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  1. Hmm, just did a bit of research and is definitely interesting. Especially as I also have chronic back pain for several years so it might take out two birds with one stone, although I am a little worried about the withdrawal effects. It didn't take long to come across quite a few people who say it ruined their life, took years to recover and so on. These are the kind of things I am most scared about :( Did you use this for depression? What dose did you use and what was your experience?
  2. So in a nutshell, I have depression and anxiety that is stopping me from working (I am freelance), which is in turn causing more depression and anxiety and so on :( I tried an SSRI but they did more damage than good, and since also learning that they can cause long term sexual dysfunction have decided to stay away from SSRIs as this is not a risk I am willing to take. But unfortunately my depression is not going anywhere by itself :( So my question is, what could be an alternative to SSRIs and the other medications that cause sexual dysfunction? I will see my doctor soon but would like to get some ideas and do some research before I do.
  3. Yes I am trying to think like that also, although from my last few days of research it seems that it is not so uncommon either. Anyway, I have decided I am done with SSRIs, no matter the risk it is not worth it to me. I am now looking for an alternative to SSRIs that don't have this potential for long term sexual problems, but not finding anything so far :( If anyone knows what directions I should point my research in please please let me know.
  4. Well the thing I am most worried about is that even if I stop the medication this sexual problem won't go away... I was always thinking this was such a small risk but according to one doctor (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQGJI2eDTzM) around half of people who have sexual problems on SSRIs continue to have the problems even after they stop :( But I would assume that the less time and amount that I take of it the less likely it is that will happen so I should stop as soon as possible. I am so freaked out right now... Really don't know what the hell I should do :( Just hope the doctor will be able to make an appointment fast, he usually can't :(
  5. It took several visits to several doctors to finally start being prescribed Zoloft which very high hopes that it would solve my mild-moderate depression and anxiety... So far I've been taking between 25-40mg per day for 2 weeks, trying to increase slowly but I am having a lot of negative effects. Worst of all, I am having trouble to orgasm, which I have read is not an effect that passes with time, and can even stick around long after stopping the medication. For this reason I want to stop taking Zoloft as soon as possible, but is it worth to try and change to a different SSRI or will I likely have the same problem again? I feel like it would just be wasting more time, and risk damaging my sex life. My sex life was one of the few areas of my life that I was satisfied with and is very important to me. I do not want to risk this. Does anyone have any suggestion for me? I'm feeling very frustrated and not sure what to do... Should I try another SSRI, or just stop completely?
  6. Dreams always facsinate me. How different they are from person to person, but also how similar they can be as well. For me I have the most ridiculous dreams you can imagine... Think Salvador Dali on LSD... I somehow got used to it and also since childhood trained myself to wake up as soon as I feel anything uncomfortable. I wouldn't even know where to begin on explaining one of my dreams, they range from the most extreme disgusting and disturbing to absolutely hilariously funny and weird. I honestly don't know or remember how I taught myself to wake up but I'm sure it is possible if your dreams are really so disturbing. I think one of my favourite weird but explainable ones was where I was in a shopping center trying to escape from 100s of security guards who were all blind old men with sticks trying to feel their way around and find me. Oh and I was naked.... Because it wasn't weird enough already...
  7. What SSRI and dosage were you at? I've heard a few times that the sexual side effects are dose related so I am hoping for me it will be fine at my low dosages.
  8. I couldn't find any general SSRI forum so I guess this will be the right place to post this, also for some reason a search of these forums for "PSSD" returns 0 results which I found quite surprising, and might actually be a sign that it is not a serious risk but I'd like to bring it up here and ask about other peoples experiences/knowledge on the subject as I was unable to find much in the way of reliable information on the subject. PSSD is Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction, basically sexual dysfunction that continues for months or years even after you stop taking the medication. I know there are a lot of side effects that come with SSRIs and other anti depressants, especially in the first month, although I did not know of any that could remain permanent even after stopping the treatment, and especially for me as a very sexually active young person I have to say this scares the hell out of me! So has anyone any experience or knowledge about PSSD? How common is it? How long does it last? Does anyone have any suggestions to avoid it? I am currently experiencing a small amount of sexual numbness (currently in my 2nd week of 25-40mg Sertraline (Zoloft). So far this amount is fine, in fact even has its benefits but I am keeping a very close eye on it and am thinking to low the amount or stop taking completely if this numbness increases to a point I am not willing to live with. If anyone has any suggestions for me they would be greatly appreciated. So far the most reliable and thorough information I found on the topic was this pdf article published in 2008: http://benthamopen.com/ABSTRACT/TOPSYJ-1-42
  9. Has anyone else had a problem like this before? Does anyone has any suggestions on how to reduce it?
  10. I've been taking 25mg Sertraline before bed for the last week and was pretty ok with it, a little gassy the first 2 nights but wasn't even sure if it was related or not. Then last night I increased to 50mg, slept fine through most of the night but in the morning woke up with very bad bloated feeling in my upper gut. I actually had some pretty heavy meal last night, and was drinking a bit too much over the weekend as well, so I'm really not sure how related to that it could be, but now I am a bit unsure what to do. Does this kind of side effect usually go away after my body gets used to the med? Or is it something that would stick around as long as I am taking the Sertraline? If it will likely pass I will try to keep taking it, but is there anything I can do to prevent these stomach problems? I think I might try splitting up my dose tonight, although taking in the morning put me a little on edge before... Any other suggestions?
  11. There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions about this online, does anyone have any experience, or know if SSRIs, or any other antidepressants can be used with Adderall or similar ADHD stimulants? And, would a doctor actually be allowed to prescribe such a combination?
  12. Wow, what a week..... First a quick background about what I've been through in my life: I always had an over active brain and felt like I was too smart for my school when I was young, I could never ever study anything that was boring and eventually dropped out. Instead of going to any further education I then spent the last 11 years of my life travelling/living on the road, experiencing so many things I couldn't even count, I've literally had about 15 different careers from farming to walking down a catwalk in fashion shows and lived in 8 countries so far. I definitely don't dislike the way I am because of the amazing life I've had so far because of it, but last year I really started trying to settle down a little bit and stick to one thing and the problems have really started.... Now, these days I am in a quite serious depression, feeling like I'm failing in my goals and not able to move forward in my life. I started seeing a doctor and also doing my own research into anti depression meds which somehow led to me learning about ADHD. And OMG....... it has literally explained me. Everything about me that I've felt was different from the average joe is pretty much a classic symptom of ADHD, both the good and the bad. Honestly I don't think anyone has ever been so happy to be diagnosed with a disorder, I feel like now I know what is wrong with me I can control it, enjoy the positives and try to limit the negatives. The problem is my doctor is useless... doesn't seem to have any idea about his field and doesn't seem to care about getting to know about me. So I am doing my own research into which meds might be able to help me best, and am hoping some people here can give their opinions and advice. Of course I know (I guess) no one here is a doctor, but I value all the opinions no matter their qualifications. It was actually something I read on a forum which led to me discovering that I had ADHD :) So my main objective is to treat my ADHD, increase my motivation and get the things done in my life that will get me back on track, so am looking at something like Modafinil or an anphetamine type medication. But I am also in a quite bad depression because of this failing to get anything done so I am considering to also take some kind of antidepressant, though am struggling to find one that can be taken safely with the above stimulants, as well as moderate amounts of alcohol as I am a social drinker and do not want to change this. I was at first looking at bupropion which would have been perfect except that drinking with it causes serious nausier and blackouts. SSRIs are not off the table but I often read that they are not recommended together with stimulants, as well as apparently reducing the effects of each other. So does anyone have any advice for me? On medications or generally how to help my concentration and motivation?
  13. Thanks for all the opinions. Yes I definitely don't think I should take an SNRI, and I really believe the TCA had more negative affect than positive so I think SNRIs are the middle ground, easier to quit if/when needed and less side effects than TCAs. Does anyone know where I could find a good detailed list of the general characteristics/side effects of different SSRIs? I think I should do my research and try to pick which one I think will suit me best myself as my doctor clearly can not do it for me. And also try to find a new doctor as fast as possible. Oh and in reply to the last comment by ellemint, I TOTALLY agree. No one should ever take a doctors advice without doing their own research. I generally research any condition I have and try to have a good idea before visiting a doctor. I've believed that since I was old enough to think and I think that belief has really helped me dodge a bullet today.
  14. Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I know the advice from people online should not replace a doctor but I would love to hear from opinions from people with more experience and knowledge than me. So in a nutshell, last year a bunch of stressful things happened and I haven't been able to get over it. I'm mildly depressed, demotivated, lacking confidence in all areas and have become unable to deal with stressful situations (panic attacks?) I went to a phychologist to try and get some help, although I am starting to think that the doctor is either extremely stupid, or just doesn't give a ****... I'm still not sure. At first he gave me 10mg Imipramine per day. Which from what I have read online, 10mg is absolutely tiny, and it did basically nothing for me except giving me weird dreams and disturbing my sleep, so after about a month I stopped taking them. Maybe this was wrong to do but I was getting less motivated from not getting good sleep than I was before, and for some reason the doctor hadn't prescribed me enough to reach my next appointment anyway... My second appointment was today and I told him about my experience with imipramine and asked to try something else. I've heard SSRIs are more affective with less side affects so I suggested something like this. He said ok and gave me a prescription for 2x 37.5mg (a quite large first dose) Venlafaxin (effexor) per day. Thankfully I like to research things before I take them, because I found out that Venlafaxin is not an SSRI but an SNRI, and is actually considered the hardest anti depressant (maybe not counting benzos) to get off of.... I actually googled "hardest antidepressant to stop" and out of the 100s of meds out there guess which one comes up first and the most? On top of this many people claim that it makes them feel numb and emotionless, something I definitely do not want to feel. I should just mention that this doctor never told me ANYTHING about this drug at all, not to mention he indirectly told me it was an SSRI not a SNRI... So right now I am feeling extremely angry, frustrated and unsure what to do. I know I am not as bad as many people on here might be but I still spend every day struggling to motivate myself to do at least half of the tasks I need to do, on top of dealing with panic attacks every time I have a bad day. But on the other hand I do not want to feel "numb" or emotionless. Does anyone have any advice for me? I am considering to ask to give TCAs another try in a larger dose, although if the sleep problems also increase with the dose I doubt they would be worth taking. Or to ask again for an SSRI, although I am worried they can also be difficult to quit, or could make me feel numb. Or just give up on getting help and try to deal with things alone.... All I know is I definitely don't want to take a drug that could potentially take me months of pain to get off of.
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