's no big deal when 2% of the population has died from it. Our state is now in a state of emergency, and it's no big deal? I am sick, therefore, my immune system is compromised, making it easier for me to catch it. Yes, I have concerns and it really ticked me off that she lectured any of us for even having concerns. She was like, what are you going to do? Just stay home and go nowhere? Yes, it's called QUARANTINE you IDIOT! As you can see, I'm in a foul mood. lol. I also had a bizarre and most troubling experience with a new girlfriend online that made me very QUEAZY and ILL to my stomach. I had to cut off this new friendship based on information I learned that caused me to practically vomit. I am still ill from it. I cannot repeat on here what she had told me because it's far to triggering, but it was most upsetting to say the least. I feel like I had rubbed shoulders with Satan himself, that's how bad it was. I just need to make it 'til Friday. Three more days of work. Ugh. I wish we were still in the Florida sunshine. It was nice down there. Yes, we flew on a plane recently. Everyone had bacterial wipes. We wiped down everything.
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