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  1. Hey man, shout us on Skype soon. 

    1. Tilted


      just sent you a PM here on DF with some info...

    2. Tilted


      hey man - my skype is not working, so if you want to get in touch best place to reach me is here

      hope you are doing ok

  2. Sounds like you'd be a good candidate for sleep restriction therapy. Have you tried it yet?
  3. If it was that simple..! Dopamine has its part in some depressions, but is just one factor in an extraordinary complex neural network, of which we know next to nothing about of the roles they play in depression.
  4. The trouble is that low levels of serotonin or dopamine are not necessarily the problem in depression. And as the poster above told, and what has been my experience, is there are normally only short term gains made and you're left worse off than where you started. It seems a simple case of what goes up must come down.
  5. I would try a starting dose of just 25mg a day of 5htp, and see how you go. The 100-300mg doses recommended are way overkill IMO, and most likely just stated so you purchase more product. I would take it at bed time unless it causes insomnia, as it can cause sedation in some. Experiment with timings. It can also cause the most vivid dreams imaginable, which I generally liked. I remember I was crying in one dream, and when I woke up there was actually tears down my face! Wasn't even depressed at the time either- was taking for sleep. Take it on a completely empty stomach or it doesn't get absorbed, if you wasn't aware. I can't comment on the ratios as I've never taken tyrosine. A nutritious varied diet (which is surprisingly difficult to achieve- especially when depressed) will probably achieve better results over the long term than any amount of supplements IMHO, having done a lot of reading/experimenting in this area. I appreciate where you're at though, and certainly worth a go over pharmaceuticals if your situation isn't desperate. Edit: wasn't sure if you was planning to or was already aware, but absolutely do not take SJW and 5HTP at the same time either, as you would be at risk for serotonin syndrome, which can be fatal.
  6. 5htp was a bit all over the place for me. Sometimes improving mood, others worsening it. Sometimes improving sleep, other times causing insomnia. Sometimes relaxing, others causing wiredness. One thing I'll say is you generally need far less than is stated on the bottle: do your research on this. SJW actually caused a worsening of mood the first time I tried it a long time ago, which put me off further attempts. A good quality fish oil, with high levels of both EPA & DHA, is always worthwhile taking. I'm currently experimenting with high doses of curcumin, which acts as a weak MAOI. Haven't noticed any improvements of note, but then I'm severely depressed so didn't expect to. Be careful and do your research whatever you try. Use a 'dip your toe in' approach, and don't mix them. Although 'natural', they can still have powerful effects, especially in sensitive individuals.
  7. I took the antibiotic metronidazole/flagyl around a month before becoming severely depressed, and though very felt run down/depressed whilst on it, there was a few weeks of normality before I lost my mind, so cannot directly link it. I like to think it wasn't related, as the thought it was simply makes me to cross, but my gut feeling - excuse the pun - believes there was. Something taken for a toothache destroying your life? Unthinkable. After research that drug has many many reports of causing severe depression, and even says on the leaflet that it should be avoided for those vunerable to mental health issues; how I wish I read it beforehand. The "cipros" have an even worse reputation for destroying people and are particularly nasty poisons. There is an obvious huge link between gut health/mental health that needs more investigating, which it won't get whilst big pharma still push the now disproven low serotonin/chemical imbalance fallacy. But yes I believe it's something like 95% of serotonin is contained in the gut.
  8. I believe it absolutely possible, but like most in the throes I believe with almost every fibre of my being that my particular case is hopeless; and find it impossibly difficult to accept my hopelessness as a "symptom". The nature of the beast I guess, though no solace of any sort can be found from rationalising it of course. I believe complete anhedonia is what takes away the fight to get better; when you can't derive the slightest inkling of happiness from absolutely anything, life becomes totally redundant. Every decision normally made - to the smallest one - is to strive towards happiness, or at least being more comfortable. When this is taken from you, nothing is left to fight for. I've been in more mental discomfort in previous depressions, but nowhere near as hopeless and helpless. There's just no moments to cling to, at all. Apologies for the negativity of this post, but wished to assert I understand completely where you're at. I should also mention that I've previously recovered from serious depression before and reclaimed full zest for life, to the point of not being able to comprehend how I was so depressed.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUyG1WNN1AlRwetakKG2Usg

    Hi, This is my channel. I have depression also. If you don´t mind, let´s talk through the comments. I can't talk to people face to face! I will post part of my routine to share with you how I survive with my pain and how I am learning ways to live a better life. Please, subscribe, because I will close the channel for the general public soon. I´d like to keep only virtual friends who will understand my message.

  10. You say low cortisol; was this measured by an endocrinologist? Have you actually been diagnosed as hypocortisol? Depending on answers, have you tried hydrocortisone? All your symptoms could be related to low cortisol one way or another.
  11. You're unable to feel your positive emotions in any situation. It can also extend as far as not being able to feel any pleasure at all from orgasm or eating. Basically very little to no pleasure 24/7. There's no mistaking it.
  12. I just wanted to say Hi and see how you are doing.

    Write if you get a chance.


  13. Did you take blows to the head during the beating? (very sorry to hear of this btw). Traumatic brain injury can cause depression. I'd try and get a brain scan if possible. Of course taking a beating is extremely stressful and traumatic in itself, that combined with the existing depression from the breakup may have tipped you in to severe depression. Sometimes a psyche can only take so much. You're not destined to be this way forever but you quite clearly need all the help you can get. Stay strong.
  14. Hey- very sorry you're going through what sounds like hell. Many of us here will be able to relate. It could be severe depression. Not that you have to have, but was there any precipitating stress of any sort beforehand or was you thrown straight in to this state? Have you had any blood tests done yet? Certain hormonal problems especially can cause bad depressive symptoms. Obviously you need to see some professionals, if you're not doing so already. I hope you find some support on this site.
  15. The hopelessness. Humans can endure a lot when there is guaranteed relief eventually. A luxury in many forms of suffering. When you're robbed of this knowing - as in depression - life becomes nigh impossible.
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