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  1. Omg.. I know, right???? Just never happy! And thanks so much!!!!!! 4 more leads came in today too, after he made that snarky comment. What an a-hole.
  2. Hehehe. No kidding. I did HIS job for him!!!!! And it's a success! lol.
  3. So the sales web page I built at work brought in 5 sales leads over the weekend. My client is happy but our operations director (who is an a-hole) said well, nothing has come in today. What a you know what. He’s the type who’s never happy.
  4. Wow, cool! I first saw the Dead in ‘89. Foxboro Stadium. Loved them the moment I saw them. Never followed them around but saw about 30 shows or so. Then I got into Phish! Love Phish. Some Dead lovers just don’t ever cross over lol. I’m seeing Phish for two nights in RI right after Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!!!! Used to see Panic. Not as much of a fan now. Love String Cheese Incident, Railroad Earth and Greensky Bluegrass. All favorites! Love meeting others who get the whole Dead-hippie vibe. I’m an ole hippie at heart. Hehe.
  5. @adamrparr A fellow Deadhead! YAY! I'm a huge fan... not of John Mayer though... of the original. Did you just change your profile pic?
  6. Aww, thanks, @duck. New England is great! I especially love the Fall here.
  7. Thanks! It is going to be tough! No meeting yet... the client won’t be handed over to me for another week and a half. I’m gearing up for the challenge!
  8. Thank you sooo much. Your words are spot on. I needed the encouragement. Love u, Sober!!!!! You’re always cheering me on. You’re the best!!
  9. My father just gave me a pep talk, which helped, but my energy is heavy right now. Not looking forward to this work day. I am going to have to overcome and face yet another work challenge, and I've had plenty so far. How am I going to get my new client to implement recommendations when my colleague has had NO luck for months with them? Am I supposed to draw a rabbit out of my hat? Perform a magic trick? How the hell am I supposed to accomplish this one? Give them a firm pep talk? Give them a SEO 101 lesson? This is how it works? Scratching my head. My boss says that I have a knack for getting my clients to do what I want... yes, I AM very persuasive and I am a great saleswoman... I DO get my clients on board with implementing my tactics and recommendations. I even convinced one of my clients to spend 7K more to implement a tactic that I said would make all the difference for them. And it's definitely working so far. But man oh man, did I really need yet another challenge on my plate? NO. I don't understand God or the Universe... they say God never gives you more than what you can handle, but I feel I am handling PLENTY. I've been stretched to the max..... WTF?
  10. Ok, so on top of losing my best bud at work, I am gaining his WORST and most challenging client! And I handed him his new job to boot. Grrrrrr.... argh...... grrrrrrrrr......
  11. Well, I turned them down. I don’t want to work for them unfortunately.
  12. I wish. They’re not going to replace him my boss just told me.
  13. Sooooo upset! My best friend at work is leaving the company!!!! He is the only one in the office whom I trust and with whom I commiserate! Worst part is, I referred him and gave an awesome reference for him for a job I turned down, and which he was offered. So I helped get him his new job! Argh. I’m happy for him because he’s been miserable in his job, but I’m not happy for my own selfish reasons. Now I’m all alone and will definitely need to leave ASAP. Grrrr Grrr happy Monday to me!
  14. Well, I'm finally allowing myself to have a whole lot more confidence in my work abilities. I decided to submit my resume to executive search firms to apply for executive-level jobs. Enough of trying to dig around and find a job online... I want an executive search firm to find me a job. Now with ten years of experience under my belt, I feel I belong at this level. Despite all my work woes in my current job, I have to say that I am most grateful that I was lucky enough to obtain this job. It has given me the extra skills in the technical tools I needed, the added experience in an office environment that I needed in order to boost my confidence further, and more feathers in my cap that will allow me to gain a higher salary. So I am grateful to this God awful company for the experience. Yet another stepping stone, but it will be well worth all the angst and stress if I can land an even better position with a fair and well-run company. Hard to find these days, but I am optimistic. And eventually I will become a Chief Marketing Officer! HAHAHA. LOL. I laugh because it seems insane to me right now, but in 5 or fewer years time, I will qualify. It's a crazy thought to me, but I belong in a leadership role, and I know this. I am very good at it, I am a great mentor, and I am a great motivator and inspiration for those who are learning. I've experienced SO many bad leaders & managers in my lifetime, that I know what it actually takes to be a strong one. That's where I belong, and it's where I'm headed. I am confident of this. I've sure come a long way in 5 years. I admit I am very proud of myself!
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