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  1. Hi So I thought that I don't have depression and did not worry to talk about any of my issues , and then last week it hit me with a bang . I started to behave aggressive a specially in traffic and took changes I even drive over a pavement with work collages in my car and after that I thought what the hell I were doing .The next day I started to get emotional and just want to quit my job and start to get heavy pains in my chest as well . It went on for 2 days so I decided to go and see my doctor . She ask me a few questions and told me that I must have depression for a while now and are on the point off a burn out . To put the candle on the cake she also sent me for a diabetes test and it come back positive that I have diabetes as well . So now what I feel more emotional then ever and I think I need desperately help from you on the forum I don't want to go and see a head doctor . And the other thing is I just cant remember as I used to .
  2. No I did not wanted to fight with her . Thanks to the advice as well , she did admit that she is jealous but what can I do I all ready try to do as little as possible not to make her mad or jealous that's why it feels to me what's my purpose in life if I cant have friends or go out with her and still do wrong in her eyes .
  3. Saturday my wife told me that a friend wanted to phone me so that he can come and visit , she told him to do it later because I were a sleep working night shift . later that evening I thought I will contact him but did not had his number any more .It were late so I send his ex wife a msg to get his nr . Sunday after I sleep for a while I woke up we had a barbeque and after that I phoned my friend to make a time so that he can come and visit . I told my wife that I got his nr from his ex and there the bomb explode . She said that I could asked her and that I were try to get attention from here . I just told my self to stay calm and so she went on and on and later she even had bad stuff to say off my mom that has past away 13 years ago .it feel that I could take my life just there in front of her but I manage to stay calm and ignore her while she tried every angle to get me test up . Since than I ignored here and don't want to speak to her she did say that she is sorry but I new it will just be for a few weeks . I don't knew if I can go on like this so please give me advice .
  4. The noise off the production lines behind me
  5. Why I am scared to tell here is I think that she might be the root cause of this .that's why I seeking a alternative way to duel with it . Would you like to tell us a little more? If she may be the source then I think its wise to get help first and then the therapist can help you with the rest and how to approach this. There are many men who end up with difficulties in their relationship so you are far from alone. Depression is very common. A lot of people become depressed at some time i their lives. There can be a lot of different causes. Some are what they call situational which means that its a response to something the person is experiencing. Its important you get treatment. Right in the beginning of my marriage i were in the dog box if i look left or right and there were a attractive girl nearby . So i started to refuse to go out to public places .Then it got better for a few years .I am now involved in the 4x4 recreation and we do go on camps but lately the old stuff is back . I cant speak to people than she will start with a argument or looking for something to make me look bad . I work 12 hours a day and work day and night shift ass well so when I got at home i have to count my words and think twice before i say something that will start a argument .( She is a good wife and looks well after me but she consume a lot off alcohol every day and do get aggressive when i asked her to take it slowly , on my side i don't drink much because i work for a beverage company that has a zero blood alcohol limit when you work ) So i just feel like if we are with friends or camping or at home that i must say nothing to keep the peace . I am not the type off person that loos my temper and i don't like to argue ass well . This is why i seeking for help and advice i did try in the past to take my life before when she got out off hand .so what i started to do was is by isolating my self from every thing and i feel it went to far for me .I cant concentrate at work i struggle to sleep ,start saying words the wrong way around do not remember what i have done or say 2 minutes ago and have lost interest in most stuff that i have enjoy to do , even the TV series that i used to watch started to become a problem so i stop my satellite dish account ass well . i don't knew may be the problem is with me ???
  6. Why I am scared to tell here is I think that she might be the root cause of this .that's why I seeking a alternative way to duel with it .
  7. Thanks have done it now and so far I it seems like I might have severe depression is it a series illness ?
  8. Why I asking this is I am to scared to go and see a docter or to tell my wife that I think I have a problem .
  9. Thank you Lynn , I think I am to scared to go and see a doctor or so .I just started with a new work and I am scared that they will hold it against me if I gone be diagnosed with I mind sickness , that's why I seeking for mental help hear .
  10. feels like I have a big block off steel on my shoulders needs to speak to some one
  11. Good day My name is Kobus and I am from South Africa . I do not no if I have a depression problem but feeling lately down .I don't knew how to start a conversation any more with my wife or friends and are not self driven any more . I struggle to sleep and when I want some thing I cant wait for it ,it have to be like now .The other thing is I do not remember stuff as well and feel that I start to loose all my knowledge that I have learned over the years . So if any one can point me in a direction it will be nice . regards Kobus
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