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  1. Love is a razor, and I walked the line on that silver blade

    Slept in the dust with his daughter

    Her eyes red with the slaughter of innocence

     But I will pray for her

    I will call her name out loud

    I would bleed for her

    if I could only see her now

    1. womanofthelight


      Oh, my friend.  Won't you please try to release her?



    2. One More Red Nightmare

      One More Red Nightmare

      Oh, hi! Just seeing this reply today. No, I can’t release. I’ve prayed, begged God for liberation. I’ve gone to therapy. I’ve talked to priests. Nothing helps.

      I dream of her almost every night. I see her face almost every minute of every day. It’s torment. This obsession has ruined my life. It sounds crazy, but I am 90% certain it is demonic in origin.

    3. womanofthelight


      As one skeptical of things all things "demonic," I think I agree with you.  So . . . what do you do?  Is it coming through her to you?  Is it she who is demonic?  You don't deserve to suffer this way. 





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