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    I guess making friends since I don't have any!

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  1. as of yesterday i have lost 3 friends since thanksgiving, i have no use for holidays, no reason to be joyous, or merry or anything else
  2. i dont want to feel anything, in may a friend of 30+ years had moved back home almost, the next town over, she was basically running from her exhusband, we finally decided after 6 months of talking daily, to start dating, then she kinda disappears a couple days, i then find out her ex found her and killed her in a M*****/suicide
  3. at some point i have become a introvert, i do suffer from chronic pain, and dealing with the stress of having to deal with people just messes me up on so many different levels
  4. i feel lonely, unwanted, vacant, useless, failure, waste of space, a burden, exhausted, unloved,
  5. feel like i was thrown off a tall building, whole body hurts
  6. hey duck, how are you? i go to chat alot but nobady is ever there, and if there is they not talkitive or at least to me they not
  7. there is no hope, just waiting for the final day to come
  8. after a horrible night hurting so bad i never really did sleep, i got up, washed my sheets and blankets, made my bed, now looking for something to make money with, then maybe be able to get a couple days worth of groceries
  9. im not eating anything, i dont like to eat alone
  10. i know how you feel, i just totally gave up on the idea of possibly having any friends, everything i do is alone, i'll grow old alone and probably die alone
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