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  1. I feel like my head is just teeming with story ideas. But I don't have the time or energy to see any of them through. There's one story I really want to tell, but there are so many possibilities for it. So, so many directions it could go - and I want to take all of them! lol. I'm thinking of just writing them all (eventually) with slightly modified characters in slightly modified places. And suchlike. I wonder if this would fly for others, though. Maybe it doesn't matter as long as I can tell all of my stories. I'm really excited about the central ideas, the characters, and premise. If I do go to an MFA program, I'm going to work on this story, on the "real" one that I'm thinking of branching off of, multiverse style. lol. But right now, I'm half-asleep. Woke up, excited, mind pulled a dozen different directions. Really have to sleep now... I feel so glad it's the weekend. :)
  2. I made it through the first two weeks of spring semester!! Finding my rhythm juggling 7 classes, but I had the first (?) hiccough today: I didn't realize (or note in my planner) that we had separate readings for today in one class. Providence was still on my side, though ;) I got out of the previous class early enough to skim through them and contribute intelligently in class. :) I also accomplished speaking up in that class when the prof asked our feedback over the seminar on Tuesday, even though I was very nervous, heart pounding, etc. I told her about that problem with the guy not giving me a chance to talk, and then acting like I was so rude when I wouldn't (immediately!) let him jump in before I was finished saying what I had to say. And not only did another classmate voice concerns about a similar thing, but the prof also pretty much backed us up, talking about problems she noticed. It was a relief to be able to voice that. Now it's gone, dropped, and I don't have any lingering issues with it. I'm struck with how much that's a pattern. Feeling heard makes such a difference, doesn't it? It has such power to banish toxicity. I also accomplished doing everything I can towards applying to five UK grad schools; that process is now waiting for my letters of recommendation to come in, and for the coordinator to move everything along to the universities.
  3. Hear from J. To get one more (huge) thing checked off my to-do list.
  4. RiverLight, I just want to applaud your attitude! Kudos for taking such a strong and mature attitude in the face of this unprofessionalism. I think this kind of approach, and the calm you're maintaining in your interactions at work takes real character. I think you'd be a real asset to a healthy, successful organization. Hopefully you can find a way to showcase that to other employers and land a better job. Right now, the program that's helping me apply to British grad schools is on my mind. The coordinator is unfortunately unreliable, so I hear a lot and then nothing. I'm hoping to get my application finished this weekend, but she hasn't responded to my questions. I don't even know if I need to get another letter of recommendation. I'm going to try to finish everything on my end.
  5. I'm rolling with the punches as I try to implement externally and socially all the healing changes that have taken place inside me. Bit tough with the first class, because the prof is a right-winger who uses the class to promote her own backward beliefs. She's far more traditional than I thought, too: she actually admitted today that she goes to a Latin Mass. I've been in that crowd, and would drop the class if I could, but I think it's too late to add another, and I need 7 to graduate in May and head off to grad school. But the Latin Mass crowd, pretty much all the ones I've ever known or heard of, both the laity and the hierarchy, are scary, ignorant folks. Holocaust denial (yeah, seriously), opposition to girls going to university (!), saying it's an "abomination" for women to wear pants (lol), minimization of wife abuse (and worse), promotion/acceptance of child abuse, racism (the "bond races" should "follow" whites...), and virulent anti-Semitism...oh, not to mention opposition to democracy and venomous anti-Americanism. Well, my prof is an avid fan of capitalism, the "freer" the better (not that I'm an opponent of that, per se), so that last bit wouldn't apply to her. And I'm not saying every single individual rank-and-file member of these traditionalists is as looney as this, but the majority are; they're in it more for socio-political reasons than religious reasons. I believe the organizations that cater to this crowd are cults to one degree or another. I have extensive, years-long experience with three of them, so I'm not exactly uninformed on the topic. Their hierarchy have been linked to neo-fascists and terrorists, both here and in Europe, including one Italian criminal who ******** three hundred people in a terror attack. Well...I don't need to stick my head back in that sewer, and there's no reason for it to keep occupying my thoughts. I'm going to live around this the best I can, throw out the garbage this woman spouts, maybe look into reporting her to the proper authorities, and move on with my life - with my BA. It helped to write this out. Thanks for reading.
  6. I'm having a wonderful morning. :) Even last night's anxiety attack turned out to be a bridge to better things and greater progress and healing. I'm so pleased with all the changes and inner healing, and the walls falling down. I don't know how to articulate it. But I'm doing well. I know I'm not alone, and that everything will be all right. I know that may sound trite, but I absolutely believe it. It's like a solid presence in my heart. :) Oh - and my other roommate was apparently very sorry, and had no idea I'd be affected by that girl. I told the one who helped last night about my PTSD a little, and she was very nice. It looks like everything's going to be OK. Wishing everyone the best. Have a wonderful day!
  7. I did. Worked miracles for me. I got of a hellhole permanently, turned my life around, and am now a semester away from my BA and a ticket out of dodge, through grad school. Very rocky road, but nowhere near as hard as before. I was able to heal (still healing) from drug damage, and much else. Nature is powerful, and so, I believe, is God. If I could make it so I never, ever touched any drug, I would do so, and I know I would've come out of things all right if my brain and body and soul were given the chance to heal naturally and supernaturally.
  8. Pretty shaken. Trying to calm down after an anxiety attack. I was trembling, heart pounding, having trouble breathing. One of my roommates invited over the old roommate who basically terrorized me last spring, up till August. They're still friends, and the little monster had the audacity to come over here, drop off her stuff, and think she could just study and hang out here! After the way she treated me! I didn't even realize she'd been here, but after they left, my other roommate told me. I was flabbergasted, and started having physical reactions, PTSD maybe. The other roommate was really nice, though, and I'm very grateful for the way she handled it. She asked me if I was OK - something those two never did - and gave me a hug before leaving. She also called to tell the current roommate the situation, and that the little monster can't come here (not in those terms, but I'm going to have to make that absolutely clear - I live here, pay rent, and I can't handle that). She (the nice roommate) handled it very much as I would. I'm very grateful. But I'm trying to calm down, still. I know I might sound like I'm blowing things out of proportion, and I'm definitely not letting myself slip back into old, reactionary ways, but I went through hell last year, from January until about August. And really up through about November, because I was still reeling and being affected. The lump in my breast formed sometime before August, because that's when I found it, and quite large. I can't accept horrible, toxic situations like that again, and I won't. I've worked really hard to make things fairly good with the current combination of roommates, too, and it hasn't been easy, either emotionally or practically. The nice roommate said the other one is oblivious to social dynamics, and meant no harm. I'm going to accept that. But this absolutely has to be a policy, that this young woman cannot come to this house while I am living in it. She was unrepentant, extremely disrespectful and callous, and did untold harm to my health. Acchhh. I don't know what else to write. I'm trying to work my way down from this, without making it worse in my own mind and magnifying the damage for myself, and without running away from it and not standing my ground properly (and calmly). I feel like I'm still balanced in terms of positivity/negativity. My nice roommate, putting things in perspective, really helped with that. It might have gotten easily out of hand if I was alone, but having someone react in such a patently human way - who responded with concern and support, got it, and still maintained calm and perspective, really helped. She basically reacted as I would. She even understood when I had to leave when the old roommate came back in to get her things, and came to my room to let me know they were leaving and gave me a hug, and said she'd text before she and the current roommate come back. But in terms of the trauma. The physical, visceral reactions. I'm still shaky, have this acidic feeling throughout my body, like in reaction to terror or dread. I definitely cannot be exposed to this. This is my home, I pay rent, and it should be a safe place in every sense. I keep wanting to wrap things up and come up fine. But it might take time. And this is long, so I'll end it. Thanks for reading.
  9. Doing better this morning. I made sure to eat something just after rising, and I think that helped. Short on time, as I'm afraid I'm going to be for the duration of this semester... An old friend emailed last night, saying her little brother died over Christmas. I hadn't heard from her for weeks, and now I understand why. It was an unexpected shock, and she asked prayers for her whole family. She lives far away now, but I wish I could do something for her... Well, I'm off to another hectic day. I have one afternoon break, and need to do short readings for two classes. Considering how crazy my schedule is, it's a damn good think I enjoy most of my classes. I hope to God it stays that way. Good luck, everyone! Blessings for the day!
  10. That's a great resolution. I'm similar in terms of personality, and I also tend to shy away from those types. But I've found that avoidance may be the best bet with certain kinds of people. The healthiest way. If you deal with them, they demand it being on their terms, their way, and that can just lead to you changing, striving to become more like them in order to keep up, not be stepped on, etc. But that's the last thing I want to be. I'm learning that I need to find an environment where I can be myself, the kind of person that I like, and respect, and feel happy being. Obviously, in life there's going to be some adjustment necessary to most situations, but it shouldn't be unreasonable, and it shouldn't require us to "**** or be killed." I have the same concerns about what's happening in our country...that Donald Trump is being seriously considered as President of the United States of America, by anyone other than the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe...I am astounded. He even looks insane. I'm fairly moderate, though left-leaning; but our political poles have gone haywire. Extremism is an understatement; we're in la-la land now. Or as a classmate put it, the loonies have got the run of both bins. I'm coming to a fork in the road with grad school ahead. I'm actually thinking of going abroad. Somewhere saner. I've always been passionately patriotic, so this is somewhat painful, but...for years now, I've started to wonder where this country's headed, and if there's any point in going to perdition with it. I'm not the captain of this Titanic, and I don't see what difference I could make for its fate. But it sure makes a big difference for mine. I'm at least going to apply. Where I get in is up to God.
  11. Skylark1


    I'm starting to come to grips with my cultural...issues. I've been exposed to many cultures and subcultures, and I feel like...a psychological minority. I feel like I stand at the intersection of several minority groups, to borrow the language of the theories I try to wade through on a daily basis. I don't know where my first loyalty lies. I'm just not at home with many of the elements of modern American education. I'm going to go ahead and apply to the foreign grad schools I was thinking about. (I haven't yet only because it's so much more of a hassle.) I often feel like I need a much more traditional sort of approach, even though I do not want a more conservative social culture. In my experience here in the US, social conservatism tends to fear/hate education and intellectualism, anyway. I have no use for any of that, and still less for xenophobia. At least at the university level (and often at the elementary and secondary levels), I hear the situation is much better in Europe. One of my profs says I belong in a place like Oxford, and maybe I do, but I'm also afraid of holding my own there...in large part because of those intersections I mentioned. There's a regressive, primitivist kind of spirit at work in American education in our times. Since I live in a very conservative state, this is often counterbalanced, but a strange dynamic develops in this setting: the more conservative-minded profs will vacillate between kowtowing to academic Leftism and reactionary overcompensation. The result is a sadly hobbled kind of thinking that fails to truly take into account the myriad subtleties and nuances of life as we have it (often while reiterating the need to do just that, and claiming to in fact be doing it). I know there would be another set of problems in another country, or even another school. And the truth is that I'll probably go wherever I get the best combination of funding and research options. But I know I don't feel at home here. And I need to find a place, however imperfect, where I do. Maybe I'm in the wrong area of the right country, as I've been thinking. I've never lived in the Northeast, and always felt drawn to it. So if that does it for me, it's copacetic. But I'm going to hedge my bets by casting my net wide...
  12. John, I'm so sorry you're struggling so much. I would encourage you to take advantage of any help you can find, especially in school, as someone suggested. Reading your post...wow. I'm not quite sure what to say, and don't want to say anything that might be taken the wrong way. The first thing that struck me was that I haven't felt anywhere near that bad except during the time I was taking drugs. (They do NOT work for everyone. I had so much more energy after slowly stopping that it shocked me. I'm not telling you this is what you should do...just that it's worth looking into how you're being affected chemically. After all, if you're taking your pills, and still feeling and acting like this, then what exactly are these drugs doing to you?) Self-harm is definitely not common to everyone who has depression. That's probably one of the top few things to address (maybe the first, depending on how bad it is). That just...really struck me as a dangerous way of thinking. I've never heard anything like that before, and I studied psychology for years, even tried to do a double major in it for a while. I would think a college counselor would have plenty of resources/knowledge regarding the causes of self-destructive behaviors like that, though. They might be able to refer you to a live support group or something. It seems like your school would be the best place to find resources that would address your particular needs and issues. Best of luck.
  13. Something's coming up in classes today that's been...an issue...for me for a long time. I know that's not very articulate. Sorry, but I'm hesitant to even go into what this is about...partly because I'm confused, and not sure how I even want to approach the topic...but partly because I'm inclined to think that not very many people can evaluate and respond knowledgeably and reasonably. And I am just sick to death of inflamed jabbering without grounds, silly assertions that fall apart before the least scrutiny. I'll just say that I'm torn between two poles: the full-bodied traditional position on this topic scares me, but the full-bodied Leftist position is simply too ridiculous to take seriously at all, and I believe the latter has the potential to do equal or greater damage. The feeling of being torn has a lot to do with my background; I have this niggling suspicion that if it hadn't been so bad, I probably would throw in with the conservative camp (ON THIS ISSUE :) because I wouldn't have firsthand experience of how awful it can get with that approach. However, on the other side, on this issue, I'm simply finding a different face of evil instead of any sort of solution - or even a "lesser evil." I can't decide if one is better or worse than the other, or even which one I should go with. (I can't see a way, so far, to avoid both.) I feel like I need to find someone who can understand these things and give me some insight, though. I need to talk about this, with someone who can listen calmly and advise knowledgeably. I'm thinking about trying to hunt down a former prof, but I don't know which one, and...I've always been kind of shy. I can speak easily on particular topics, especially if they're important to me, but I'm not the kind to make much small talk with my professors (or anyone). Which is kind of a cultural issue, and touches on the topic itself, actually. Argh. I'm being even more circumspect than I intended. I might just make myself spit this out somewhere, somehow. Sorry to be so obscure. I think I need to build up the courage to talk about this. It's really troubling me, and I'm afraid I may make the wrong decision out of agitation, or in a reactionary sort of way. In other news, though, one of my profs was essentially using the podium as a pulpit today. SO inappropriate. She not only talked about religion, but politics (which I'm noticing she's tended to do all along, but she pushed her own views heavily today, as if there are no others). This is a literature class. Granted, she has every right to tell us what's good literature and what's bad, even if I disagree. But she has neither the right nor the authority to tell us what's good or bad policy in government or international affairs. How silly. She even made weird assertions regarding many other disciplines...none of those things had anything to do with our readings. And in regard to that - I completely agreed that she assigned a text of great literary merit. With one or two exceptions, everything I've read or seen on her syllabus so far is indisputably good literature. But she butchered it! She deformed the text to fit her own views, even claiming that one of its most clear (albeit arguably racist) messages actually meant the exact opposite, and that the book had this elaborate thesis on the subject that it plainly just didn't have. In a later class, I had this incredibly rude guy (who's visibly and painfully dumb, to boot), talk on and on when I was clearly trying to get a word in - and then, when I was talking, he tried to jump in. By habit, trained in politeness, I automatically started to slow down - and he acted like I was rude for not letting him go immediately, totally disregarding his own rudeness before! He kept treating me like I was rude. What a boor! He made really stupid suggestions, too, contradicting even himself...ridiculous. Honestly, some people seem like they were raised by wolves. Ugh. Gross, but I'm shaking it off. I needed to get this out, throw it away, and move on. Thanks for reading. I hope everyone's managing OK today. Praying for you...
  14. RL, I'm so sorry. You're right, this is childish and unprofessional behavior. I can fully relate to how PTSD can be triggered by things like this. Have you tried milk peptides for anxiety/panic? They work wonders. I think you can get them for ~15 online. Haven't used them for a while, though. Praying for you... I'm doing OK. This morning was tough, but I made it through so well, and I'm just as well as I was before. :) I'm glad I have done all the work that's due this weekend. I'm still a little on edge, but I think it's a blood sugar thing. I'm going to have to make a habit of eating something as soon as I wake up, before doing anything. Usually wait an hour or two, and that's not working out well. Now I'm off to a full day of classes. I've packed lunch, printed what I need, and am taking a book to read on the shuttle ride...My body feels too tired to go, but I know it's probably illusory, from not doing anything physical all weekend. lol. I'll probably feel better after I get going. Blessings and prayers for the day, everyone! Good luck!
  15. I forced myself to spend the last day of my long weekend finishing my schoolwork, and I'm so glad and proud of myself now. :) I've finished almost everything, including my reading, and just have to do one last thing. I'll easily have it done and still make it to sleep at a decent hour. :) I also wrote one assignment very, very well. I feel good.
  16. Pretty good. :) I resolved an issue, finally finished all my damn reading (some good, some bad, some enjoyable enough), submitted the paper, and have one more assignment... *deep breath* My diet - a bit concerned because I'm letting in some things that I felt good when cutting out. They're by no means junk food, but I'm trying to listen to my body and satisfy its unique needs according to this health plan that was working for me. But school - the schedule changes everything. I also feel funny having four days of so much exercise and four days back to the winter regimen, on which I'd come to feel quite good. Still trying to find the right balance... Wishing everyone the best!
  17. Having a good morning, clearly moving forward even though I may trip here and there. This disturbing person keeps trying to engage me, unable to handle my disagreeing with him and having the grounds to back up my position, especially since he can't back up his own at all. I don't care what he thinks, so I told him he's free to disagree, but he won't leave me alone, trying to prove me wrong, which is an exercise in futility because I simply know more about the subject than he does. But the whole thing plainly disturbs him, and he can't seem to handle being wrong, or even just the reality that other people are free to disagree with him, and that he doesn't know the subject, anyway. He seems to jump all over anyone who says anything that bothers him, though, so I know it's not about me. He has some kind of problem, even anticipating people and lashing out at his own thoughts, if he seems to feel they might be thinking something that bothers him. Very creepy. So I wanted to get that out, but I'm not letting people like this keep any sort of hold on my thoughts anymore. They're not worth the energy, and I don't have the time, anyway. :D Ah, college. Back to work. I believe I know have ~250 pages left to read. :) Wish me luck! Hope everyone has a better day today, and many ahead. You continue to be in my prayers. Blessings!
  18. Much better. Bit concerned about a seemingly unpredictable, volatile personality apparently trying to engage me. But I know I can handle it. :) I don't have anything to say, anyway, but I was able to respond politely, standing my ground and asserting my grounds. If he chooses to descend into childishness, I will calmly reassert myself and civilly disengage like the adult I know I am now. So grateful for the healing I've experienced, and am experiencing, bringing me out of the trapped state of mind of the helpless little girl I know I'm not anymore. :) Praying for all of you! Blessings for healing and graces great and small! And hugs for good measure! :)
  19. I overcame a fear, read two books I didn't want to (though Melville wasn't bad once I got into it), and resisted the strong temptation to bury myself in another that I did want to read (but which I don't have to finish soon), and mostly ate healthy and resisted temptations to unhealthy stuff. I also kept my calm and had a friendly conversation with my new roommate when she got back, even though I was worried about something, and I helped her with something she didn't understand, which made me feel good. :) Oh, and I mostly finished a 5-page paper. (Not a research paper, of course! lol. Just some personal expository writing, but still. I was nervous, and averse to doing it. All but the last paragraph is now ready. :)
  20. Journey to the Center of the Earth Just read Forget Me. Mediocre and pretty shallow, but it did have some really good messages, I guess - and I'm so glad the heroine went with a healthy choice, a guy who treated her well, rather than "falling" for a creep, which is what happens in another book I'm reading...and seems so common these days as to constitute propaganda. The best friend in Forget Me was just wildly, insanely annoying, though! lol. I think I might've had a far better take on the thing as a whole without her. Also read The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. So cute! Like my prof said, that series is like sitting on the sofa with Bon-Bons; you just have to reach for another. lol. I'll probably use them for light, escapist reading...the next time I can read again for pleasure alone...which won't be for months! Good thing I'm a bibliophile. :D Now I'm off for some Melville for another class.
  21. As a literature major, I'm finding that older literature really resonates with me, far more than contemporary lit, even though I prefer the more personal, emotional aspect of modern fiction. But older authors have a completely different approach that seems so much...freer. More human. The way they wrote is just so much more honest. Earnest. Not dumbing down, not trying to be "cool" and cynically callous and all that pretentious BS that kills most modern fiction for me. I really like the unapologetic, unconcealed humanity in this "great literature" -- and it truly is just that, in so many ways. Irony of ironies that some people feel threatened by its "big words" and such, and accuse it of being somehow "fake." They've got it backwards: our culture has become fake by trying WAY too hard to be "real." We've lost sight of what real is - and what ALL is real - and narrowed it absurdly, so that now somehow only evil is regarded as real, and good either fake or illusory. But serial killers are no more real (and far less common...I hope) than loving, devoted mothers and fathers. The populist movement in the arts doesn't represent the actual populace; it purveys (and mandates) a real and insidious falseness, underestimating everyone by demanding everything be dumbed down, and worst of all, accusing anything that isn't dark or callous enough of being "fake." Ridiculous. I'm so, so grateful that this semester I'll get to read so much actual literature, books worth reading and keeping with me. But I'm finding that this enormous gulf between past and present disturbs me. I have to read some modern books, too (though I'm now trying to stick to pre-2000, at least - we have a lot of freedom for one class...in which we must read 23 novels!!!), and I find myself reacting against a lot of elements, from content to style to the insulting, formulaic devices and plot holes. Oh, well - I'm guessing the friction will ignite my own writing down the road. :D
  22. Lauryn, I don't know if you take a probiotic, but they can really work wonders for your immune system, especially recovering from stuff like that. I'm amazed at how much healthier I've been on them, plus the other supplements I'm taking. Of course, I'm also eating healthier, and that's turned everything around. I think too much carbs, especially grains, were wreaking havoc on my system overall. I'm doing well today. Bit fog-brained, but reading and getting quite a bit done. I finished another book, and started another. I'm loving the older lit. Now I need to tap out a paper and finish a Melville novella... I'm nervous about the paper, but I'm determined to start off on the right foot this semester, and this is the only damn long weekend I'm going to have, aside from Spring Break. So - here I go. Good luck today, everyone!
  23. I'm having a good morning. I had a good breakfast, and later I'm going to the market to get some more fruits and veggies. Two of my roommates are gone for the weekend, and one is gone until later this afternoon, so I've got the house to myself again. Which is nice. The peace, quiet, and much slowed pace is nice. :) I'm going to read more of that book I was enjoying yesterday, and knock some of my assignments out of the way. I'm organizing them by class, so if I know I don't have to worry anymore about a particular class, I'll feel much better and clearer about where I stand. Hope everyone's having a good long weekend. Prayers for all.
  24. Fighting some mild depression. I'm not sure if it's coming from the food I had tonight - there was a tiny bit of added sugar in the Chinese food, and it's had this effect before - or the super-critic trying to make me feel disappointed and guilty and unworthy because of a supposed (not real) blunder earlier today. That whole thing is complete BS, which is clearer the more I think about it. I'm going to take greater care with my diet, though. Things have been going great, but the hectic schedule of the new semester has really got me pressed for time, and I've been eating some processed food and junk food lately. It makes me more open to other forbidden foods, too, which I've mostly avoided so far, and which are far worse for me. So I'm going to have to find a way to stick to my tried and true diet throughout the semester. I'll try preparing things beforehand, so I can just grab them when it's time to go. This was a productive post. :) I feel a bit better. I also need to find a food bank and schedule. I really need to cut back on spending as much as possible, and it makes me nervous to buy food so often, even though I'm actually spending less with the greens-heavy, protein-heavy diet. I just need to shop more often because I can only buy so much at once or it goes bad. I seem to spend very little most visits, though. Anyway...I should get to bed. SO glad to have this time to rest. I'm liking my classes so far, but wow, they keep me busy. Have a good night, everyone.
  25. High anxiety, that is so wonderful that you have such a great therapist! That can make all the difference in the world; having a good therapist vs. a bad one. I've had bad ones, which were simply just a waste of money and time. I'm happy for you! =) Skylark, I agree with you completely. I find that being more positive only helps and makes me feel better inside, as opposed to viewing things through a negative lens which does not help in terms of my overall mental health and sheer daily existence. My whole life completely shattered around me two years ago, but I try not to feed into negative thinking about it and I don't want to let it ruin me. I, too, am my own worst enemy and critic, but I am a perfectionist, which I know doesn't help me at all. I know that sometimes, I need to just say, this is good enough. What a great epiphany you had! Thanks for sharing! =) Thanks, RiverLight! Yes, I've been prone to the neurosis of perfectionism, too, and I'm trying to kick it as I progress now. I've been struggling a bit this morning with something like that, getting down on myself for worrying and not handling something perfectly or not being "strong enough"...something like that. The demands and fears of the super-critic are nebulous and incomprehensible sometimes. But it's actually been a great morning, and the ironic thing is that I actually have been exceptionally strong, and I'm proud of that. :) So, yeah, telling this internalized hobgoblin to shut the hell up seems like the best course of action sometimes. :) I'm very busy (though VERY happy to have a 4-day break!!!), and I've got a lot to do today...some of it quite enjoyable, and the sun is breaking out of the cloudcover again. So...I'd better get to it! Best wishes and prayers, everyone! As long as we're moving in the right direction, I believe we've got reason to hope. And if we're not, we can always stop and turn around, no matter how fast or slowly we're able to move at the time!
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