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  1. @samdiva, I'm so sorry! This sounds so cold and uncaring! I don't know if it's abuse, but it's certainly not love. I would not stay -- especially not as "something negative in this person's life." If that's how he/she sees you, I say move on. They don't seem to care about you at all. Take care of yourself, since they won't. Wishing you the best.

  2. It's good you're being firm about the boundaries, River!

    Whether he is abusive, I don't know. I hope not. I can really only understand the thing about him not wanting you to have dinner alone with your ex. But he really is over the top with the jealousy and he sounds possessive, like he expects your world to revolve around him. The accusation after not returning his texts right away seem particularly unreasonable. It's only natural for you to push back against unreasonable stuff like this, controlling behavior. I do think his issues are more out of control than yours. Hope you two can work things out. Take care of yourself!

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