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  1. Thanks!! Yes, another will come along. I will never give up....
  2. Thanks so much!!! It turns out they wanted someone who would move to Seattle, and I don't want to live in Seattle! And it was more of a sales role, and I have little sales experience in my field Still a disappointment.
  3. Thanks so much, though I got rejected!!! ARGH!
  4. I haven't been on here in a long time! I finally got the call for an interview regarding a Director level role in my field. I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!! The first interview is with HR, so that's just the initial screening before I can talk to the hiring managers. I had begun applying in January and received only one response that did not work out. This is the second response I've received in several months. AND, it's with a Web design company, just the type of company I've wanted to work for, so the role looks like a perfect fit! IF I can finally leave my company, I would be beyond ecstatic. My boss continues to undermine me at work because he fears I could take his job, so he's trying hard to keep me from rising in position by lying to the CEO about my achievements. I began documenting my achievements with HR as a result, but it's essentially a no-win situation. My CEO really likes me and wants to see my rise, but my boss hates me because I'm very good at what I do. And he's the one who will keep me from rising, so I have no choice but to leave. I am not disappointed though, and I am more than happy to leave this company. They run things a-s-s-back-wards, they have very poor leadership, and they place people in management positions who don't belong in those positions. I am more than happy to move on after two years of service. So, I have to kick butt and get this job offer! This would also be a huge increase in salary, which I really want and need right about now. Yay!!!
  5. You know, Sober, I have to say that it's nice to see you have such an optimistic outlook!!!
  6. It’s a double edged sword. My husband’s work is considered essential so he’s still working. I’m beyond grateful for the continued income or else we’d be financially screwed, but he’s exposed to the public every day which worries me. He does wear masks, thank god, and he’s obsessive about cleanliness and wipes everything down constantly. But still. Total lockdown would be really hard. We’re having a tough time as it is.
  7. I’m glad you see hope! Yes this is having a deep negative impact on many I know too.
  8. It's worse than the flu though. They call it a disease. The flu is no disease. It IS deadly though -- very!!! A far higher number of deaths expected next go around. I am very worried. I don't think it's scare tactics -- I think it's precautionary.
  9. What I am even more concerned about now is a second and worse wave of this virus coming along next Fall/Winter as is predicted. An even higher death toll is predicted for the second wave; what will that do to our country, our economy and the global economy? I worry we're only just seeing the beginnings of this and that it is far from over, even if we get past this first hump. I hate to be pessimistic since it's against my nature, but that's what I'm hearing on the news every day, and I think it's very very realistic that this could only get worse as time goes on. And I worry about re-opening parts of the country so quickly. What's going to happen? I don't obsess over this, and I limit my news intake to keep my sanity and mental health in tact, but I'm very concerned about the future outcomes.
  10. Hey Sober. Thanks for caring!! I am hanging in there. This SUCKS and is really really hard, but I am OK! Hope you're hanging in there yourself! HUGS.
  11. This is bad... just really really bad.
  12. I have my monthly reporting meeting with an important client coming up, and their Company CEO wants to join the call for the first time. He wants to see what I've been working on and the data that speaks to my success. However, somehow, and I don't know if my own CEO decided this, but my boss is pulling together a 15-page Powerpoint presentation to present to my client's CEO in this upcoming meeting. So, yesterday, I asked my boss to allow enough time for me to walk the CEO through my monthly report. Well, my boss tells me that he's pulled data from my report and will add it to his presentation. Then he tells me we will not run through my monthly report. So, basically, my boss is taking over MY meeting, he is running the show and I have NO say in it whatsoever, even though it's MY client, I'm the one who must deliver and report on results for this client, and my boss hasn't been present in any meetings to know what specific data to pull from my report in order to truly show the success of my work! It's MY work, it's MY client, and he's taking this meeting over? I am livid! And I don't understand why or how this happened. My husband thinks it's a power play on my boss's part. My boss and I have an underlying conflict, he is very clearly threatened by me and by my success, and he has been trying to secretly and very maliciously undermine me at work for months now. IF he screws up this meeting and we lose the client, I will blame him entirely for not showing the right data to their company CEO. I am beside myself. This really irks me to no end, and there's absolutely nothing I can say or do about it because he's my BOSS, and I have to go along with whatever he says. Grrrrrrr.
  13. Hubby and I just took a long drive through the city to see how empty it is. And man, is it eerily empty and closed down. So surreal to see no cars in the streets, parking spots wide open, very few people walking around and all the stores and restaurants shut down with the lights off. We're about to settle into some movies and popcorn at home now and maybe Thai delivery later. Not too bad for a Sunday, all things considered.
  14. Until May for us I think. I am not coping well.
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