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  1. Mirtazapine s sedation eases up a lot, the longer you take it.(something about desensitizing the histamine receptors). For me it took about a month before I noticed the sedation go away. Your getting hit with a double whammy of venlafaxine withdrawal and mirt start up side effects. If you were already functioning and getting relief on the venlafaxine Id contact your doc and maybe staying on it instead(or taking it alongside mirt if your sleep is already bad) and treating the hypertension. I hope you start feeling better soon. If you decide to stary on mirt just know that the sedation will eventually get a lot better but either way do whats right for you. Take care
  2. Fetzima Posts

    After awhile (about a year or so) I began to notice that my overall mood wasn't as good as it was for the first 6 months or so. For some reason my body wasn't absorbing the medication. I had to check my stool for the prisitq shell and noticed that some outer pill shells were still full of the medication. So I got off it and I'm currently only on Remeron but thinking of trying fetzima or something to add. I might even go back to pristiq and cut the time release capsule but we ll see. Theres a thread on here explaining the pristiq time release and problems some have with it. I will say though that my psychiatrist uses pristiq a lot and says I'm the only one whos eve had a problem so its very rare to have this absorbtion problem I believe.
  3. Fetzima Posts

    thanks Steve Good luck with your new meds. I was on pristiq for a long while and felt great on it.
  4. Fetzima Posts

    How are you making out on the fetzima Steve?
  5. Advice on coming off Remeron

    Hey Brother Sorry you feel like crap. You are pretty much describing my last withdrawal attempt with mirt. Its weird because I actually feel pretty good for a month or so but I tend to go downhill from there. Whatever you end up doing I hope you start feeling better soon
  6. Abilify has an incredibly long half life. It takes a month just to get it completely out of your system. So you ve technically only been off abilify for a week. I think in another month youll be back to your pre abilify self.
  7. Jordan Peterson and Douglas Bloch are two of my favourite youtube channels.
  8. Advice on coming off Remeron

    Hey Brother! I can relate with exactly what your going through. Those are all the exact same withdrawal symptoms I experienced as well. I lasted two months my last attempt until I finally threw in the towel. Ive been on 15mg for a couple years now. Im sending you positive vibes.
  9. Your a great man!

    1. duck


      Thank you very much.

  10. First time taking medication

    Negative side effects will go away with time. How long were you on 150 and how long have you been taking 300? Im very senstive to medications so I need alot of time to adjust to a med. For me Id stay on 150 until docs appt but everyones different and doctors are different in their approach as well. Did your Doc want you to ramp up to 300?
  11. I believe brand name Savella is approved for fibromyalga in some countries and brand name Fetzima is approved for depression/anxiety in other countries but their both the same.
  12. I m doing good Lady thanks for asking. Ive been reading up alot on and Lancet clinical trials psilocybin, mdma and other psychedellics. Looks like some people are finding relief from micro dosing psychedelics. Might be worth a trial if nothing else is working.
  13. Excellent Info On Anhedonia Treatments

    Amazing info in this post thanks Jaiho.
  14. Hi Grando, Yes I tried it a long time ago. It didnt work for me BUT I was in a bad state at the time and was trying other medications too (stupid) at the same time so I really didnt give it a fair shot. Im fairly stable now and dont want to tinker with anything too much but who knows i might try it again some day. I remember not getting any side effects from it. Lots of good info on I ordered the sulfate version in capsule form and dosed it 1 cap twice a day. Good luck I hope you get some benefit from it.
  15. I find reddit to be a good place to find vendors. I think there are quite a few nootropic vendors within the U.S that sell it so you shouldnt have a hard time getting it. I hope it works for you!