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  1. Glad you're back. Looking forward to connecting with you and others about our experiences hoping to shed light on the darkness of our existence
  2. DepressedPanda, Welcome and Love/Peace to your Mind, Body, and Soul. Yes, there is a cure for depression and it is unique to each and every sufferer. In general, we try curing them the same way chemically, but mentally you must create your own path toward becoming and understanding what it is your purpose is. We all have a purpose and let me tell you what the purpose of every single person is: Share the immense love we are all capable of! This is it. Find joy and love in something, then lose yourself in it. That is when you start to come out of depression. Don't give up on whatever that something is for you. The #1 enemy of love is Fear. DO NOT give into fear. There is nothing to fear, but the word fear itself ONLY! Use the power of your mind to help you come out of darkness. Use the meds you must use, find other remedies as well. I found herbs/grass and then using the correct meds helped me come out of that darkness. Do not give up. There are infinite possibilities in this universe, so try and exhaust all of them until you have exhausted yourself over and over. Indulge in things in life that give you positive energy, such as laughter. Just laugh at your problems and tell them ef off! Laugh though. Love your problems. They are who you are and it is only a problem because you make it that way. Do not be afraid of being judged as we judge all the time as well. Try whatever you must, then cross it off if it doesn't work. We are all here for you! Peace/Love -Bipolar420
  3. Ahhh i have been in this boat my friend and let me tell you no person is ever worth your time to this extent. I will be bold and direct because in my early 20s i met a girl overseas and for whatever reason I wAnted to pursue her. Long story short i wasted a whole wonderful year of my life, my precious time and resources. This is a sickness it is called obsession and it is a symptom of a greater illness. Maybe OCD maybe something else but because of your past relationships to women and your mother will influence your relationship forever until you snap out of this self-destructive behavior. Do you realize by becoming so infatuated with a person who clearly is just looking for fun and you being on another level is creating a very poisionous relationship? I hate to sound so mean but there is more out there than getting stuck on some girl. There are lots and lots and lots of women out there. Just be yourself and have a great attitude i will guarantee you will attract the right girl for you. Good luck and hopefully my words can help you in a positive way. PEACE/LOVE -Bipolar420
  4. As i read your story I had flashbacks on how my dad had acted very out of character when he used effexor. Not sure why it caused a similar breakdown. I almost lost everything too but in my darkest days the only thing I could always tell people around me was that I have a mental issue and i am trying to figure it out and then constantly apologize for messing up. The correct meds will help you get your emotions to be stable and i am wondering was your breakdown related to becoming a father unexpectedly?
  5. Hey Pepsi :) Hope you are having a blessed day. What are your worries and concerns you seem to be lost in daily?
  6. Try Valerian root if you are not taking any meds. A few of them will slowly put you to sleep lol. or try one of those bedtime teas with a mixture of teas that make you sleep and relax you. Insomnia can also be because you have thoughts flowing in your consciousness and also ones in your subconscious. Are you diagnosed with any form of anxiety? are you an anxious person? It's normal if you are. Some people actually make the best of this curse/gift and produce amazing work during the night when it is calm and quiet from the world's negative energy and noise. Try working on a project continuously when you find yourself awake. Start a book and read it when you are stuck in that state. Something you will enjoy and learn from. If you are learning something new then you are using time wisely. No matter what it is. Hope this helps. Let me know how it all goes. PEACE/LOVE -Bipolar420
  7. Most has to do with the level of schooling they go through. The one that can prescribe meds are doctors with a PHD. Counselors and therapists can have masters degrees. Therapist can be like a social worker I believe. The one thing you want to understand is Psychology is basically coping with the world through bettering your mind and using positive thinking to get through the day. A psychiatrist is the one that tries to determine what chemical imbalance is going on with your neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, etc.. These pretty much regulate your whole mind, your energy, mood, depression, anxiety, everything pretty much, so the psychiatrist tries to balance the levels of these neurotransmitters with controlled medication. Alcohol and drugs constantly alter the neurotransmitters. A person that already has a malfunctioning brain can further mess with the way the neurotransmitters are balanced. Don't be afraid to go and get help. They are there for that reason. They want to help cure people. You can go to both psychologist and a psychiatrist at the same time. If you are on meds or need meds, I'd start with a psychiatrist to get your mind straight then go to a psychologist to talk about your problems and find ways to go through your day the way YOU want to and the way it is going to help you recover little by little. Hope this helps out. Let me know if you got more questions :) PEACE/LOVE -Bipolar420
  8. Stop the alcohol immediately. This will help you so much regulating your depression. Alcohol is a depressant.
  9. This wonderful man called Neale Donald Walsch is the author of a series book called Conversations with God. I will leave the links here and these 3 videos are the most extraordinary audio you will listen. This is therapy at its best and will help those that are lost like I was. They are rather long so spare a night and listen to all 3 if you can. You will find the answers you are looking for. PART 1: https://youtu.be/UXQh05-enDs PART 2: https://youtu.be/pkvmhfODMyo PART 3: https://youtu.be/u2x-wAaNHzw LOVE/PEACE -Bipolar420
  10. Hi there :) What would you like to talk about? Go ahead and vent to us. Are you scared of accepting people because you were hurt? rejected? abandoned? abuse? You don't have to accept people that you don't want to. You let who ever you want in your life and don't give people the opportunity to judge you for making your OWN choices. Create yourself as you are and as you wish to be. You have the choice to be anything you wish. Our hard past is our today's shield. Use it wisely and learn from your experiences. Are you taking medication? Seeing a doctor? Therapy? You are not alone. I suffer from severe PTSD and my GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) does not help, but it takes a lot to contain yourself and overcome the trauma of the past.
  11. Hi there :) First of all, just close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths and exhale. As you breath and exhale do not think of anything particular just stare into the darkness of your eyelids. Open your eyes and tell yourself "It is ok, it is alright what I am going through, deep down I am a wonderful being and I have a unique soul". Close your eyes and breath 3 times again described as above. Open your eyes and look around you. Tell yourself that your surrounding is a reflection of what is inside your mind and tell yourself it is ok, it can be cleaned up. Tell yourself, we will get through this. Read what I wrote above a couple and times and try it out. Try focusing on accepting what is going on in your life and at your pace, piece by piece you will fix things. I am BP2 as well and I know the state you're in. It is low and it is a disgusting place, but the roughest days are the days you will remember and be RE-MINDED of how strong you are. You are here and the love is there too. The energy of love is waiting to enter you, but you will have to let it. Are you taking any medications for your diagnosis? I'm here to listen :)
  12. Same here actually. I decided to start talking openly about all of the things I have been going through and compare with others' experience. I have done some deep thinking thanks to the help of herbs/pan. I will do a small bio about myself which will give everybody a good perspective about the timeline of my life. I have been enlightened recently and I really want to spread the knowledge and love. Thank you for the great warm welcome. I hope to be as informative as I can be as well as learn from all of you because even though I hold an engineering degree, I only know about .005% of what is actually out there (lol figuratively). Imagine that huh :) I'm glad I stumbled upon this place I can call *home* :)
  13. I am those I listed above and once you embrace it, take the correct meds, it seems like you can breath again. I also use to use excessive amounts of grass now with the help of meds and positive thinking, I cut down a lot and I stick to only Blue Dream strain. I currently take Lamictal, Paxil, and Buspar. I still smoke herbs in a time fashioned and it seems to help me cut down a lot. I want to eventually quit the grass for a while and get back to building my life the way I want to. If it wasn't for grass, I would have been long gone or have ended up in jail for going insane. If anyone is having major problems I can maybe be of help, listen to you, share my experiences with you. I have been in the military as well so I have been through some tough training and times where all I had was just the will to go on and not end things. Anyways, let's have a great chat and be the wonderful beings we actually are :) LOVE/PEACE Bipolar420
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