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  1. Every December DH buys himself what I've planned to give him for Xmas, even if it's obscure.This year it's new waterproof gear for work. At least when he went out to buy it last night I was able to direct him to the best place to pick it up. Because I already had plans to go there. Last night. Sigh. When the last sip of French pressed coffee is full of java-grit. Long-stale rumination cringes. Close walking chin-maskers. Lingering migraine dregs.
  2. An angry hummingbird that whirred into silver windchimes Doodle dogs in bright rain-slickers Festive mask protection Lollipop colored lights Gingerbread house Floofy socks Returning Air hug This
  3. Jittery Kaleidoscopic Lethargic
  4. In the last 24 hours I cleared my work queue, did some neglected banking, went on a beautiful 3 hour hike with DD5, finished 3 loads of laundry and 2 loads of dishes, had a long ginger epsom-salt bath, and started our taxes which I've been very anxiously putting off. The tax thing is a particular relief to get started, as I've been worried about even having the proper passwords and logging on. Every year I freak out about doing taxes. Trying to look forward to the relief of finishing, but I need to slog through it all first. Shudder. Over the weekend I took care of some overdue dental stuff, bought a summery dress, and met up with an old friend that I hadn't seen in a dozen years. Bonsai steps.
  5. Slogging through the tail end of spring break with cabin fevered kiddos. I've had a full queue of work which is ok for the wallet & an impending special levy, but it's exhausting and rattles my equilibrium. Got body checked by an unshakable cold (that slipped into mute, lung kicking bronchitis) and the most viciously s***ty migraine this year. Slowly gathering strength again, but behind on a project and facing late nights. Upside, I went to see my hairdresser friend (sweet therapy) to crank up the colour volume today. Enjoyed a family train adventure and rainy-day creativity break with my camera too. Stopped in here because it had been a while. Hoping the Easter Bunny survives the dark dogs lingering out in the yard.
  6. :) Hello, welcome ~ a few of the more sensitive forums are password protected for privacy and some require a certain amount of posts before access. Just contact a mod for more info or to get a password for the ones you're interested in. I hope you find this a helpful place to hang out and connect with others. Cheers...
  7. Totally scattered and unable to concentrate, which isn't good because my workload is currently in feast mode and the more I can manage during these times the better. My brain is being relentlessly pecked and pulled at by stress-crows. Not a wink of sleep last night and haven't eaten well today (have I eaten?) so mostly my own fault. Anxiety packed meeting looming tonight. At least the sun is coming out and I shook a potential migraine off (grasping at silver linings). I should probably go for a walk and clear my head. ((((Hugs thrown towards the screen for other rough days out there))))
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