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  1. I had a run-in from a member on another forum who turned on me because I said I couldn't be her life coach. She was looking to me for more positivity in her life and to be career-focused and driven like I am, so I told her I cannot function as her life coach right now and she totally flipped out, insulting me AND my personal blog, telling me I make it seem like I am a pseudo life coach on my blog. She got nasty. I immediately exited the conversation and told her to stop emailing me. She kept at it, however, and I am sure with more insults. I deleted her email without reading it. Another member had warned me about starting a friendship or communications with this woman, warning me that she turns on people on a dime. I am slowly learning how to exit out of toxic relationships and away from toxic people. Who needs that kind of crap when life is challenging enough already? I certainly don't need it. I surround myself with positive and loving people, not nasty people who want to insult me. And I definitely do NOT promote myself as a life coach on my personal blog.
  2. Coming back to work after an amazing honeymoon just blows.
  3. Omg. Back to reality after vacation. Back to work. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!! lol.
  4. Sad. It’s the end of our vacation. We’re headed to the airport now. St Lucia and our wedding were an unforgettable and magical experience. From day 1 to day 7, a five star resort and experience! Wow.
  5. We did it!!!! We are now officially husband and wife! What a gorgeous ceremony!!!! It couldn't have been more beautiful or perfect. Now we're enjoying our honeymoon. This place is absolutely spectacular!!! So here we are, happy happy happy!!!! 💕💝💞
  6. AWWWW!!!! You are SO sweet! TY!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  7. Thanks so much Sober!!! Today is the day!!! We want to stay... I will post more pics later once we get our photos from the photographer!!!
  8. Hi Brian!!! THANK YOU! It's been a little slice of heaven so far.... !! 😃
  9. Thank you so much! It's truly a paradise here!!!
  10. Omg. I am getting married tomorrow!!!! I am happy and excited. We're here in St Lucia! It's amazing here. I never want to go home. Please send us your well wishes and blessings!
  11. Here we are! It is absolutely stunning here.... wow! Having an amazing time... wedding in two days!
  12. I had a great day at work! I may be able to transition into a social media marketing role within my company and transition out of what I've been doing for 8 years, which I don't really care for anymore. My boss said a position will open up and they need someone to take on social responsibilities, so I volunteered. It was a good day.
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