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    Retired music teacher... Like doing some crafts... favorite recreation is having coffee and gab fest with friends at a nearby Starbucks. :)Love watching movies.

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  1. I would appreciate hearing from you as to how long it took for the Prozac to 'kick in' and start working... I have only been on it (10 mg to start, sez the Doc) for 8 days now... I also have some Anxiety but mainly depression, but the Anxiety part seems to be trying to take over the last few days... but I'm trying to 'keep the faith' and give it all a chance to work. I know it all varies from person to person, but I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thank you! I hope you all have a good wknd! BettyA
  2. Well, Good News: I am PAST the Mirtazapine withdrawals... I am just so thankful that I didn't taken that drug for longer than I did... It was NOT fun but 'this, too, DID pass' ... :) Now I'm just back to regular ol' morning anxiety...which today is lasting into mid afternoon, but its still tolerable. I have found that "CALMS" by Hyland (homeopathic) helps me the most of ANY of the blends that I take, and that Kali Phos, Argentum Nitricum, and Ignatia Imara are the single homeoshelp me the most, and in that order. I usually take my .5 Ativan when I wake up around 5 or 6 in the morning and it helps me get back to sleep for a little while (I usually go to bed at 11PM) and I wish I could stop taking THAT, too... I think I am psychologically addicted to thinking I 'have to' take that in order to get back to sleep. The other thing I take in the AM, Tina, is one St John's Wort together with one L Theanine... and I DO believe that helps, too...this I take around 9AM or so... Also, Tina, I have wondered if this 'morning' misery keeps happening because of our mind's expectations... and my daughter has suggested that I get up early when I wake up...and that way I could eventually get sleepy and get to bed sooner. Is there anything that you, Tina, or anyone else, does in the mornings that helps AM anxiety? I would love to know, too. Thanks! BettyA
  3. :hearts:To Tina and Rahul, Thanks for your responses! Tina, I think this was your question 'how long was I on Mirtazapine' ?... anyway, the answer is only between 6 and 7 weeks...thank all that is good. Rahul, I am so sorry you had to go through all those tests!...but it sounds like you at least got some answers and some help. GOOD NEWS: I think all the worst of my withdrawals are over!...and OH MY I am so thankful.... Now I am back to just regular ol' morning anxiety which passes usually by noon...and I think IT is getting better. I just take a .5 Ativan when I feel I really need to... and I absolutely refuse to do ANY more of these kinds of drugs, heaven willing. Plus, there are homeopathics and some supplements that help. Good luck to both of you!
  4. Thanks for the response, Lauryn, but gall bladder long gone... I seem to be going through a LOT of symptoms including the flu like one... no fun... I would probably have to say that I should have not quit cold turkey, even after only 6 wks of this miserable, horrible drug... My advice to anyone would be: DO NOT do this drug... Someone warned me about this shortly after I started but I didn't listen... I should have. Again, thank you for responding.
  5. I've been off Mirt. for over 3 wks now and I think the 'mental part' of this is finally getting better. I had NO ibs when on this drug and very little problems in the last 3 wks, either... but for the last 3 or 4 nights when I would wake up I would have his mild, almost gas like pain in the middle of my abdomen, it would usually go away within a half an hour. Last night was WAAAAY different... around 4AM or so. This pain started in growing stronger. I passed a little gas but that didn't help... it made me feel sick all over (prob from fear) and I'd get up and walk around, didn't help... it was sort of a combination of a twisting pain and gas pain. Could this possibly be related to Mirtazapine since tis drug does have an effect on your bowels and clears up ibs for some. Sure was NOT worth it to me! Had a normal bm around 6AM...but THIS didn't help. Finally took some Advil and by 7 or so was able to go back to sleep... Today I am sticking pretty much to the BRAT diet and broths. Can anyone relate to this at all? I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Betty
  6. Hi Platehead, I hope you are doing better. I really just want to suggest that you visit with a counselor or therapist... your doctor SHOULD be able to recommend one... and often they are covered by the same insurance. It seems to me that with the way you feel.... there is something that needs to 'come out' or be healed inside of you...that PILLS are not going to provide a cure for. Please.... won't you consider this. If money is a problem...there are STILL ways available for you to get some help. Please do this... Even if you don't FEEL like it (you can't trust those feelings that say 'Nothings going to help anyway...blah blah blah..." YES IT WILL HELP... sometimes we just have to Push Through... I KNOW you can do this...so, do however much pushing it takes....please... you deserve the help. BettyA
  7. One of the main reasons I decided to stop the Mirtazapine was because 1) it didn't seem to help my anxiety or depression that much at all, and 2) sometimes it just substituted WEIRD, strange feelings...which was no better than A/D. After a couple of days of not taking the Mirt., those feelings actually subsided... However, beginning exactly 14 days of not taking this pill, those strange almost indescribable feelings started in coming back...and were worse than ever... BUT! (21 days after stopping) This morning I had none of those horridly weird feelings!! So THIS is encouraging. Not saying there won't be some relapses... but counting every day without those feelings with gratitude. ~~~~~~~The positive thing I got from the Mirt. was it helped increase my appetite (most people do not want this, I know!)...and it did help me sleep better...only some nights...not always. So, this drug is a boon for some, but not for others... just like ALL drugs.
  8. One of the things I am looking forward to, now that I have quit taking the 15 mg of Mirtazapine, and...still going through some withdrawal problems...BUT I am looking forward to not having those weird dreams that leave you feeling so strange and displaced in the mornings... Even after 21 (today!~) days OFF that pill I still had horrid dreams last night...so I guess some of that 'stuff' is still in my system. Oh well, each day WILL get better!
  9. Hi PlateHead (I get a kick out of your user name! I read your post and the thread and am just wondering how you are doing by now? I so hope you are doing better. I just posted about stopping the Mirtazapine and I was only on 15mg for less than 2 mos, but two weeks later started having horrid withdrawal problems especially with anxiety mixed with depression. My only other Rx is .5 Ativan and it barely takes the edge off... This morning I drank 2 oz of alcohol and right now I don't feel too badly... (Im not a drinker at all because at times I have had allergic reactions in the past) ... I just don't want to be dependant upon ANYTHING. You probably know exactly what I mean. Anyway, I hope you are doing ok. BettyA
  10. I was only on MIrtazapine 15mg for not quite 2 months...didn't seem to help except for feeling kind of spacy weird, so I stopped... Two weeks went by and I was fine except for usual morning anxiety/depression mix, some days better than others (usually ok by early afternoon) ... Someone told me it may take 10 days to 2 weeks for withdrawal symptoms to start. I didn't believe her. Well... I DID NOT escape... Beginning 3 or 4 days ago my mornings are indescribable with anxiety, mixed with depression and just awful strange, weird feelings. I will NOT go back to taking them again. Does anyone, please, have any helpful suggestions? My only other Rx is .5 Ativan which I usually take early in the morning...I DO NOT WANT to EVER take any more SSRI's or whatever... Both Prozac and Cymbalta made me really sick within a few days... How long does this last? I hope and pray not over 2 weeks... has anybody else had any experiences coming off of Mirtazapine. I'd really appreciate replies. (Thanks!) BettyA
  11. Hi Everyone, I just joined this forum... I like it and have read some nice posts from nice people... I am a senior lady who never had anxiety or depression until about 2 yrs ago (after an apt. fire) and finally broke down and asked my dr for 'something'... He started me on Prozac...took it several days and got SO physically sick, so just stopped. Then he tried me on another SSRI and same thing happened...I mean I was REALLY sick, so Dr agreed could have been an allergic reaction. Went for many months and would be better at times but got to the point I reluctantly asked to try another pill and he Rx'd 15 Mirtazapine... It helped with sleep and it did increase my appetite and I'm one of the strange ducks who NEEDED to gain back some weight! :rock: But it didn't seem to help anxiety or depression...stayed with it 2 months then started in just feeling so strange (mornings mostly) that its hard to describe...but I hated it. SO. Quit taking them...I thought: good, no withdrawals... then I started in feeling horrible anxiety and depression so Googled it and found out the W/Ds may not hit for for a couple of weeks....and right now I feel like I am going through hell...Maybe I should have 'tapered off' but I figured it was a low dose. I DO NOT want to take yet another drug. I have kept a Rx. of .5 Ativan (Lorazapam) for a number of years... would only take occasionally and all has been well... It didn't help me at ALL this morning. Has anybody gone through W/Ds from Mirtazapine and could you share with me how long it took (or whatever else you'd like to say) and what helped you? My Dr is not exactly a whiz with this kind of problem, nice guy, means well, etc...but... so no, I don't think he could help. I very, very seldom even go to the dr... Prefer alternatives when they work. Anyway, thank you for reading this probably too long post, I would really appreciate hearing from you. Hope you are having a good wknd. BettyA
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