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  1. I'm not one who shares my problems with many people. I've always just taken care of myself. I thought I would try this out for some support I do have a therapist as well, but she is not always available. I suffer with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. With the holidays coming up I'm really suffering. I always do. I'm always worried things are going to go bad during this time of year. I have stomach problems that do not allow me to eat like most people do for the holidays. Everyone says I should be thankful, but its not fair that I can't enjoy the foods that may only come around once or twice a year. I do my best with my family of acting as if things are OK. Truth be known I can't wait until Thursday is over. Its a depressing time. Dealing with my stomach problems on a daily basis are stressful enough. The holidays just add to the stress and anxiety. I'm always I'm afraid I will eat something that will result in me becoming sick.
  2. I have been looking for some support online and came across this forum. I've been looking around here for a few days. I think this will be some help for my depression and anxiety. I can relate with some of the posts I have seen here. I hope I've found a place for some much needed support since I don't always get the support I need from my family.
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