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  1. Pokemon Go! and Super Mystery Dungeon both look pretty cool.
  2. Online Video games, such as Smite or World of Warcraft, or ones with player-to-player connectivity, like Pokemon, might help you, they have helped me for sure.
  3. Just got kicked out of collage, as I was off for three weeks due to depression, and I've missed too much work to catch up. So that means no more future for Sam...... Yay........
  4. Darkness Its like a plague that never goes away, Or an animal and its pray, It waits... And waits... And waits...until you're ready, Then closes in and devours you... From the inside out. All you see is shadows of the ones you once knew, No more happiness, No more laughter, No more love, Its like a thunderstorm that blocks your soul. Your soul becomes a black hole, Whatever said, heard, or learned, Is forgotten, never brought up again, No longer does anything matter, Its all darkness, Like a plague that never goes away.
  5. I have so much collage work to catch-up on, and I can't concentrate on anything. I don't really see the point in continuing, as no on really cares about me at all.
  6. Nothing makes me happy any more. I'm constantly bored and unhappy, and I told all my friends that I have depression, and none of them have said anything about it to me since.
  7. I'm now on leave from collage because of my depression. Fun......
  8. Well one of my oldest friends just killed himself, so I'm not great....
  9. When in my lonely grave I sleep, And the willow over me weeps, Tis then dear friend and not before, That I will think of you no more.
  10. The moon is lost to me tonight, Darkness replaces for the fight. Wind screams loudly against the door, Spirits creep across the floor. Just hold onto my hand, Now is time to make a stand. Don't leave my side and we as one, Can ride this through back to the sun. Keep them off of me I said. Off of my back off of my bed. I will do the same for you, Don't be scared this is not new.
  11. I'm not really sure how I feel, considering everything that has happened.
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