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  1. Thanks everyone, latest news I quit my job today and now sat at home getting drunk, might just end it all
  2. well I'm in a job that I hate but cant quit I need the money. anyway I'm also an alcoholic whos trying to recover and today is my first day sober and just broke down in my bathroom. I keep relapsing and spending all my money on drink then I feel even worse. but I don't know what to do on my days off, I don't mind being on my own at home but I think that's why I drink because I have nothing to do. I also have no friends but I don't really want any at the min because I'm just a let down and don't really like going out meeting people. something has to change if I want to get better just don't know what to do
  3. I went on the self harm forum but I need a password apparently
  4. I know this sort of thing isn't allowed here but this is depression so why sugar coat it??? if I cant go here than where
  5. I think I need to change my pills. Ive been on fluoxetine for about 3 years now but recently ive been feeling depressed again also started feeling really anxious and shaky and had a panic attack last night :(
  6. Hello lynn. I am 26 years old I have been an alcoholic for nearly 7 years, my family say they love me but cant speak to me because im always drunk and im a different person. I have to keep going back to my dr because I have liver damage. I don't really know what started my depression ive been asked that a lot something must have triggered it but I cant think of anything. I was involved in gang life when I was younger and saw a few things but other than that I don't know
  7. Hello everyone I got diagnosed with depression about 3 years ago I am also an alcoholic. I feel so lonely but I always want to be on my own I just feel anxious around people does that make sense??? well I had to leave my job recently because I just could not carry on anymore plus I had another suicide attempt and was in hospital. I even had to discharge myself because I didn't want to sit talking to a crisis team. i just always need to have a drink to numb everything then when I drink my antidepressants wont work, I cant win
  8. well my work know im an alcoholic but recently I have self harmed and my work managers noticed my arm and wanted a chat with me. so we had a chat and now they know im a depressed alcoholic who self harms. but I have done it again and my dr has seen my arm and he wants to sign me off but my manager is an a****** and we are short staffed as it is :( I cant win. please help
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