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  1. I have my monthly reporting meeting with an important client coming up, and their Company CEO wants to join the call for the first time. He wants to see what I've been working on and the data that speaks to my success. However, somehow, and I don't know if my own CEO decided this, but my boss is pulling together a 15-page Powerpoint presentation to present to my client's CEO in this upcoming meeting. So, yesterday, I asked my boss to allow enough time for me to walk the CEO through my monthly report. Well, my boss tells me that he's pulled data from my report and will add it to his presentation. Then he tells me we will not run through my monthly report. So, basically, my boss is taking over MY meeting, he is running the show and I have NO say in it whatsoever, even though it's MY client, I'm the one who must deliver and report on results for this client, and my boss hasn't been present in any meetings to know what specific data to pull from my report in order to truly show the success of my work! It's MY work, it's MY client, and he's taking this meeting over? I am livid! And I don't understand why or how this happened. My husband thinks it's a power play on my boss's part. My boss and I have an underlying conflict, he is very clearly threatened by me and by my success, and he has been trying to secretly and very maliciously undermine me at work for months now. IF he screws up this meeting and we lose the client, I will blame him entirely for not showing the right data to their company CEO. I am beside myself. This really irks me to no end, and there's absolutely nothing I can say or do about it because he's my BOSS, and I have to go along with whatever he says. Grrrrrrr.
  2. Hubby and I just took a long drive through the city to see how empty it is. And man, is it eerily empty and closed down. So surreal to see no cars in the streets, parking spots wide open, very few people walking around and all the stores and restaurants shut down with the lights off. We're about to settle into some movies and popcorn at home now and maybe Thai delivery later. Not too bad for a Sunday, all things considered.
  3. Until May for us I think. I am not coping well.
  4. Thank you for this! Def. helpful info.
  5. We now surpass China in number of cases, but yes, I believe it is also because we're testing more. I personally wouldn't want to congregate in a church in just 3 weeks time. I heard the shut down will last where I live into May.
  6. Depressed and anxious. Of all things in the midst of this Coronavirus, I actually have a phone interview today. IF I were to get this job, it would literally SAVE ME. I hate feeling like I need a job, but I really NEED this job.
  7. Yeah and that's pure insanity. That's not going to happen. The number of US cases has doubled in just one week, along with US deaths. Easter is 3 weeks away. There is no way that people will be able to congregate in a church like the President claims within just 3 weeks time. That's so unrealistic given the rate we're at, and the condition of our entire nation. It's a nice thought, but totally unrealistic.
  8. Yes, you too!!! We are trying to be as cautious as possible. We're now in a lockdown.
  9. Thanks Sober! This is very helpful. I must admit that I make well over 75K, so at a reduction of $5 per additional $100, I wouldn't be getting very much, sadly. We are married but haven't filed taxes together yet, so I don't think we count as a married couple filing jointly. This year we plan on filing jointly. I don't know what this will amount to, but the problem for us is that we need the money RIGHT NOW. In two weeks time, he will have a very low paycheck. I just applied for a loan online. UGH.
  10. The checks they want to send out I believe will only be sent to those who make less than 75K though. I do not qualify, and we really need that money badly. My husband's hours were cut, so now we have to take out a bank loan to cover rent and expenses. I am going further into debt. I am not so hopeful.
  11. They just ordered for us to stay at home in my state. The number of cases is climbing rapidly. Heard on the news that 40-80% of our country is expected to contract this virus.
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