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  1. large.fullsizeoutput_78a.jpeg.00a30e107666b3e018e9789991654e9c.jpegHappy Valentine's Day!!! 💞💘💕💓

  2. I'm going NUTS over my job. It's really dragging me down. Every day is a new battle there, either with a client, an internal team member, my boss or my manager. The latest is that several team members tried to take over the direction of my account, when I am in charge of the direction. My boss had to intervene, but not without me saying something first. Then the CEO's son is speaking FOR me on my client calls. He is stepping on my toes, and isn't allowing me to speak for myself! It's driving me crazy! Then I have to battle with my clients to get them to understand the method behind my website strategies. They don't get it and they don't want to change their websites according to any of my recommendations. I often achieve #1 rankings for my clients, yet they're all resistant to change in the beginning, and I have to convince them. It's maddening! I'm persistent with it, but it's a battle. And no one internally talks to one another. It's a firefighting vs fire prevention mentality. That makes me insane too! My CEO does not understand what I do. He listens to my manager and my Director and he is grossly misinformed. And my manager and Director are not great leaders of our team. I could do a better job at it. The whole situation is a total freaking disaster. And it's so difficult for me to find a new job at my level. Director jobs are far and few between. I really need a break... I need my prayers to be answered. I need to get the hell out of this company, like RIGHT NOW. I hate it and I hate all of them. It's poisoning me... this is not ME. It is not like me to be full of HATRED, and I am right now.
  3. Holy crap. Work is SUCH a total nightmare. It's making my life difficult right now. I am away from work at the moment so I finally have a chance to breathe and reflect, but it's simply just ******* me right now. My manager yelled at me last week. He totally blew up at me unnecessarily and unprovoked. I didn't deserve it, and he eventually apologized after I went to our boss about it, but that sucked. Then my account manager tried to take over the direction of my account, that I am in charge of. I had to set the record straight with her indirectly by taking control and by taking the lead on the account, telling her what direction I am taking it in, but I was super annoyed with her over it. Then I had to give a client presentation yesterday on-site at the client's business. They are now on a month-to-month contract, so we could lose their business at any point. This proposal of work I gave them yesterday was critical for keeping this client invested and on contract. I felt SO much pressure over needing to both please and KEEP this client. Thankfully, the marketing manager loved my new strategy and direction, and accepted my proposal of work. But I was SO stressed leading up this meeting. And I am stressed now because I've realized the magnitude of the work I proposed, and I am nervous about it. I will be writing articles for their website in the banking industry. And according to Google's ranking algorithm, my articles must be expertly written in order to even rank. Google is getting very stringent in its ranking policies especially around medical and financial website content. It must be written or approved of by true experts in the industry. I am no financial expert! What was I thinking when I proposed this new strategy? It's cool that I get to write for them, but nerve wrecking too. I am job searching, but it's really hard to find a Director level role in my field. I now have ten years of experience or expertise in my field, and Director level roles seem to be far and few between. I am talking to recruiters, but they all want to put me into a lower level position for which I am overqualified. That won't work. I could make a lateral move, but I really want and need to increase my salary. And I feel ready to lead a team now, or at least to take on more of a leadership role. And the problem with my current company is the leadership throughout is so God awful poor, that it makes for a most toxic work environment - a most challenging one too. I fight for my rights to succeed there, and these bad leaders are all causing major problems. Even the CEO is a bad leader. When it stems from the CEO downwards, a company can never truly be successful. It's a sinking ship; they lose clients and employees constantly. Two people have been fired since I came on board. If only I had a magic wand! Thank God for the weekends & my husband, or else I'd go insane. I've got to find a new job and SOON. I even thought about going back to consulting, but then I lose health insurance and paid time off, and paying taxes is troublesome. I'm trying to remain positive and hopeful, but it's tough. I hope I don't go gray haired over all the stress. Thank goodness for Ativan.
  4. I doubt they do, and I wouldn't go to HR over this anyways. I can work this out with my co-workers directly. I'm not going to be fired for simply telling them I am not comfortable with their plan, and explaining why it's not a good idea. Plus, they cannot afford to lose me since I am the top producer on my whole team. My CEO has told me (last time we met) that he sees me in a leadership role. And he likes me a lot. So I won't be fired. It won't come down to that.
  5. Thanks, Sober. I am thinking about the best way to handle it. The good news is: I've already introduced myself to the client as being NEW on the account; so if we now say I have been involved longer, then we're caught in a lie. So I will bring this to their attention. That will probably do the trick.
  6. What's upsetting is that I have integrity and strong morals, and my company does not. They are asking me to compromise my own principles of integrity. I am SO outraged by this...... I want to walk out the freaking door, give them the middle finger and tell them they can seriously F off.
  7. Thanks, sober. I definitely will not put my butt on the line by lying and pretending I was on the account all this time. I'm going to tell them I refuse to lie to my client. Plus, my client already knows I am new on the account.
  8. DISGUSTED! On Friday the CEO’s son, who works at our company, asked me to do something that goes against my morals and ethics. I am not going to LIE to a client, which is what they’re asking me to do. I took over this account 2 months ago. For the last year, a colleague who left the company was running it. My client was just bought by another company and the two companies are now merging. I've already introduced myself to one of the companies' contacts as being "new" to the account. Yet, in an upcoming presentation we will give to the company that acquired my client, my company wants me to pretend and LIE to them by saying I've always been on the account. That is very dangerous. I cannot speak to my former colleague's work, nor will I take personal responsibility for work that was not my own. What if the new client questions that work? I cannot speak to it, nor is it ethical! I also will not lie and pretend I've been involved with the account longer than I have been. I said I don’t feel comfortable with speaking to my former colleague's work. That was my initial reply. I know it’s in an effort to keep the client but there are alternative means, such as relying on our actual expertise! I HATE my freaking company with a full-on passion now. I am in fact seeing bloody red over this issue. I am MOST upset. They've put me into a very awkward position, and I have to stand up to them to say I won't lie. Which I will do. Hopefully I won't get freaking fired, but I refuse to lie and I refuse to take responsibility for someone else's work. What immoral leadership we have. I am thoroughly disgusted. This is not the only instance that I have seen them do this. I wish I had the means to just walk out the freaking door RIGHT NOW. I hate them.
  9. RiverLight

    I hate you

    are you OK? This does not sound good at all.
  10. If you have back pain, I highly suggest seeing a chiropractor. Mine is working magic on my back, and I've only had 2 sessions. It's a lot better, and quickly. I paid $40 out of pocket after insurance coverage for a session.
  11. After two chiropractic adjustments and sessions, my back is soooo much better! I am soooo relieved. Thank goodness. More to go and do, but I no longer feel incapacitated, which makes me very very happy. All else is good in my world except for work. Always a pain in the you know what. lol.
  12. Thanks, JD! Just saw the chiropractor. My back is out of alignment and I have to be treated twice per week. That's $80 per week on my back, out of pocket due to copay. I have no idea how I will afford this and will need to cut back expenses.... but it's necessary. I want to fix this... and be active again. Not in pain.
  13. Out of the blue I'm having major back pain. I fell in the shower 2 months ago and hurt my back then, but I thought it had healed itself. Now I can hardly move without sharp pains. I can hardly sleep. I'm seeing a chiropractor today. I really pray this can be healed. The thought of being incapacitated physically scares the hell out of me.
  14. Question of the day: How to remain sane and relatively happy in a totally dysfunctional work environment? My saving graces: At least I am happy outside of work My loving husband My loving friends and family But each day is a struggle at work. Each week seems to get worse there. My boss is SO uninspiring - the leadership all around is lacking and uninspiring. The other day my boss said to us that he was conspiring to come up with an excuse to be able to leave work. He walks around glum all day and clearly does not want to be there. What kind of effect would that have on a team? A totally negative one. I applied for a job this weekend. That helped. My goal: one application per week.
  15. I need to turn a new leaf. This is the year.
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