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  1. You've come to the right place! Welcome! I made an account here due to falling back into my depression and anxiety and everyone is very nice and supportive. I am sending positive vibes your way! I was able to get a little writing done today so I'm happy about that. Tomorrow I have a couple of errands to run, it'll be my first time going out by myself in over a week... I've just been staying home most of the time unless I go see a friend or go out with my sweetie. Maybe the fresh air will do me some good. Hope everyone has a lovely night. Agree with queenofepic - welcome. You aren't alone, Respberryx- we are here for you. I am sorry you are feeling this way. I've been there, I think we all have. It is awful. But, it won't last!!! You will feel better again! Hugs to you!!!!!! Brian Thank you both for the positive thoughts. Reading your words has lifted my mood a little already. :) *hugs*
  2. Worthlessness, and it is exhausting.
  3. Feeling quite lonely all of a sudden. Not sure who I can reach out to, so I made an account on these forums. Hopefully it helps :)
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