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  1. Been sick for 18 months now. Symptoms are; - Severe muscle soreness (september - april, then it somehow disappears during summer) - Adrenal "fatigue" (low blood cortisol, cold hands/feet, light sensitivity, bad digestion, overall low metabolism, dizzy when standing up, heart skipping beats/beating double beats). Licorice root helps mildly. - Relatively low energy, severe exercise intolerance. - Endorphin dysfunction (apathy, no feelings of "reward" towards hedonic experiences, blunted emotions, including "affective" feelings, NOT depression). DL-Phenylalanine + heavy sunlight helps mildly. Important; during late spring/early summer; a few hour-long windows of complete normalcy! All symptoms gone! No psychological or diet-related triggers whatsoever. Tried and tested (without any effect whatsoever); 6 different antidepressants, L-Tyrosine, 5htp, D-vitamine, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Ginseng, LCHF, CBT, Melatonin-pills, infrared heat therapy, Magnesium, Rhodiola, and I'm probably forgetting some other things.. Currently trying Liothyronine in case hypothyroid's the cause... Doesn't do much at all... Please, anyone; what is wrong with me?!
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    Thank you for such an informative post. I don't recognize all of what you're saying, but a lot. I did take for granted that the thyroid was checked when I took the physical examination & blood tests, over a year ago. Mabye I was wrong. There's so much I agree upon that you're saying and I could write a novel, but I'd rather contact you in person instead. I'll send a PM.
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    Thanks for the advice, but sorry man, we're not talking about depression here. I was serious when I wrote "training intolerance" (should've written exercise intolerance btw, my English sometimes...) - your suggestion could literally get me permanently damaged. I've been working out for years and these problems are what forced me to stop, right in the midst of a great gym period. Even now and then I still try but even at low intensity the body starts messing big time (including heart) - that's how it is living without adequate endorphin supply. If the solution to all this would be to "push harder", whether at the gym or overall life, that'd be fantastic. I'm one of the most driven people out there. But we're in the anhedonia sub-group now, that's a different ball-park. I do not suffer from depression. Thanks // Daniel
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    After trying out numerous medicines, mainly focusing on dopamine, without any effect, I've miraculously enough been able to get a very small, yet clearly noticeable effect on my standalone consummatory anhedonia of 14 months, taking the suppliments Rhodiola Rosea 2x300mg + Ginseng 500 mg for breakfast. Very small and inconsistent effect, yet more than enough to convince me that I'm finally on to something. This summer I had "windows", or "light-switches", that were catalysed by seemingly nothing and completely out of context. The only thing that made me be able to trigger a semi-window was DL-phenylalaine and a ###### ton of sunlight. I have a seasonal muscle ache / fatigue / training intolerance that kicks in around september and almost disappears in April. It is very likely related to my anhedonia, which is annual, apart from a few hours of normalcy during summertime. Ok, so let's look at the big picture: The only two treatments that have had any desirable effect whatsoever (have tried 6 antideps', modafinil, and selegiline) are: Ginseng + Rhodiola Rosea DL-phenylalaine + tons of sunlight Apart from anhedonia, I have training intolerance (well, I can move, but constructive workout is completely impossible, especially during the winter) and an aching body during winter time... Doesn't this scream some sort of Endorphin Deficiency? DL-phenylalaine is practically an endorphine reuptake inhibitor in large doses, and ginseng + rhodiola should theoretically be a beta-endorphin explosion. Sunlight is probably the most effective external endorphine agonist available... Anyone has similar experiences? Or any advice? Neither of these combinations are even close to being effective enough and are inconsistent.. I can't really work out at all, so that's not really an option. I already live, and have lived, a pretty healthy lifestyle, atleast when it comes to nutrition, exercise and weight. No substance or alcohol abuse whatsoever, I'm 19, and this isn't going away by itself. Medicine alternatives focusing on endorphins are VERY limited and highly addictive.. I feel a bit stuck here.
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