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  1. I been on Prozac since 2014 and same with Buspar. Anyway, I was wondering, sure I have some good days, but I have some bad days. Does that mean I need higher dosage? How do you know when you need higher dosage? My problem is that if something is happening I don't like something small or big, I get SUPER anxious and stressed anyway. In a way I think I could use higher dosages, but my psych. likes to be careful and avoid side effects. I will say I been more depressed than not the past 2 weeks due to stressful situations. Honestly, I get even depressed when I know I have nothing to be sad about really!
  2. Around the time I started taking Prozac, (I can't remember if it was the same day) but it's been over a week since I started up again on Prozac, after I quit to try herbal(Didn't work out I just got severely depressed and felt suicidal). I didn't have side effects before, but the body can change right? Is it possible that Prozac is causing the headaches or chest/stomach pain or even making it harder to fall asleep? A nurse thinks it's acid reflux but I never had the chest pain/head ache/not sleeping well before even though I already have acid reflux. I do see a special doctor to look down my esophagus to see what's going on soon, but could Prozac be causing all of this? It lasts all the day. I am on 40mg.
  3. I'm 32 years old and live with my dad and just lonely and it's been hard the past few months too. I also worry about the future and everything. I haven't had luck in love or anything and probably never will anyway. I totally know how you feel. It sucks and hurts like hell. I'm too scared to **** myself too but like you I am sick of people saying it will get better. It hasn't yet.
  4. Yeah :/ Thanks. I hear it takes several weeks. D: Glad you replied, thanks..I seem to get ignored around here.
  5. *No friends IRL or online-a few online but it is not helping me feel better knowing that. *Friends I had left me or never stayed in contact *Family doesn't check up on me much as I'd like *No job but hey I get income because I can't work-but money is not a problem for me that I am working at, even if I have more money, I will still be depressed *Nothing to do with my life. *Life is boring and I feel like a loser *I just want to stay in bed and wish for the pain to go away *I have no hope or faith things will get better *Lost a family member (Uncle's mom, she was awesome) I just haven't had real life friends since 2007, online friends like a lot since 2009. I just feel like everyone hates and wants to hurt me :( I'm just a loser. I tried herbal medicine since Oct. and obviously it's not working. I feel like I am going to go crazy and just end things. Anti depressants never worked but I guess to be fair I never went up higher than 20mg on all meds. The last psychatrist I had wouldn't go up a dose on my Buspar and plus I just didn't like her in general. She said I had to do things to help, yeah I get that, but the meds never helped.
  6. I been on a medicine called 5 HTP since October. It hasn't helped. I feel like I am going to go crazy. I am depressed, I don't want to get out of bed but I make myself, I just don't want to do anything, feel like my life is over and everything :( I just want it to stop but I feel like it won't ever.
  7. Wow I can relate to a lot of you guys. Nice to have a place where we all can relate to each other and understand. How do I feel right now? Angry. Depressed. Hopeless. Lost. Lonely. Angry because my uncle's mom passed away, I loved her, she was a friend to me, very important and she was one of the nicest people and she had to pass away. I am not angry at HER or anyone, I don't know if there is a God, but if he is real, well I am angry he took her away from her family. I am angry she had to die on Christmas eve out of all days. Earlier this year a week after my birthday my latest dog had to be put down because she was sick. Depressed because of well what I said above. Plus other things going on in my life. I'm always depressed but wow, this really makes it worst. Well hopeless, lost, lonely all are signs of depression so those all go together for me. BRB, I have some alcohol to drink. Course knowing I'm really depressed, I am going to get REALY depressed. alcohol is weird, I can be in a good mood and I don't get depressed or sometimes I can. However when I am depressed I feel a little okay, but then crash. I just don't know what to do :(
  8. I know how it feels to just lose someone that just doesn't talk to you anymore and questioning your family :/ Happens to me all the time, hurts like hell :(
  9. Oh I know the feeling! It makes me sad and reflect how my life sucks when I see family or even strangers seem to have a great life. Married, have pets, have a nice house, a great job, etc and everything. It makes me, feel like a loser. It's nice to keep up with people but at the same time it sucks. I think anywhere on ANY social media sites will make you feel depressed about yourself and life when you see others just have it better.
  10. Thanks. Yeah when I order stuff on drugstore.com or maybe it's on bottles too I haven't looked but they say stuff like "Haven't been approved by FDA" Told my therapist about it and she said she heard good things about it from other clients.
  11. I know the feeling Salparadise. I feel like I can't rely on anyone either anymore. Had friends, don't have any right now, feel hopeless, lonely, etc. So yup, I'm extremely depressed right now. Just wondering why bother.
  12. I tried esstenial oils like the Bach flowers, nothing. I been taking 5 HTP for over a month. Nothing changed :/ Gonna give up probably soon and try St. John's Wort.
  13. Hi. Glad to find this forum. I hope to make new friends and get some help. My name is Kelly. I have major depression. I been having a really hard time the past couple of months coping with depression.
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