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  1. I know I haven't been here in a while but I just wanted to drop a little positivity to everyone's day. I hope everyone's christmas was amazing and the new year is even better for you all :) I've been on prozac for over a month, maybe 2? I can't remember but it has been quite the trip. I am happier now, more evened out. I am still in touch with my emotions and cry over the dumbest things just like I used to. It did numb me in the beginning and I did have some side effects but those have disappeared :) found a new hobby with my girlfriend and am able to actually enjoy my life a little more. The only issue I've been working on is it is harder to have an orgasm but I believe that's more my fault than the medication itself. I just don't relax like im supposed to but my girlfriend is very understanding and has made it easier on me. Anyone else know any remedies for this? How is everyone's mood today and outlook for the new year? :)
  2. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel out of it for majority of the day. Clears up later in the night then I take my dose and im out of it again. Also, smoking cigs makes me sick since I started prozac. Is that common? I see my doctor on the 8th to talk to her about the med. so far it has it's good and bad days. Im on the 3rd week. The first week was 10mg and now I'm on the 20 mg.
  3. Im on day 14 of prozac and I definitely feel more even. Im sorry your side effects werent bearable. 7 days ago I started the 20mg from the 10mg and the side effects are back. Wicked dreams , sweating(sometimes it's only my right side), makes me tired so I take it at night, and my anxiety spikes randomly during the day but this is like a personal challenge. While waiting for the med to adjust in going to learn coping mechanisms with the increased anxiety so I know what to do! I hope everything gets better for you. Just give it time and keep your head up ok? :)
  4. LilyRain, I had an ok day today as well. Anxiety still follows me around but I'm on 10mg for 7 days. Just took my 5th dose and it makes me sleepy so I'll be asleep soon. I still have to work or my bills wouldn't get paid :/ so I try to get up early so I can get to work and leave early before the anxiety gets too bad. It's just the commute that drives me crazy. 1 and a half hours with bad traffic and people don't know how to drive. I have anxiety with driving to begin with but then to have idiots on the road with me? Not pleasant. Im seeing a positive in the prozac. Definitely better than I have been in the past 5 weeks. The SE need to calm themselves down a little but I am also going to start talk therapy to help with coping through my issues. In hopes that I won't need medication in the future. This is just a stepping stone to a better me :)
  5. When should you be concerned about side effects? What SE have you guys experienced? Is it possible to still work(I've been trying) while this med is balancing out in my body? If so, have any advice to stop anxiety when it creeps up at work or on my drive home? Like some small things you can do to calm yourself. I have a friend bringing me a card for a talk therapist tomorrow. I think that'll help :)
  6. It's only my 3rd dose of prozac and i am feeling a little better! Still having some side effects but i won't let those get me down. Headaches are one of the main ones. Dry mouth as well but I've been chewing gum to alleviate that. I still have anxiety and I take it before bed so I can sleep through majority of the side effects. Trying to gain weight on this medication but I'm not sure that'll help. Are there any meds you can take to relieve anxiety in the first few weeks of taking prozac? Im also looking into therapy to help me along this path to recovery! My friend is bringing me a talk therapists card tomorrow. I got my hair cut and eyebrows done today so that's a huge step! Being around people makes me chest hurt a little but hopefully that'll pass. I also realized really loud noises and huge groups of people still stress me out but it's only day 3. I also bought Hope and Help for Your Nerves by
  7. Thank you Lynn1954! I just get anxious about meds. I won't even take an ibuprofen for a headache! Im only 20 and don't want to be on meds for the rest of my life. But I think I like the idea of having a better quality life than what I've been living. My body basically stored all this stress, anxiety and pain since I was 14 and I hadn't even realized it. Thought I had it under control but the four weeks leading up to this proved otherwise! I had a breakdown in front of my PCP and asked to be put on Trazodone(it's a drug I was put on when I was 17) and she gave me prozac instead. My only issue is my anxiety manifests physically so I can't exactly tell what's a side effect of the prozac and what is from just being anxious.
  8. Im on 10mg for 7 days and the 20mg for 30 days. Had a headache today and a small anxiety attack driving home but I got through it. I have to take my 3rd dose in 25 mins :( I am unsure about this medication but hopefully I will see improvements soon. I just feel kind of foggy in my head and a little disconnected. Work gives me anxiety anyways and I don't feel like going anymore but I have to in order to pay the bills. Wait for this med to kick in and be a functioning person again.
  9. Im on day 2 of this med and I don't know how to feel about it. I've felt kind of foggy but I've also had anxiety for the past 4 weeks leading up to this medication being given to me. I still feel the anxiety by the afternoon when I'm driving home and I just need some support to make it through these first couple of weeks. Any advice ?
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