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  1. Okay, we need the like button back! It's triggering me not being able to show my appreciation for all the great posts in this thread anymore.
  2. Thank you :). My cat was there too. We had a blast watching Shameless lol.
  3. Well, I was expecting to undergo my ascension into a super powerful 'God King' since it's my 35th birthday but when I felt absolutely no change in my ability to lift things with my mind I just watched Netflix and ate some caramel and cheese popcorn. Eclipses are overrated if you don't get powers from it. Meh. Just for future reference, when you give a creepy old homeless man 20 bucks outside of a Kroger and he looks at you with his solid white eyes and tells you your destiny is nigh when day becomes night and shadow consumes the sun....ignore him, he's crazy. I suppose I could have painted my naked body in bear fat and maple syrup and wrapped myself in the freshly skinned hide of a wolf to dance in the hidden sun but that was too much work for a few stupid powers. Oh well.
  4. You are too hard on yourself but dang that was funny as heck! I'm dying lol.
  5. @KidSurvivor2011 I care right now, I hope you feel better. If I could take the pain away I would and I'm sure everyone here would do the same. My grandmother used to say "Give me my flowers while I'm alive." Meaning, pay attention to me while I'm living. These are for you... ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ We hear you.
  6. I sing Disney songs when I use the restroom. I don't remember when I started but it's just a habit now. I don't like bodily functions so I guess it helps with the trauma of going potty. ♫A WHOLE NEW WOOOOORRRRRLLD♪
  7. This thread always leaves me inspired and in awe. Big to all you brilliant mother******s.
  8. Sorry you're not feeling well Teddy545. Don't feel bad about forgetting the therapy homework, sometimes I forget to even GO to therapy! lol.
  9. I know the feeling. Don't hurt yourself. We tend to want to hurt ourselves when we have already been through so much pain. I say do something good for yourself, something you like. Buy something you want even if it is just something small (my thing today was a gyros with extra tzatziki sauce and a book I have been wanting to buy). Hope you get to feeling better.
  10. Me too! I have to stop because I get so worked up. I'm listening to ASMR videos now whilst playing Empyrion Galatic Survival and I'm starting to feel a little better but not by much. It feels so hopeless that these monsters are literally doing what they do and seem to get away with it.
  11. The Family I weep with you, my friend. Your tears, they wet my face. Your sobs they squeeze my lungs, and your anguish haunts my brain. I suffer with you, my sister. Your pain fires through my nerves. Your contorted features mirror all my sorrow's twists and turns. I ache with you, my brother. Your bruises mark my skin. Your abrasions are like fingers tracing all the pain within. I mourn with you, my family whether distant, whether near. Conjoined with you in agony, never separate when we're here. ColdFire-6/20/17
  12. I feel like giving up. Watching the people of the world turn on one another knowing there are evil-hearted and greedy persons orchestrating it all is heartbreaking when you feel like you are the only one who sees what is really happening. There is an agenda being worked out, not under our noses, it is in plain sight but few see it. We split off into our little groups and fight while the powerful elite warms their hands over a fire fueled by the cremated remains of the people. I have very little faith in humankind. I don't want to be here anymore. Love don't live here anymore.
  13. I get those too where in my dreams my teeth are really loose and I start pulling them out one by one. I wonder what those kinds of dreams mean.
  14. I get them too and my doctor put me on prazosin for PTSD and it helps sort of with the nightmares, I still dream really vivid dreams but they are not nightmares. I hope you find something to help because sleep is really important. I don't know why I have them but the meds do help.
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