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  1. bbwolf

    What are you grateful for?

    cant think of a damn thing im grateful for anymore, no life, no friends,no relief, no end in sight
  2. bbwolf

    How do you cope with being alone?

    it gets harder by the day
  3. after years of no sex it doesnt matter anymore, hopefully with some luck i'll be dead soon, and nothing in this bulls*** world will ever matter again
  4. me and my wife have the same problem and on the advice of others i had a polite talk with her, 30 seconds into the conversation i was told to go find a hooker and leaver her alone
  5. cost of living is outragious if i didnt have family i'd be homeless
  6. i dont know where or when you went to college but the cost of living is such that theres married couples working full time jobs having the live communally, 2 or 3 families sharing a house
  7. exact same experience with effexor, been off it a couple years and still struggling to get the weight off
  8. bbwolf

    The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    i have a appointment with my counselor in a couple of days, i really dont want to go! im tired of it ! its always the same old crap, never make any progress, i dont think im ever gonna be normal again, so whats the point of even trying?
  9. bbwolf

    Could this be over

    good for you!!! i'd get checked out by dr just to make sure your ok
  10. bbwolf

    Could this be over

    move out now, you will only get sicker!
  11. make sure you know what your going to say, yes you have a lawyer but most likely its your lawyer thats going to question you if front of the judge, you have to answer in a way to make the judge believe you,, then there a occupational specialist at the hearing, with a book the size of my coffee table that will list off the potential jobs that you can do with your disability, then when its over and you wait and wait and wait and wait some more for the judges decision, took 7 years and 2 denials to get a hearing, took another 3 months to get the judges decision, then another 3 months before i started to receive benefits, it may be different for you, this was just my experience, and have to requalify for disability every 3 years,
  12. bbwolf

    My Wife is Clueless

    brother reading your post is like me looking into a mirror!!! the first few years were good, followed by a couple of years of being ok then over the next 20 years it was down hill, we have been nothing but room mates for the last 15 or so years now, in seperate rooms, in the beginning she couldnt keep her hands off me, i mean id wake up and find her on top of me going to town, then after a few years it was like ok lets get it over with!, then it was you got 10 minutes hurry up!! ( we use to spend hours flirting and foreplay,) now she hasnt touched me in years, she really doesnt even talk to me unless its to hand out the honey do's, i gave her my own list of honey do's just to see what she'd do, she thought it was a poor attempt at being funny, i feel the only reason she keeps me around is to do the heavy lifting and fix what needs fixing