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  1. Love is a razor, and I walked the line on that silver blade

    Slept in the dust with his daughter

    Her eyes red with the slaughter of innocence

     But I will pray for her

    I will call her name out loud

    I would bleed for her

    if I could only see her now

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    2. One More Red Nightmare

      One More Red Nightmare

      Yes, I believe she is demonically possessed and that she was used against me. I know this sounds insane, but I have several very reasons to believe that.

      One is that at the very beginning of our relationship, she laughed in my face and told me that “the Biotch is going to ruin your life”.    The voice that said it was not her. She was embarrassed and horrified and could not explain it. There were a lot more strange manifestations. To this day lights go out in her presence, alarms go off, strange noises are around, etc. 

      As one who has had many spiritual and mystical experiences, none of this is particularly weird or unbelievable to me. I accept the reality of the spiritual world, spiritual beings, and spiritual warfare. I know, though, that most people do not, so I don’t often talk about it. 

      I have read a lot of books about spiritual warfare, including several by famous exorcists. What happened to me is almost exactly what they describe as “diabolical obsession,” which is one of the several ways that demons can molest a person (possession being the worst and rarest). The goal of it is to drive a person to despair and then suicide. I could have opened myself up to this attack by falling for a married possessed woman. 

      Well, life isn’t boring for us depressed ones!

      I have read your posts about your health problems and pain. That is horrible. I am very sorry. I wish you could get some relief. 

    3. womanofthelight


      Thank you for your wishes about my health, my dear.

      As for this woman, this is terrible news.  I, too, am a believer in the other worlds and dimensions around us, and wonder if there is some way a brother or priest could exorcise YOU to get the demonic tentacles out of you.  Is this possible?  Am I misunderstanding the possibilities?

    4. One More Red Nightmare

      One More Red Nightmare

      It is possible, but it's not easy to find an exorcist.  There are actually very few of them left, as I understand, and they don't advertise.  As the Catholic Church has become more liberal over the decades, belief in spiritual warfare has waned, even though official church dogma supports the real existence of the devil and demons and their attacks on people.  The New Testament of the Bible of course explicitly states that all of this is real and that we are under attack.

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