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  1. This is just a thought and really my own experience with Prozac and other ssri's and most medications in general. Most threads I read on hear regarding side effects, start up side effects and issues with this drug are people that were started at 20mgs and moved up to 40,60,80 and even higher. I also read over and over again that since upping my dose I feel worse, dizzy, anxiety, nauseous etc. sometimes I read that individuals have only been on 20mgs for a week and feel worse, more anxiety and their psychiatrist continues to increase their dose. With every medication I've been prescribed ( there's been a lot) I find I get the most relief on very small doses. I have a combination of mild/moderate depression, moderate/high anxiety and inattentive ADD.When I start any drug at the "standard" therapeutic, starting dose I feel awful and give up. If I follow the doctors directions and increase to quickly the side effects over run the benefits. I typically get increased anxiety with any drug if it's too high. My 2 cents is start low. I'm at 10mgs Prozac and have been for 2 weeks, my serotonin was so off balance from going cold turkey off lexapro 10mgs 8 weeks ago that the 10 mgs Prozac instantly stabilized me. Some of us are much more sensitive to these medications and will feel relief within days and my belief from all my experience with these medications is that we are the ones that also tend to do better at very low doses. For example I should have been on 5mgs of lexapro, instead of increasing my dose to 10mgs but that's what the "standard" dose is so my Pdoc insisted I start there. All of us react very differently to all of these drugs so why should we all start at the same dose? If you're feeling worse when you go up in dose it could be that the dose is just too high not necessarily the drug isn't right for you. If you're starting at 20mgs and feel awful try going back down to 10mgs (of course discuss this with your doctor) and if you're about to start Prozac try starting at 10mgs instead of the "standard" 20mgs. Every drug I've been on I always do better with less side effects on almost half the recommended standard dose. Example, my rx for adderall 20mgs twice daily I spilt into 5mg doses and only take 20-25mgs total per day. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone but this is just a thought for some of you who are ready to give up. Take care!
  2. Hi there, I can relate to you 100%. I too lived a similar life style and that's what kept me stimulated and excited about life! The mundane, boring white picketed fence, 9-5 job and 2.5 kids sounded like hell to me? I wasn't diagnosed until I was 33 and finally everything made sense!!! I too was beyond relieved. I had trouble staying in relationships and getting bored easily of anyone and anything. I was some what reckless and very spontaneous to a fault at times. Small talk and "normal,boring", people would bore me to tears. I am a woman though and well society expects certain things of us and I fell madly in love with my now husband and had children. I got very depressed because what my life was, which truly was completely chaotic to most was what kept me feeling "alive" and now I'm a stay at home wife/mom who does laundry all day and cleans. I finally decided to try meds again because I'm not the typical house wife that opens a bottle of alcohol at 4pm and well, it's helped. It's been a long road but as of now I'm on 10mgs of Prozac to help with the depression/anxiety and 20-25mgs of adderall ir split into 5mg doses every 2 hours. I do need most nights a half mg of xanaex mostly because I have 2 babies under the age of 2 and a pre teen? I tried Wellbutrin oddly it caused more anxiety for me than the adderall. I hate taking medication it took me years to come to peace with it. If I'm not on a prescribed stimulant I'm self medicating with coffee/caffeine like a mad woman! I personally can not tolerate a stimulant without a ssri or benzo for the evening crash. You'll get a lot of warnings and opinions about benzodiazepines such as Xanax but if it's used on a as needed bases and your not the addictive type in my experience it's a must have for the adderall come down. Hope this helps!!
  3. I'm on only 10mgs of Prozac and have had a good amount of relief I sometimes think some of us do better on very low doses. I went off 10 mgs of lexapro ct after a year it which was pure hell and from my understanding 10mgs of lexapro is equal to about 20-25 mgs of prozac.So my theory is less is more with these drugs for some and maybe lexapro would have worked for me if I had only took 5mgs.. I also take adderall ir I've also found that if I take 5mgs every 2 hours instead of 20mgs all at once I do not get the awful anxiety side effects as much. If you're not doing well at 20 don't go up try going down if that's possible. I feel like 20mgs is just too high to start at for some of us.
  4. Just wanted to update! I've been on generic Prozac 10mgs for almost 2 weeks now and I am still feeling so much better! I believe my serotonin was so extremely out of balance from going cold turkey off the lexapro 9 weeks ago that the Prozac literally brought me back to base line as well as lifted the depression. I saw my psychiatrist last week to check in and he said that studies have shown that people who react quickly (within days) well to a antidepressant that typically that's the right med for them. Especially if noticing improvement with a small dose like I have at 10mgs. I will see how I am in another few weeks and I'm hoping I won't have to go up in dose. I have really become so much more aware of my body and how I react to meds in the past 6 months and it seems I'm very sensitive to medication. I swear after these last 2 back to back pregnancies my body is just more sensitive and easily thrown off for lack of better words ? Lily rain I'm glad that validated your feelings that someone else out there also feels their meds immediately. It's frustrating when you hear it's just placebo, but we know our bodies better than anyone and I am 100% certain that with every med I've ever started I feel it within days not the 4-6 some weeks doctors say it takes.
  5. I was taking 10 mg lexapro and adderall ir 20 mg spilt up twice a day. I absolutely can not take adderall without a anti anxiety medication. This combo worked for me for a little while but eventually pooped out:/ I'm now on Prozac and took 5 mgs of adderall ir today after a month break and it seemed to sync well. I'm going into see my pdoc tomorrow and going to ask about adding buspar to my Prozac and adderall. I've found for me personally adderall is a very tricky drug. It's only helpful if I am getting good sleep, eat and exercise well and only use 2/4 times a week. I'm Add and anxiety.
  6. Thank you very much! I am on day 3 and I know it sounds naive and ridiculous but I already feel different. I don't know yet if it's a long running good different but time will tell. I at least have felt a lift in my mood and have gotten out of the house. I have the slight anxiety and fogginess in the start up phase but I'm extremely sensitive to medication so I feel things quickly. Time will tell.
  7. You're welcome!! I definitely will but I'm only going to use it on the weekends or when I have to be social. It helps tremendously in social settings especially ones I don't necessarily want to be at :) I'm not a drinker and quite frankly I hate to be hung over so I would rather have a kratom tea prior to going out than drink. It's been a life savor for me but like I said before it's almost too good, I would turn down anything else before kratom. It's replaced adderall, Xanax, percocet and social drinking for me. If I find I can not find the right antidepressant/anxiety med I will use kratom solely. I do not like to feel high or drugged and I do not experience that with kratom. It just must be used moderately to avoid addiction and tolerance. However, I will add one last thing I would rather go cold turkey off kratom or opiods any day, than cold turkey off a ssri ever again. Even tapering a ssri, is so much harder to come back from than a what I experienced after the opioid experiment by my psychiatrist and I find it odd that any primary doctor will easily prescribe lexapro, Zoloft etc. and tell you just to taper a few days and no problem but there's not more research in treating some disorders with conservative, low opioid options. I will take flu like symptoms coming off the oxycodone rx any day than the hell I've been thru coming off an ssri the past 8 weeks. Anyways, day 3 of Prozac and so far so good other than a little anxiety and jaw tension. I've used kratom or xanax to ease the start up side effects.
  8. Try reading up on the kratom bible.com or just google kratom use for depression etc. Everyone is different but I have been taking it daily for 6 months but at a very low dose, in the beginning I didn't feel much other than a little nauseous if I didn't take it for a day but I went cold turkey off lexapro 8 weeks ago ( long story) and I've had severe depression and anxiety since when I use the kratom I get instant relief but at this point I don't know if I'm in this long, dark funk because of going ct off lexapro after 2 years or if it's the kratom getting to me. To answer your question yes I used it while on lexapro and adderall. It was a wonderful aid for the awful adderall crash I tried to use the kratom for that purpose instead of xanax. I just started Prozac 2 days ago so I'm tapering off the kratom to give it a fair shot.
  9. I'm not sure if this is allowed to be discussed since it's not an actual medication but it is legal at least in 48 states, ironically one not being Florida which is the highest rated state for opioid prescriptions. It's a plant that grown in South-Eastern Asia. The leafs are crushed and most people make a tea or the powder is transferred into capsules. It's a plant from the mitaragyna speciosa tree which is in the coffee family. I had read about it as a aid in tapering off of oxycodone after my psychiatrist had prescribed oxycodone 5mgs 3x daily for anxiety/ADD. I know it's crazy, but he is a advocate for opioid use off label for ADD, anxiety and ADD monitored very, very closely never raising dosage and it truly was a miracle for me for 4 months. I had very little side effects other than constipation and occasional cravings. Unfortunately, like all medications (mostly) it wasn't for long term. This lead me to kratom which has been amazing for mood lifting and energy. However it is addicting and comes with side effects as well. I'm wondering if anyone has used kratom to treat any of the same ailments? I will say this, if you're buying from a reputable vendor not a head shop and can use it respectfully, maybe 3-4 days a week it's amazing and much cleaner feeling than any pill I've ever taken. The problem I've had is it's too good it works better for me than any stimulant such as adderall, benzo and I do not drink or do any other drugs. It is also widely used for pain management for people that are tired of the pharmaceutical pain meds and all that comes with it. The neurological explanation for kratom is the alkaloids act as mu-opioid receptor antagonist. Similar to an a opioid but kratom is not an actual opioid. I wish there was more research or an antidepressant that works similarly. ======================================== Staff edit to add: Please be aware that in the US, the DEA has made Kratom a Schedule I drug. " Placing a drug into Schedule I means that in the DEA’s view, the drug has “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”7 Emergency scheduling is usually for a period of 2 years (with a 1-year extension available) while the DEA gathers additional information, after which a more permanent classification may be implemented using the formal administrative rulemaking process. Emergency scheduling is only for a Schedule I drug.1 " Here is a link to the article quoted: https://www.uspharmacist.com/article/the-dea-changes-its-mind-on-kratom
  10. I am so touched by your response. Thank you so very much. You see being a mom and a wife doesn't come easy for me and I'm very hard on myself. I never feel good enough and with these mental set backs it's even harder. I wish I was a natural, I love my babies with all my heart and they definitely bring me joy and love I never imagined. But with that comes anxiety to love 3 little humans so much and be responsible for them 24/7 everything I do, effects them. I can't lay around all day and have an off day these babies need their mommy healthy and happy. My add leaves me unorganized, scattered,unable to stick to a schedule or solid routine so I always feel like a failure. I'm hoping the Prozac will lift some of the dark cloud to then explore other options. I would like to try a low dose Wellbutrin to possibly help with motivation and my add. I also question now if I'm bi polar 2 which I feel so ashamed and it's so hard to admit to myself. I've never wanted to explore that but more and more it makes sense. I really appreciate your kind words so very much, thank you again :)
  11. Hello all I'm new to this board and ended up here like we all do, looking for support and I guess just knowing that everyone on here struggles like I do. I have battled mild depression (sometimes very dark episodes), anxiety and innatentive add my entire 38 years. I've been off and on several meds and I think my illness sometimes gets in the way of taking my medication as prescribed. I'm very all or nothing and very easily get off track (ADD) but this time around I've been stuck in a deep depression that's gone on since I had my baby 6 months ago. I also have a baby who is 18 months old (Irish twins:) and a 10 year old. The back to back pregnancies definitely threw me for a loop, the sleep deprivation is the worst when you're already depressed. I was in 10mg lexapro for 18 months, so through the pregnancy with my 6 month olds. I also started up my adderall rx 20mgs twice daily after she was born. I did well for a while but with no sleep and constant fight or fight mode I lost it. I stopped my lexapro cold turkey 8 weeks ago after trying a slow tapper and ending up with insane migraines so I just jumped off. It's been very, very hard. I stopped the adderall 3 weeks ago because without the Ssri the anxiety crash was unbearable. For the past 4 months I've slowly gotten worse I thought the lexapro is no longer working, it's completely a huge weight on top of me without a stimulant so I'm done. Stupid I know to quit ct. I finally pulled myself up left the house and went to see my primary Doctor yesterday and asked for help. My psychiatrist isn't available for another 2 weeks and he pretty much just lets me tell him what I want to try anyways. So, I asked for Prozac. I'm hoping it will at the very least pull me out of bed in the mornings so I can be a better mother and wife. I'm certain I will only get so much out of it but I need a little help. I see my pdoc in a couple weeks and will see where I am on the Prozac and if I need an add on for my innatennive add, but for now I just need someone out there to support my decision to start somewhere which happens to be 10mgs of Prozac daily.
  12. The pharmacist had no explanation but I will look at the pill when I'm home and identify it online by the stamp on it. Left Doctor a message.
  13. My script bottle says BUPROPION 75mg tablets manufactured by APOTEX generic for wellbutrin. Take one tablet by mouth everyday. I'm so confused by all these different names and since this doesn't have a xr, ir or xl on the end of it then how does it work?! I'm severely depressed and have anxiety I'm afraid to take this because I only ever see people taking one with xl or ir at the end of bupropion.
  14. I'm so sorry that you are going thru all this and I can relate very much. I quit lexapro cold turkey 8 weeks ago and it's been the hardest 2 month of my life. My doctor also said it was no problem to just cut the 10mg pills in half a few days then just stop. I've been in the deepest depression of my life since. I also take Xanax 1mg every night before bed and dread getting off that next. I will certainly not go cold turkey like I did with lexapro. I'm going to see a new doctor also, to try to get myself out of this deep dark place. I have 2 babies and a 10 year old to care for but I'm so afraid to start the wrong pill. You're not alone ?
  15. I take xanax at bedtime for sleep usually 1mg but I can only take it at night as it knocks me out. I just don't know what to make of my lexapro experience I was on it during pregnancy which makes me crazy anyway.. It made me just not care about anything but now I'm wishing I would have tried it with wellbutrin. I need a stimulant ssri alone makes me even more unmotivated. I stupidly quit lexapro cold turkey 8 weeks ago I will say it's been on hell of a roller coaster. I tried tapering but got insane migraines, I don't know if I could ever go back on it after how bad the withdrawals were. Are you on lexapro and wellbutrin?
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