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  1. In my mind I am eating far too many chocolate biscuits, but in reality I am eating nothing at the moment as I need some self control when it comes to sugar and this I lack, so far better to stay away altogether.
  2. Made everyones Brekkie, made everyones lunch, waiting outside Asda in the cold for an hour before being allowed in to shop, came home and put everything away, had a business meeting on Skype with Coworkers that went on for a while, cooked an african curry for everyone for dinner and had tea with a weird gluten free cake
  3. 1 Grateful to have found my soul mate 2 Grateful to have been blessed with such a wonderful daughter 3 Grateful to have a place to call home
  4. Super tired, but wanting to stay up a bit longer to enjoy some free time to do things I rarely get to do
  5. Good point. Also, do not think it is ******* enough people off to solve that problem at the moment.
  6. I hear some say, the Coronavirus was created for the purpose of ******* off some of the population to help try to solve the over population problem but who knows
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