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  1. I have debilitating anxiety, and major depression. I currently take Ativan and Fetzima, and also Remeron and Trazodone for sleep. Pdoc wants to add Latuda, and I'm scared. I'd like to hear of others' experiences with this med.. Also, how important is it to take with at least 350 calories of food? I have very low appetite and never eat that much at once. thank you, Lindy
  2. molloy, do you plan to keep taking the same dose of sertraline, then? My main problem has always been anxiety, also, with panic and agoraphobia. The depression is fairly new to me. I'm curious as to how you would define "slightly depressed". Thanks, Lindy
  3. We've been married 26(!) years. He's the love of my life, and I know he's trying so hard to help me. That's why I feel so bad that mostly what he gets from me lately are tears, anxiety, and panic <sigh> Lindy
  4. Thank you both for welcoming me. 20years, I do understand about dosages ... since I've only been on this current dose of Zoloft for 4 days, I realize I need to give it more time to work. I'm just having so much trouble getting through the days. I'm able to be at home (don't have work outside the home to worry about), but it's a mixed blessing -- i have too much time on my hands to stress over every crying jag and panicky feeling. My poor husband wants to help me, but there's not much he can do that has any real effect on the depression or anxiety. I feel so badly for putting him through this. He's not the happy-go-lucky guy I married :(. Lindy
  5. I wake up every morning and within minutes I'm crying :(. This lasts for many hours, off and on (mostly on). I don't know what to do ... My usual distractions (reading, knitting, relaxation CD) aren't working. I started 50 mgs Zoloft on Dec 16, up to 100 mgs on Dec 22 ( I had been taking 20 mgs Lexapro for many years, and it stopped working). I've had anxiety all of my life, and more recently depression also. I'm just struggling so hard to get through each day ... Would appreciate words of encouragement, positive stories ... Thank you, Lindy
  6. Hi molloy and Kyrie, I'm very interested in your posts. I switched from Lexapro to Zoloft on Dec 16. 50 mgs Zoloft for a week, now 100 mgs Zoloft since December 22. Honestly I'm miserable :(. I spend hours every day crying, though the later part of the day usually brings some relief from that. I had been on 20 mgs Lexapro for a number of years and I believe it stopped working for me. I also take Klonopin, usually 1.5 mgs/day. I feel worse right now than I did while on the Lexapro, but I want to give the Zoloft a chance. I don't know how people get through these seemingly endless waits to see if a med will work for them (I've been working with a really good psychiatrist for the past 6 months, but I've tried and failed a couple of other meds already :/) Lindy
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