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  1. Signed up to be a volunteer for an animal charity.
  2. @Epictetus Snowed in? Is that normal there? It is unusually warm where I am, tbh. I wonder if we'll get a revenge snow storm late January! On my mind; I cried so much it looks like I got punched in the face. I was hoping me and my relative could make up for 2019 but after being refused to being spoken to on the phone to wish a happy new year, I can take a hint. It hurts though and my hubby asked why I cared so much. Simply because this is a close relative and I don't understand why she hates me that passionately. But yeah, I am done, too. Can't say I didn't try!
  3. What's on my mind right now is two things: 1st; How could someone hate me that much? I mean, in all the years together there has to be a reason.... right? 2nd: Hiccups? ... now? Really? It's 3AM here and my night was rough enough as it was....but sure give me hiccups. Feck you, too 2019
  4. 2018 was pretty awesome for us. But wow did it end on a bad note.
  5. Christmas Chronicles It's like when I was little and watched that movie with Dudley Moore, except this one has 2018 CGI. It is all the emotions! So much yes for this movie!
  6. Almost Christmas. I am on my Netflix Christmas cheese quest and this got recommended and boy, it did not disappoint. Looking for anything that'll give you a laugh, go for this one! Any movie that has me laughing every 10 minutes or so or choke on my drink, gets the thumbs up from me!
  7. Dumplin' I am assuming Netflix recommended this due to me clicking on loads of terrible cheesy Christmas flicks recently. But I spotted Jennifer Aniston in it, so I figured I couldn't wrong after my string of flings with cheese. It's good. Entertaining where it needs to be, kinda sad where it needs to be, plus the bonus is you don't need too much brain power to watch and follow it and it all comes to an ending where you might think... 'Noooo, not yet! I am not done yet!' Might be a bit of a chick flick, but if you have netflix and you're looking for something to zone out to and giggle every now and then, this is your pick!
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