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  1. Some of us will be alone today.....some of us will be with others today and still feel alone..... loneliness is a state of mind.....to all the people who struggle with depression and anxiety....My heart goes out to you....only because I understand..... The holidays are the toughest for us.....just want anyone who sees this to know you are not alone...
  2. I don't know your situation.... But it makes me sad that any parent is kept from their kids.......even sadder that kids are brainwashed to not like the other parent.... maybe you made mistakes in the past like we all have...... But you should not be kept away from the ones you love the most.
  3. That doesn't make sense. Did you have to go to court when you got a divorce?
  4. Should you talk to your Dr. ? Maybe a change of medicine will help ? Just curious. I am not on meds but think I should be at times. Its hard.
  5. Do you have any visitation rights with them ? I am not sure the circumstances of your divorce.
  6. How many kids do you have and how old are they?
  7. What does the angel mean in your drawing to you?
  8. Have you considered talking to your Dr.abiut changing your dose? It sucks and sometimes I think the only thing to do is ride out the storm. I know it annoys me when people say to just think positive or to just cheer up. Duh! Wish it were that simple.
  9. I call it "Fake Book"...... ..people post how they want others to see them........they try and make their lives seem so awesome to others. It's like a popularity contest.
  10. It sucks. And it does not seem fair either.
  11. It is because (in my mind) that the past is safe. The future and the unknown is scary if you deal with anxiety. I would give anything to be a kid again and not have a care In the world except to play.
  12. Sorry. Missed that part. Do you have any neighbors?
  13. That sucks. I am sorry you are going through this. If you lived by me I would take you to the store. . Is it possible to take Uber to the store?
  14. Never been suicidal...have wished I was not born though at times. Suicide definitely causes uncomprehendable pain for the loved ones left behind. Your mom would probably blame herself if you ever did it. I am a father and know how much a parent loves their child.
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