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  1. @use to be me Hi Chris Thank you so much for your words everything you have written is everything that I am experiencing. I had a really bad bout of paranoia yesterday at work and when I spoke to my manager today as I had a melt down at work it was just all in my head and I cant even explain where it came from. My counselor and friends have told me little steps at a time and stop trying so hard but its hard as I want it yesterday. Still on wards and upwards as I am not going to be defeated. How has your day been? Claire
  2. Good morning, Thank you all for your replies and advice. I have been seeing a counselor and have been back to my doctors so things slowly getting done. Thank you jesslyn111 I do do the breathing you advised but sometimes it just doesn't help. Hope everyone is ok today. x
  3. Hello, This is how I found this site too, joining a forum was recommended to me by a work colleague. Its actually taken me a couple of weeks to pluck up the courage to do it tho. I'm pretty much in the same boat depression and anxiety and more downs than ups lately. Hope you get the help and support you need. x
  4. Hi everyone, Well I am very new to all this and am actually very nervous. Have been suffering from depression for a long time now and since August It has really blown up. I have never really experienced the anxiety side of it until now and boy it is awful and I also suffer with bad paranoia which is making things worse. will this ever end is a question I am always asking myself.
  5. When does it all end!!!!!

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