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  1. I am totally useless a complete failure,why am i even alive?
  2. Hi there, Numbness is one of the phases tht capture you while you are depressed. But it wont last as you are fortunately aware thats it not good for you.May be you should talk to a therapist before you get more into it, or talk to someone openly about why you got into this and try to talk to someone who is not judgmental. I hope and pray you will get out of it with your own will power. will power is a magic pill :) that can show wonders.Alla the best.
  3. Hi. I can imagine how u must had felt but they say A friend in need is a friend indeed, If your friends left you alone it means they were actually not your friends.To my experience (it maybe wrong for others, i cant say) people suffering from anxiety or depression make good friends with someone going through the same phase. I made an online friend who was depressed due to her health.she was suffering from cancer.though she is no more today but she gave me strength and literally helped me cope with i had been going through.We used to converse through mails and snail mails and never met but her virtual presence in my life made a great deal of positive difference, Try to make friends who are not judgmental and passing through some kinda similar issues coz only they can understand us well.
  4. You are not alone in this dear. I feel you should had asked yr manager that if she praised u the previous week then how come yr performance dropped so suddenly? Did she give u a verbal or written warning before firing u? but b positive you will definitely get a better one soon, keep yr fingers crossed and hope for the best.
  5. Maybe a new relationship would be helpful.Im not sure though
  6. how can i make my life happy? this is the thought tht rules my mind almost all the time
  7. Whenever i watch romantic movies it makes me so depressed so i try to avoid watching romantic films.
  8. Sometimes everything is there but we dont get to see them. Lets give it a try and find one of the above mentioned. Im sure u can do this.
  9. I take Prozac and ive just started it and its making me feel lethargic. Around 12 years back i was on Prozac and at that time it made me feel so energetic,happy and full of life. but now when i started taking it again after 12 years i feel lazy and lifeless.
  10. To run away far from people who live with and around meand yet they are not aware of what i had been going through
  11. I'm here to listen to,if u wish so.you know why? because when i get to hear how much other people are suffering in so many ways and some are even stuck in a worst situation than i am then i feel less depressed.I dont know if i should had said this or not but i wrote what i felt. It may sound selfish that maybe in a way im trying to help my ownself but i feel atleast im not harming anyone.
  12. yes if you are thinking to harm yourself physically
  13. while i was reading it, i felt its me writing how i feel, iwish to be happy and well too and enjoy my share of life
  14. Crowded by so many yet so lonely,hate this feeling
  15. I am sorry if i am posting at the wrong place but I have the same question. I joined this site an hour ago and I also want to chat in the chat room but i dont know how to do so.Please guide
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