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  1. THANK YOU for posting this. I needed to read exactly this, right now in my life and on today, of all days. Thank you.
  2. Thank you sooooooo much, Sober. You always have just the right words of encouragement and support. Thank you for this. Yes, I do need to see what you see in me. Massive hugs to you!!!!!
  3. I had a really tough interview yesterday and feel really discouraged. At my level in my field I get test questions and case scenarios and it's only just gets harder the higher you rise. A lot of the knowledge I've gained has slipped through my fingers over the years. I don't know what I am going to do. I feel very stuck. I should take another certification course, I haven't in a couple years and I worry I don't have the energy. Not only that, but I asked my boss to take social marketing off my plate, and I think he's angry. But at the same time, he kind of dumped it ALL on me when I expressed interest. I wish work was easier for me. I am really down right now.
  4. Stressed. I have to ask my boss tomorrow to take social strategy off my plate because it's stressing me out too much, I have to meet with my CEO Tue morning about my annual review (for some reason... because he had a say in it I guess), I have a three-hour interview on Wed, then a two-hour client meeting Friday. This week is going to SUCK. Not looking forward to it, except for perhaps my interview.... I want to get the hell out of my company. It's with a well-known brand and is a great opportunity. 5-10K more in salary too. I pray I get this job offer... I really want to leave . my company SO badly now. I had a great annual review though.
  5. Agreed. Especially about taking ownership of one's own shortcomings rather than taking them out on others. I have seen mean-spiritedness in numerous people. There is NO excuse for it. I have been hurt one too many times by people like this. It's THEIR problem, NOT yours. Never let someone's cruel words ruin your own sense of self or inner peace. It's all on them, not on you to absorb. Well written and well said.
  6. I am facing some depression lately. It has to do with work. Small company, lots of gossip, it's too small (20 people), and I feel cramped and overwhelmed with too much work. I need a larger company. I have interviews this week and next with another company. I need something good to happen. I need a change!!!
  7. I had my work annual review today, it was very positive overall, and I got a 3.5% salary raise! Woohoooooo! Very exciting. Though I still want to leave, lol.
  8. It was my husband's bday yesterday! I still am not totally used to calling him my hubby! LOL. It's been two months since we got married.... life has been grand between us! We're very very happy! Though we each have our work stress to manage and deal with. Last night we had a really fun celebration for him at a fine restaurant in the city. And tonight we will celebrate more properly since it's Friday night and we don't have to think about work! I miss him so much during the day when we're both working and I cannot wait to see him when I come home each night! I really love my husband!!!
  9. So they expanded my responsibilities, but now I'm totally overloaded and overwhelmed. GRRRRRR. I'm totally excited to be doing something different and new, but I am not happy that once again, my plate is overfull. I have to talk to my boss and worry that he's going to push back. I wrote him an email on Friday letting him know that I was working Friday afternoon (when on one else was), that I have to work this weekend too, and that I want to discuss removing 1-2 clients from my plate on Monday. I worry I will have to speak with HR if he doesn't correct the problem. And the guy who was just promoted above me? He is reading sports articles at work. My other colleague who is at my level also sometimes works on the weekends. There's an uneven distribution of work and it's not right. The good news? I am interviewing with another company and had a very positive second interview. Maybe I'll be able to leave my company sooner than later... I hope so. I am really fed up with what I see going on with upper management. My boss is best buds with the one who got promoted and he shows favoritism which amounts to unfairness within our department. Not right. I guess I am just griping. I am lucky to have the job that I do... it saved me last year when I really needed full-time work and it gave me the 20K salary bump I needed. Now I want another 10K higher or more, lol. Not looking forward to this conversation with my boss.
  10. Thank you, Brian! Yes, you make a very valid point. It IS on them! This is how they operate.
  11. Thanks Sober! I need some encouragement right now, so thank you! Yes, the good news is, I can only go up from here since it's been a flop so far (for the most part).
  12. I am stressed. I was given a new responsibility at work (social media marketing strategy), which is great, but now I have a quick deadline to come up with a Facebook growth strategy for one client by Monday and it's stressing me out. I have so much to read and learn about first, before even delving into a strategy. The only reason why they gave me this? Is because I do this on my own and am pretty successful with it. This company flies by the seat of their pants... they took the responsibility away from someone who has been doing this work for TEN YEARS. BUT she wasn't very successful. So they brought the responsibility back to our department, before even deciding on a person to be in charge of it. It's going to be OK.
  13. WOW. So, now I am in charge of social media marketing strategy for three clients! A BIG CHANGE!!!!!! I am very flattered I was given this responsibility! I will still carry my other digital marketing role, but it will now be split between the two. All I had to do was present to my team a few concrete ideas on how it should be done, and voila! I was given the responsibility. I am sure it helps that I have a FB page for business and am very successful with it. But I am VERY happy that I am expanding my role and my skill set, and I am most thrilled to be moving away from a field that I've begun to question and not enjoy. Now all I need to do is succeed with flying colors, expand our clientele who want social media services, and then ask for a big fat raise! LOL. IF all of that happens, then there is no need for me to leave my company. I am still on the lookout though and will be open to other higher paying roles. But I am happy! All is good.
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