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  1. No, I didn't go and was relieved of all the angst when trying to make the decision. Still felt bad about missing it and lying about being sick. Lately, I've been having a hard time getting out of the house. I work at home and all I do is hang out in front of the computer or leave to buy food/groceries. It's gotta change! Thanks for responding.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and feel stuck with a situation. I'm expected to be at a celebration dinner tomorrow night for a client and it would be about an hour drive. I don't want to go because I haven't felt like I'm part of the team for awhile. I get triggered when I feel left out and tear up easily. I'm worried if I go the dinner, I'll be resentful, something will set me off and I'll get emotional. It won't be easy to hide or explain the emotions and I'll look foolish and not very professional. People will be bringing their significant other -- I don't have one. There will be plenty of alcohol -- I stopped drinking late last year and have managed to avoid parties since (not that I intend to forever.) And, I'm the low man (woman) on the totem pole--quite low compared to the senior execs that will be there with their spouses. It will likely be a posh Silicon Valley deal that's not appealing to me right now. I like the CEO, but as they keep growing, my work with him is becoming further removed. My other problem is my taxes are due by midnight tonight. I filed for an extension and procrastinated doing them. Funny, I'd prefer to do the taxes than go to the party. But being indecisive about the party is keeping me from doing the taxes, not to mention getting other work done. BTW, I've been treated for depression for the last 15 years and usually manage it okay. Lately, I'm working at home and becoming more and more isolated. Another problem to solve once I feel less overwhelmed. Feels good to write this down. Thanks.
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