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  1. Hey, so I'm a new member to this site although I've read forums on here before prior to joining. I don't want to go into in depth explanation of my emotions and struggles, so I will just say that am I at the breaking point where I simply do not want to be alive anymore. I have struggled with self harm for 5 years, and I visit a psychologist/therapist. However, I am too scared to tell her that I have "gotten bad again" I have never liked talking about my true inner feelings to anybody, I feel as though I won't be taken seriously when I say I am suicidal. I can't find happiness in anything, even what used to be my favorite things. I have a method/ plan to end my life set. I'm just waiting for the day at this point when I get pushed too hard. I do want help that is the thing. I would like to find the positives in life again, and live a happy life but as of now that seems like a pipe dream. I've heard of hospitalization helping, or overnight facilities that you can move into that will help you get better. I'm sorry if this all doesn't make much sense I'm very strung out at the moment. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated .
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