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  1. Knocks

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Jittery Kaleidoscopic Lethargic
  2. Knocks

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    * Shelley Harland - More Than I Can Take
  3. In the last 24 hours I cleared my work queue, did some neglected banking, went on a beautiful 3 hour hike with DD5, finished 3 loads of laundry and 2 loads of dishes, had a long ginger epsom-salt bath, and started our taxes which I've been very anxiously putting off. The tax thing is a particular relief to get started, as I've been worried about even having the proper passwords and logging on. Every year I freak out about doing taxes. Trying to look forward to the relief of finishing, but I need to slog through it all first. Shudder. Over the weekend I took care of some overdue dental stuff, bought a summery dress, and met up with an old friend that I hadn't seen in a dozen years. Bonsai steps.
  4. Slogging through the tail end of spring break with cabin fevered kiddos. I've had a full queue of work which is ok for the wallet & an impending special levy, but it's exhausting and rattles my equilibrium. Got body checked by an unshakable cold (that slipped into mute, lung kicking bronchitis) and the most viciously s***ty migraine this year. Slowly gathering strength again, but behind on a project and facing late nights. Upside, I went to see my hairdresser friend (sweet therapy) to crank up the colour volume today. Enjoyed a family train adventure and rainy-day creativity break with my camera too. Stopped in here because it had been a while. Hoping the Easter Bunny survives the dark dogs lingering out in the yard.
  5. Knocks

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    Guilty Heavy Introspective
  6. Knocks

    Errr... Hi

    :) Hello, welcome ~ a few of the more sensitive forums are password protected for privacy and some require a certain amount of posts before access. Just contact a mod for more info or to get a password for the ones you're interested in. I hope you find this a helpful place to hang out and connect with others. Cheers...
  7. Knocks

    What Are You Eating?

    Banana bread and Yogi tea
  8. Knocks

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Drowsy Erratic Fractured
  9. Knocks

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    * Lilly Wood & The P**k - Prayer in C
  10. Knocks

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Anxious Blue Caffeinated
  11. Totally scattered and unable to concentrate, which isn't good because my workload is currently in feast mode and the more I can manage during these times the better. My brain is being relentlessly pecked and pulled at by stress-crows. Not a wink of sleep last night and haven't eaten well today (have I eaten?) so mostly my own fault. Anxiety packed meeting looming tonight. At least the sun is coming out and I shook a potential migraine off (grasping at silver linings). I should probably go for a walk and clear my head. ((((Hugs thrown towards the screen for other rough days out there))))
  12. Knocks

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Fantastic focus fail
  13. Knocks

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    * Iggy Pop – Sunday
  14. Knocks

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    * Lera Lynn – Lately
  15. Flurry-cleaned then went to a wonderfully engaging event with our family and my brother & nephew - wonderful to connect with him and have our kids play, we don't do this enough. Processed some unexpected news. Worked on my project. Played, read to the kids. Had a productive heart to heart about things, including my headspace and issues arising from it. Felt deeply understood. Nudged some painful past, hopefully in a therapeutic way.