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  1. I'm feeling like a wreck,my head aches,eyes,arms,chest....i can rest all day and still feel no different it's frustrating and i want it to stop.
  2. I would be happy to pray for you,I suffer with the same 3 complaints...talk about trials!Anyone reading this i'd be grateful if you would also pray for me with my depression,anxiety,intrusive thoughts.Today has been a very dark feeling day so far...I miss the old me and i feel bad for my family seeing me like this.I do make a huge effort not to upset them and i do ask for support when it gets unbearable though.God has already blessed me with such a great family it's sad that in times of depression not even having that is enough to lift me mentally.
  3. No that place and your friends would not be better off without you being such a "burden".Don't know your situation but that type of thinking is because of your depression.Don't believe in it.
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