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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice. I have been on some prescribed meds for just over a week and it is so far having a hugely positive impact - sometimes I feel 'pre-accident' - which is a euphoric feeling, although I am experiencing some side effects. PTSD really sucks but I'm trying to not allow it to rule my life any longer.
  2. Thankyou GSpolar. I really really want to be over this!!!!!! It feels as bad and 'new' as ever, even though it was 7 months ago. Fortunately, my job has been a really good driving force although I need to drive to get there and back.
  3. Thank you for your advice on this. I really need something to help me short-term until I see the psychologist, so am hoping my Doctor will have the answer. I always enjoyed having a car and didn't mind driving before this - it is completely inhibiting at the moment.
  4. I had a car accident in April where I was hit by an irresponsible driver at a high speed. I have had CBT but my therapist says I need referring to a psychologist and am going to my Doctor this week for meds. Has anyone been in a similar situation? The anxiety and fear I have now surrounded by car travel is horrendous. It's triggered a lot of things that were not even there before.
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