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  1. Is there a difference between a standard thyroid test and a full panel test?
  2. Also, what was the issue with your pituary gland?
  3. Would this information be available and clearly obvious to a GP on a Thyroid test?
  4. In short I'd have 2 avenues running in parallel. 1st is the medical route to rule out degenerative disorders that have initial symptoms such as depression/anhedonia. Keep this going t'll you have complete clarity. 2nd is to research and start your own program. I find taking a simple sleeping tablet on an evening and then doing physical activity on a morning makes an actual, and noticeable difference to how I feel. I've tried many a medication but still didn't tie up all the other lose ends that could have been a contributor to my depression & anhedonia, so I'm still learning. I've tried together fluoxetine & amitriptyline (prescribed separately) and also mirtazipine which most defiantly improved my mood. It takes so long in the UK to get prescriptions and increase the doses to find if they have any affect it's really easy to get frustrated and throw the towel in on them.
  5. Korban, where are you based? UK? Also what measures have you taken so far? Lifestyle changes, prescriptions, therapys etc.
  6. UK member. Can you expand on this further? When we approach our GP for the thyroid test, what exactly are we meant to question? Or ask them to specifically look for?
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