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Hi guys,


I'm Jess, and I came to DF for the same reason as I imagine most of us...support due to my depression.  I have struggled with depression and anxiety with panic attacks since I was in high school, possibly younger, although I did not realize it until I was in college and experienced PTSD and saw an MD and a therapist.  That was the start of my journey.  I have previously tried Prozac and Wellbutrin which worked well for me in the past.  I respond very well to medication very quickly, which is great.  I had taken Xanax for my panic attacks, although I have not had one in several months, thanks to the coping skills which I have developed. :thumbs-up: My depression is usually triggered by situation or by some significant change in my environment.  Currently, I'm taking Celexa and recently increased the dose due to the time change, and am already feeling better.  I actually work professionally in the field of mental health so I really have a passion for helping myself and others to improve our situations.  If anyone needs a listening ear, I am here, and I am so grateful for our DF community. :hearthrob:

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