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  1. What does the angel mean in your drawing to you?
  2. Have you considered talking to your Dr.abiut changing your dose? It sucks and sometimes I think the only thing to do is ride out the storm. I know it annoys me when people say to just think positive or to just cheer up. Duh! Wish it were that simple.
  3. I call it "Fake Book"...... ..people post how they want others to see them........they try and make their lives seem so awesome to others. It's like a popularity contest.
  4. It sucks. And it does not seem fair either. 😓
  5. It is because (in my mind) that the past is safe. The future and the unknown is scary if you deal with anxiety. I would give anything to be a kid again and not have a care In the world except to play. 😓
  6. Sorry. Missed that part. Do you have any neighbors?
  7. That sucks. I am sorry you are going through this. If you lived by me I would take you to the store. 😔. Is it possible to take Uber to the store?
  8. Never been suicidal...have wished I was not born though at times. Suicide definitely causes uncomprehendable pain for the loved ones left behind. Your mom would probably blame herself if you ever did it. I am a father and know how much a parent loves their child.
  9. MSC71

    An update.

    Definitely sounds like anxiety and stress. Once you finish you feel.better. The unknown sure does suck.
  10. You will exist after this life.........and it will be for eternity........wherever you go.
  11. Yes. Meds don't make you not feel anything. They shouldn't. So a stressful life situation that is not normal can affect you big time. I think that is normal for everyone.....Even People who don't need or rely on meds.....I think what you are feeling is normal. Life sucks at times.
  12. That's a good idea going somewhere to be around people.....I get that at work.....and at home lots with my 13 year old. It's when my son is gone that I struggle. And one day he won't be here when he gets older.....so I need to figure it out.
  13. Yes. People are selfish in general it seems. People don't want to to hear your problems or deal with your depression. It sucks. Too bad there are not more people like you who put others first I'm the same way. I don't expect much back either.
  14. Yes. Asking for help is the hardest for me. With everything. Want to do it myself as I think it's a control thing.
  15. Yes. The dark spot on the ceiling always happens when I paint. And the spot on the carpet. Lol. Projects like that stress me and worry me. But when I do it,. I always say "it was not as bad as I made it out to be in my mind". The starting is the hardest part!
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