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  1. I had my first major depressive episode 30 years ago. Back then the medication options were limited. I have to say the past three decades would have been a lot worse for me with out meds. Prozac, while not perfect, has been a life saver for me. I tried to come off Prozac last year and it was a disaster so I went back on. That being said, I'm not sure if I would have made it this long without it.
  2. I can relate to your feelings as I've had them myself. Last year I tried to come off my Prozac (huge mistake) and spent half the year just trying to keep going. Try to find the time/energy to take care of yourself with therapy or CBT self work. You are worth it and as you begin to take care of yourself hopefully you'll want to do it more and more. May you be peaceful and at ease.
  3. I've recently returned to meditating and it's been very helpful. I did it regularly for years but stopped. I started reading the book Buddha's Brain and the neuroscience behind the positive effects of meditation sparked my interest in mindfulness. I recommend the book and meditation highly to anyone. May you be peaceful and at ease.
  4. Im reading Buddha's Brain and finding very helpful. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6796675-buddha-s-brain
  5. When ever I'm not doing so well (like today) my symptoms of anxiety and depression are always at their worst in the morning. Kind of a lousy way to try to face the day, and I often have a hard time realizing that things often improve as the day goes on. Does anyone else face the morning monster, or have another time of the day that's particularly bad. Do you have any special ways of dealing with it?
  6. Wonderful! Sometimes my ability to laugh (especially at myself) is the only thing I have.
  7. I'm grateful I made it through yesterday and that I'm feeling a little better today.
  8. I am grateful for my job. It's only part time and doesn't pay that much but, I really like the people I work with and the whole positive vibe of the place. Work has also helped me to keep my mind occupied and off of the rumination treadmill.
  9. Today I will try to be more patient with my customers (I work in retail) and be present while helping them.
  10. I totally get it! I had a pipe freeze and burst on my second floor today. At first I freaked out and started panicking. Then I realized if it happened after I had left for work things would have been much worse. The pipe also broke in the best possible spot, not ruining my ceiling before I noticed the leak. The plumber is here right now and my stress level is coming down. Today I am able to see this silver lining, a few weeks ago I wouldn't have.
  11. I've seen/hear about the tapping technique, was curious about it, did you find it worked?I did find that it helped, sometimes more than others but it always helped. How or why it works who knows. I think it at least refocuses your thoughts at the moment and gets you off of the anxiety treadmill.
  12. I've been seeing some improvement with my depression and anxiety with regards to an increase in my meds. Whenever I adjust them I have increased symptoms of D&A. Well yesterday and the day before were pretty good but when I woke up today I seemed to have fallen back. Then it hit me, yes I did fall back a little bit compared to the two previous days, but if I compared it to the last two months overall I am heading in the right direction. Sometimes I get so hung up that I don't feel as good as yesterday that I forget to look at the big picture and in my case at the moment, things are better overall. It helps to step back and take things in from a different perspective sometimes.
  13. I am grateful to see some signs of improvement in my mental state.
  14. Today I will do a guided meditation, pay some bills, walk my dogs, get an oil change, and work a half day. Be kind to myself and others.
  15. I've used EFT or Tapping Therapy in the past. It really seemed to improve my anxiety attacks. Google it, there's a lot of info out there.
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